Freitag, 27. Februar 2015

Thunder Tiger Ghost+ RCSchim Unboxing and Review

Drones are very popular - so also the bigger players in RC try to get a piece of the cake ;-)
Align cought my attention last year (with their ML480) - and shortly after them Thunder Tiger also showed a new product - the Ghost+

Thunder Tiger Europe was kind enough to send me a sample for this review. It's a full RTF system and I also got the "FPV Set".
!At this point I can not give you my recommendation to buy this system - because mine was faulty and I had to send it back. As soon as I get a replaced unit I'll see how this one differes from a smaller and lighter Phantom2!

Here are the specs:
Size: 450mm (motor2motor)
Weight: 2.25kg
Motors: 28x14mm 450kv
ESC: 30A - 6S
Props: 11x5

Flighttime (in hover with gimbal and cam):
~15mins (used 1462mah for 4:39 flight and calculated the estimate flighttime for save 80% battery usage)

1100€ (RTF with Copter+Charger+Gimbal+Radio+Battery)
+ 250€ for FPV Set (TFT+RX and TX)

Battery-Bay (Plastic housing):
3,5cm height
8,4cm width
housing is around 16cm deep (but you need to get cables in there...)
orig. battery without housing:
13,5cm x 7,2cm x 3,2cm 6S 6000mah 8c dicharge (48amps) 1c charge

Morpheus Gimbal: for GP3 and GP3+ (not GP4?)
Weight: 280g, 2s-4s voltage
Tilt: 90° Roll: 45° Pan: 360°

Flight controller Gains:
without gimbal: (set per default)
Roll: 55
Pitch: 55
Sway: 95 (Yaw)

WITH gimbal (a bit heavier)
Roll: 45
Pitch: 45
Sway : 80 (Yaw)

FPV Set:
7" TFT monitor with sunshade and good brightness!
Internal battery, chargeable via USB plug.
8ch: 5733 5752 5771 5790 5809 5828 5847 5866

Official Infos
German instructions and tons of infos
German FPV SET description

Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2015

Bebop commented FPV flights from my Car and Demo Reel

For my review (last video) I did some "Field testing" while sitting in the car (cold and breezy weather). Of course this reduces the max range you get but it keeps you warm ;-)
So the first 10mins here are live commented FPV flights from inside the car featuring Lamas (or Alpakas?).
Later you see some sunny footage - where the onboard cam really shows some good results (not so good in bad light conditions)...

My flighttimes now settled to 7-10mins with the original batteries (1200mah 3cell).
Max flown distance with skycontroller so far 350m (but I didn't wanna risk too much here).
Most sunny footage was recorded with firmware 1.98.8 installed (the first shots are with 1.33).

Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2015 posted an interview with RCSchim. Check out their interesting blog. Lots of nice stories there!
How to Travel with Your Drone to Maldives – with Mario aka RCSchim:

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

Bebop with Skycontroller Review

I was patiently waiting for this little tech stuffed drone to come out. I bought the AR.Drone 1 back than and loved the new concept. Skipped AR Drone 2 because I didn't see much difference (and had enough other quads) but this one was on my wishlist!

It's a wifi controlled flying cam rather than a drone.
It looks like a camcorder with arms and props ;-)

Video quality:
At the time of this filming I didn't have a day with good sunlight (were the cam performs best) - so you see rather poor performance but a decent stabilisation (it was cold and gusty this day, didn't wanna leave my car). This session was fun - maybe I'll post the whole video from my first flights.
As soon as we have some nice weather I will show you that the cam here can work really nice.

minor Problems I found:
Apps: make sure you always use the most current (my iPad app was 1 week old and had an issue with GPS status which I didn't have on my android).

You should be able to see your drone on a google maps style view but you have to preload this data. Because if I'm connected to drone I have no internet (even if I turn mobile data on my android stays just wifi and has no internet).

HDMI / Video:
I wanted to try my Fatshark Dominator HD, got a HDMI to MICRO HDMI cable and connected it to the skycontroller. Only got a few seconds of image on the goggles - flicker than black.
If I connect HDMI monitor to the skycontroller it works - so it must be on Fatshark side - or it's an incompatibility...
Hope I find I way for this.
But anyhow - the iPad view works really well. It's sharp image - but with some lag and occasionally stuttering video (control data is prioritized over video).

Tech spces:
- weight: 393gr (without bumpers)
- flying time (11mins?  I estimate 8-10mins with std. 1200mah 3cell battery)
- fully stabilized 1080pcam (records fisheye 14mp and computes software stabilized video)
- tilt-able video (with two fingers on phone for example)
- video and control over 2.4 or 5ghz wifi
- can be controlled with only phone or dedicated skycontroller
- range varies (with wifi noise, used controller, channel,...) from only 100m to 2km (with skycontroller) under optimal conditions
- ios and android app (with lots of cool features)
2 different sets:
Bebop alone (500€)
2 batteries
wall plug charger
4 spare props + propmount tool
bumpers (for indoor)

Bebop + Skycontroller (900€)
all of above +
1 more battery (used for skycontroller)
skycontroller ("real joysticks", strong wifi repeater, directional antenna, Smartphone/Tablet mounting)
sunshade (2 Parts)
7" Tablet adapter

Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

Tropic Paradise Maldives (FPV flights with XuGong 2pro)

After some last minute building and testing I could take the XuGong 2pro with me on our vacation on the maldivian island Madhiriguraidhoo - to the "Palm Beach Resort". It's 7300km away from Austria so it was certain that I would need to dance the "naza dance" :-)
The foldable Copter did fit nicely into one trolley (hand luggage). Also the batteries (in lipo protective bags), lipo loader, Taranis and Fatshark. Of course on a trip I just use the internal RX of the goggles (to get better range I use the flat patch).
I asked for flight permission before wo got there - no problem. Also the lipo in a airliner was no issue at security check in.

The scenery there was awesome, but we had constant 20-40km/h winds all the time. You see this in some external shots. The gimbal worked well - but I had to help myself in "post production" with Sony Vegas software stabilizer on some shots (especially the sped up ones).

Because many asked: Travelling with a Quadcopter
Left below you see the Trolley. I wrapped the Xugong and Taranis for protection. Also had Fatshark, spareparts and batteries in Lipo safe bag. Security checks did not even ask for batteries. But it sure helps to have them properly stored. There's also a flight regulation that you can refer to:

The other pics: assembled and checked after arriving and using the brilliant ezUHF feature to use it as a spectrum analyzer and check the island for other radio sources (which was not on my band thankfully!).

Montag, 5. Januar 2015

ImmersionRCs XuGong v2 pro - Unboxing, Build, Review and Testflights

This is the newest folding Quadcopter from ImmersionRC. It compares to the TBS Discovery pro whilst being smaller and lighter. You can fold the arms to get a really small packingsitze - it fit's perfect in a backpack or trolley.

8:28 Build pics and vid
10:33 ezUHF RSSI / PPM Setup hint
14:30 Maidenflight in just outside my hangar
18:04 Some FPV footage (incl camswitch and live view) on the field

►Main features:
Brushless gimbal (2 axis) (tiltable in relative or proportional mode - not like Zenmuse where it's absolute position)
Gopro liveout  AND FPV cam - switchable
integr. ezOSD in Multicopter special edition which gets GPS from Naza
very light so 20mins flighttime with 5200mah 4cell (Multistar @ HK)

►Infos on this Quad:
Propulsion Set from DJI called E300
ESCs: DJI 15amp
Motors: DJI 920kv (Phantom2 style)
Props: std. "Phantom2 Props"

Weight: 1085gr
(all except flightbattery which was 343gr)
so roughly 1,4kg min flightweight with small battery

Radio: Taranis, ezUHF JR Module
Video: ImmersionRC 5.8, CWL Antennas SPW to Goggles int.RX

►Pricetag (as of 5.1.15):
200€ for Frame (incl. ezOSD)  
200€ for Brushless gimbal (with controller)
109€ DJI e300 pack
129€ DJI Naza Lite (or better)
~70€ VideoTX
  70€ ezUHF 4ch lite RX
+ Gopro, Fatshark, Antennas...

►more infos here in my Hangar

Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2014

A year in review: my best flights and used FPV equipment shown

I started this as a "Best of" video project but once talking it became also an review of my equipment used this year. You'll see what I found great, and what not and a small oulook to next things. I really enjoyed FPVing this year - and a big part of the fun was getting in touch with my audience. It's great to get so much feedback, don't hesitate to ask questions. Look in my videos descriptions cause I post many links and infos there, visit my Hangar and explore the details of my models (I try to keep this up to date).

Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014

DRQ250 Miniquad Racing, Stunts and Flythroughs in Parks and on construction yard

Over the last few month I did a lot of flying with the DRQ250 (Droneframes) miniquad. Right behind our company was a super nice setup mini racing course (lots of excavators and construction yard stuff).
- Tried to improve my "fly-through-even-tiny-gaps" style.
- Had a 4times bonus at the bridge ;-)
- really tight playground obstacle, some trees, fences
and could try to improve the
- "loop-over-treeline" trick that I find so breathtaking (first saw it done from Boris B.).

Thanks for your support this year, I really love all the nice feedback I get from you guys. I try to give back as much as I can in answering newbie questions - lately I've done that also on my facebook page (check it out!) - so I can answer the most common questions to more than just one guy at a time.

All the best to all of you,
happy Xmas, or whatever you celebrate these days,
Seasons Greetings - RCSchim

Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014

Quadcopters chasing each other up to Ruins (Türkensturz), unnecessary Crash - 60FPS!!!

Hover82 did chase my orange TBS Discovery here all the way up to those lovely ruins which we then inspected. There were some hikers and bikers to greet. Great if you can do such flights in teams.
The second part was also at ruins which we wanted to explore - but see how this endeavour was ending short after takeoff... (and why!)

Please try to watch this in 1080p60FPS!!! So smooth you shouldnt miss! If you can't change to 720p60 or 1080p60 then either upgrade Internet Explorer or try Google Chrome.
60FPS Really makes a difference!

Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

Review of Gopro Alternatives (Mobius, Amkov5000, Hawkeye - RCSchim)

►SUBSCRIBE               If you just wanna see the Video Samples go to 12:42

►Amkov "SJ5000" (Clone of the Clone)
Price: 91$
Bitrate: 17.723kbits

+ fully gopro compatible (button layout, housing)
+ changeable battery (almost like Gopro but not compatible)
+ good preview speed in android app (to Galaxy S4)
- worst picture in test! Also the video is not smooth in playback
- only little to setup in app, but app needed to change important stuff!
- cheap plastic feeling (looks better than it feels)

►Hawkeye (from 
Price: 75$
Bitrate: 21.834kbits
Battery runtime (1080p30) 1h:12mins (but maybe I have a charge problem here - cant get passed 80% full)

+ very sharp, crisp picture
+ few different modes (like Gopro2) but selectable
+/- only medium FOV 100° (also the 720p modes are same fov)
- Gopro3 housing partly useable (only shutter button accessible, on/off and mode means: open housing)
- fixed battery
- No app support, no Wifi, no Preview

►Mobius Wideangle
Bitrate: 18.212kbits

+ lightweight and small, low airdrag if used on plane
+ simple setup, customizeable with usb software, easy to use on the field
+ good, sharp and wideangle picture
- light handling could be better
- battery not changeable
- not compatible with Gopro3 accessories

►Gopro3+ 1080p30 wide
Bitrate: 20.112kbits
not really a gopro review here - there are tons of it already online (just for comparison)

All excep gopro mp4 are a little slower to "search" in Mediaplayer (MOV?)
Gopro feels less "shakey", of course best light handling (smooth transition)