Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014

Quadcopters chasing each other up to Ruins (Türkensturz), unnecessary Crash - 60FPS!!!

Hover82 did chase my orange TBS Discovery here all the way up to those lovely ruins which we then inspected. There were some hikers and bikers to greet. Great if you can do such flights in teams.
The second part was also at ruins which we wanted to explore - but see how this endeavour was ending short after takeoff... (and why!)

Please try to watch this in 1080p60FPS!!! So smooth you shouldnt miss! If you can't change to 720p60 or 1080p60 then either upgrade Internet Explorer or try Google Chrome.
60FPS Really makes a difference!

Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

Review of Gopro Alternatives (Mobius, Amkov5000, Hawkeye - RCSchim)

►SUBSCRIBE               If you just wanna see the Video Samples go to 12:42

►Amkov "SJ5000" (Clone of the Clone)
Price: 91$
Bitrate: 17.723kbits

+ fully gopro compatible (button layout, housing)
+ changeable battery (almost like Gopro but not compatible)
+ good preview speed in android app (to Galaxy S4)
- worst picture in test! Also the video is not smooth in playback
- only little to setup in app, but app needed to change important stuff!
- cheap plastic feeling (looks better than it feels)

►Hawkeye (from 
Price: 75$
Bitrate: 21.834kbits
Battery runtime (1080p30) 1h:12mins (but maybe I have a charge problem here - cant get passed 80% full)

+ very sharp, crisp picture
+ few different modes (like Gopro2) but selectable
+/- only medium FOV 100° (also the 720p modes are same fov)
- Gopro3 housing partly useable (only shutter button accessible, on/off and mode means: open housing)
- fixed battery
- No app support, no Wifi, no Preview

►Mobius Wideangle
Bitrate: 18.212kbits

+ lightweight and small, low airdrag if used on plane
+ simple setup, customizeable with usb software, easy to use on the field
+ good, sharp and wideangle picture
- light handling could be better
- battery not changeable
- not compatible with Gopro3 accessories

►Gopro3+ 1080p30 wide
Bitrate: 20.112kbits
not really a gopro review here - there are tons of it already online (just for comparison)

All excep gopro mp4 are a little slower to "search" in Mediaplayer (MOV?)
Gopro feels less "shakey", of course best light handling (smooth transition)

Sonntag, 30. November 2014

A Trip you never forget (Review of Eyefly's Mini Quad)

Eyefly Trip MiniQuad
Radio: Taranis on 2.4 with D4RII RX
Video: ImmersionRC 5.8, CWL Antennas SPW to Goggles int.RX

I was asked if I wanna try a new mini quad. Who would say no to this? :-)
This thing comes from and the complete bundle is 199€.
They even sell their own motors (german quality instead of cheap chinese ones). It's a small shop and Nic (the owner) reinvests the income of this hobby project back into the shop. They also made a custom box for the small receiver with their logo on it (3D printed).

For the flightcontrol they recommended "Flyduino NanoWii" which is based on MultiWii. I wanted to go with KK2 which I knew, but now I'm glad I took the NanoWii (KK2 would have been to big to install on this small quad).
Roll: P=3.3 I=0.03 D=23
Pitch: P=3.3 I=0.03 D=23
Yaw: P=6.8 I=0.045 D=0
Alt: P=6.4 I=0.025 D=24
Level: P=9.0 I=0.01 D=100

Total weight: 440gr with 1600mah and Mobius
Packing size: 20x20x8cm! (if props and antennas are unmounted).

Motors and ESCs are from their set (2300kv, 1806) running on 3S.

Batteries: I use the same as on the DRQ250 (SLS 1600 and 1800mah 3cell) and get a bit more flighttime out of them. 7-9min maybe - gotta test more.

Props: I tried the "Maytech Carbon" 5x3 they also sell and they are awesome. I'm normally not into balancing props (too lazy) but here it really made a difference! (Prop on a screwdriver, sand off some material from the prop half that moves down). Was maybe 15mins of work.

As you see in the vid the roll and loop rate is insane. Power is plenty - hover at 1/3. I'm not used to have so much "way" on my throttle stick left until full throttle ;-)

The downsides? Well maybe just the size - it's not easy to find space to fit additional stuff on it. The mobius is a tight fit between the front props - but no props in view!
My video transmitter mounting is not optimal now. If I fly back to me the battery and copter block the antenna - signal gets a bit bad.

Freitag, 14. November 2014

DRQ250 uncut & commented - Mini Quadcopter in a park on late summer morning

For this flight I had my little quad with me on a lovely trip in the mountain region between lower austria and styria. This is in Schwarzau. It's a little wildlife park/nature conservation, and this was in the morning with great light.
The flight turned out so well that I thought back than: "I could try uploading this uncut".

Thanks for watching, leave a comment and tell me what you thought about it (uncut?) and if you would have preferred music instead of just motor sound and commentary. I tried some songs but most of them get blocked these days...

Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

Region Semmering-Rax - Abgehoben

Dies ist ein Beitrag für den Kurzfilm-Wettbewerb in unserer Heimat-Region (Semmering-Rax). Hier habe ich versucht die schönsten Szenen "meiner" Region in 3 Minuten unter zu bringen. Das UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe - die "Semmering-Bahn" war die erste normalspurige Gebirgsbahn Europas und gibt ein wunderbares Motiv ab.

This is my contribution to a local short film contest. It's about our region here and the theme is the historic railway track in the "Semmering" region. It features shots from the last 2-3 years.
If you're really interested in the locations I can later do a video index - or just ask me in the comments.

Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014

Which one is better? ImmersionRC Duo5800 vs Black Pearl Video Diversity receiver comparison

In this comparison video I wanted to find out if the Black Pearl (all in one - Display with diversityRX) is compareable to the dedicated ImmersionRC Duo5800 receiver. On paper they both have 90dbi sensitivity. See in the second part how they look in comparison. For my test setup I seperated video TX and RX with a few thick walls at home.
Also I measured all my antennas with the ImmersionRC RF Powermeter. You see the values at 2:24.
The normal ones were affected by alignment (horz vs vert) and the SPW ones were "immune" to different alignment - as expected. The directional antennas had great antenna-gain in the cone and somewhat less optimal outside of it.
Btw. you can also measure the mW of your video TX. You plug a 30dB attenuator in between and set it in the powermeter. Great to measure the advertised milliwats vs the real output!
Sorry for this not being super scientific but it gives you an idea of the image quality.
EQUIPMENT as seen in the video: Antennas
5.8 SPW Antenna    5.8 Helical Antenna
...more in my "Hangar"
►in case you wanna buy RCSchim a beer Thanks!!! ;-)

Freitag, 17. Oktober 2014

Scary and fast Quadcopter DIVE (video cut off), Proximity Flights (Trincopter, KK2, Powerquad)

I have this "Powerquad" (aka TrinCopter) that is heavy but overpowered and fitted with 5000mah 4cell. I know now that it uses around 29amps at hover and 60amps on full throttle! That means you don't fly long with it - but fast. Long enough to reach out for some mountains ;-)  (7+mins)
I wanted to dive down the "Mittagsstein" again. I already visited this, best quality video there so far would be the 2nd part of this -> VIDEO
Again I've been very nervous while flying close to those rocks so far up there and rushed down, a bit too far on the wrong side of the mountain and got behind some trees and got terrible video (and that with 120km downhill diving!).
After this I switched KK2 flightcontrol to Naza Lite + GPS - so I would have return home on emergencies. It may now be harder to get decent diving with Naza - but more security (and maybe lower pulse for me).

The other flights were a bit further in the woodlands - nice proximity there. And also the Ruins of Klamm (visited them often) were great to fly at. Last Vid shows my attempt to fly up to a very high mountain to film the huge terrestrial TV antennas up there (hiked up before and did some measurements = OK). But it was too high, I was too chicken - gave up around 80% of the distance. Liked how the cheap Gopro3 lookalike "Hawkeye" cam performed here (it was a hazy day!).

Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014

DIY Goggles - The Facebox - great and cheap FPV Goggles (alternative to Fatshark Dominator HD)

From the comments on my Fatshark Dominator HD review I see that this is a hot topic. So many questions about alternatives to the expensive and hard to get DomHDs.
One really good one is also the cheapes one with extra large picture, good quality and good comfort. I saw these first on a FPV meet (Poolnoodle Challenge) and was amazed by the clear and huge display. Pricing is around 100$, buildtime maybe 1-2h - but really easy!
If you have some questions, comments - don't hesitate! Good luck with the build and have fun!
Check out my blog post here for more details and all the pictures (which are also in the video at the end).
Short shopping-list:
1. Frame (styrofoam) from UK
2. 5" TFT display from Dealextreme
3. better fresnel lens (optional)

Video Index:
0:11 Intro
3:10 Impressions, take a look thru the goggles!
4:35 horizontal Interalced "issue"
5:25 Lag?
5:44 Fatshark DomHD vs DIY Goggles
8:20 Difference between DomHD and DIY Goggles
9:25 Price, Buildtips
10:07 Strap mount Tip!
12:00 Bluescreen?
15:27 Answer: Monitor or Goggles for beginners?
19:09 Buildpics (Pics also available on picasa)

►►Update: just before publishing this vid I did a 2nd testflight with the MiniQuad. The picture is really big, great to fly BUT: the blackscreen issue can be tricky/scary. So not sure yet if I'd trust this goggles for an expensive, bigger, unstabilized platform. So if you have some other safety features (second monitor for emergencies) it's ok.
Hover recommended routing it throug a DVR - this might eliminate the black/bluescreen. Or optimal: search for a similar size display without bluescreen.

Montag, 6. Oktober 2014

Freitag, 3. Oktober 2014

Flight over riverbed, under bridge, beautiful fields of gold - Black Snapper

Mit dem Black Snapper einem trockenen Flußlauf folgen - mit Gimbal und Gopro3 - hat mir sehr gut gefallen dort! Zum Abschluß dann noch ein paar mal unter den Autobahnbrücken durch. Danach bei tollem Abendlicht die Felder entlang gleiten und dann noch Radfahrer ein Stück begleiten (in Filmreifer Kamerafahrt - hab ich zumindest probiert).
Und das alles passt super zu dem Musikstück von Kevin McLeod hier! Diesmal wurde zuerst die Musik auf die Zeitleiste gelegt und dann die Videoszenen dazu arrangiert - so ist's viel einfacher!

Flying with my Black Snapper (Brushless Gimbal, Gopro3) far along a dry (almost) riverbed and finally under 2 highway-bridges. And smoothly floating over evening fields with great sunlight, following bicycles in cinema-like cam-movement (at least I tried ;-)
Perfectly fitting to McLeods orchestral sound here! I'm really happy if I find royalty free music that fits so well to my video footage.
In fact here I first moved the sound on the timeline and composed video scenes to it - so much easier this way. ENJOY!