Freitag, 21. April 2017

Runcam Micro Swift

Swift Micro CCD   get it -> here
Dimensions: 19x19x19mm!
Latency: ~ 25ms
Resolution: 600 Tvl
Weight: 7gr
Lens of course is NOT compatible with lenses from the "normal" FPV cams out there - it's much smaller!

Freitag, 14. April 2017

POWERLOOPS are fun (scary moment included!), Sailplane air2air, little crash...

Since the XJaguar flies really nice I did more training flights and wanted to powerloop that nice bridge. Water is scary, that one moment made me scream out loud! Watch it all to see if it had a happy end :)

That sailplane crashed a few moments AFTER I landed my drone. I had his permission to fly with him and did NOT irritate him while flying. Hard to access this high tree - we wait for some gusty winds now.

Greets and happy easter,

Montag, 10. April 2017

Fatshark Diversity Module Quanum HB5808 (50$) vs FR632 Groundstation

I got this from Hobbyking (get it here) for testing. Found it interesting and my standard 5.8 module was not reliable, neither was the upgraded FSV2445 antenna diversity module...

It was some "sweat"work on the goggles and I dont have nice covers/doors yet - but the functionality is just awesome. I can fly WITHOUT my FR632 tower now and have good video downlink! Makes quick FPV sessions much easier!

Check out Bardwells videos on the different modules to see if the Furious TruD or the LaForge is better for you. The conclusion I found: LaForge seems to be the best (from features and usability) but the RF performance is pretty similar on all of those.
Pricerange is from 50 - 120$

There's also a single-slot module at similar price if you prefer
Looks like it uses the same RF hardware, also looks similar to the RealACC that Joshua reviewed:

Billyrocka 3 - Sven Karlsson
Kevin McLeod - Darxieland

Donnerstag, 6. April 2017

Runcam3 Review (Comparison with Yi4k, WDR, menu, low LATENCY) | RCSchim Hangar

This is the "proper" review, with many outdoor shots, menu options, latency test and some more acro flying at the end.
Really like the cam and would say you can't do much wrong with this!

00:37 outdoor comparisons
02:23 WDR on and off difference
04:10 LOWLIGHT performance
04:24 my thoughts
05:14 MENU options walkthru
07:28 LATENCY tests
07:56 closer look, final thoughts
10:01 acro flights on a sunny morning

in room temp, 1080p60/WDR it gave 68mins and got medium warm. When battery was empty it safed the file this time.

Recomended settings:
At noon with plenty sunlight: 1080P 60FPS, WDR off (colors more naturally)
cloudy at afternoon: still choose 1080P 60FPS, WDR ON
low light: 1080P 30FPS, WDR on

First flights on the Eichberg to see more "real life" footage as the cam will probbably be used the most:

Donnerstag, 16. März 2017

Runcam Swift2, Foxeer HS1190 and more FPV cams compared (accurate latency measurements!)

See my new, ACCURATE, latency measurements here (thanks Daemon42). Now we're down to +-5ms accuracy! Those cams are pretty impressive. Runcam Eagle had good reviews already, Swift2 and HS1190 are good as well. I also compared the Owl+ and the AMOWay. Image looks good on most cams if DWDR options is turned on.

►Cams tested:
Foxeer HS1190
Runcam: Swift1, Swift2, Eagle(16:9), Owl+
Aomway WDR 700 (Cmos)

LATENCY [ms]: (LED test, accuracy +-5ms)
19 Owl+
20 hs1190
24 Swift2
24 AOMWay
30 Swift1
47 Eagle (processing comes with a lag penalty...)

►TIP: additional OSD: (volts, Nickname, Timer):
Press and hold the button UP for 2 seconds to enter OSD Setting menu

►Settings: leave most settings on default - BUT ENABLE
the DWDR setting! It's like "turning on the light" - AWESOME!

Dienstag, 7. März 2017

DJI Mavic Pro Accessories II with LIVEStream Giveaway

As I promised you guys: if I do reviews (or get invited to) I try to get free stuff for you as well!

The live draw as recorded video:

Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2017

Foxeer Legend 2: SCALE FAIL! VLog style review and compared to Legend1, Runcam2, SJ M20

I've waited 2 month now for a new firmware which should have better scaling. Last FW from 27.12.2016 did not help here.
Instead they now gonna release the Legend3 (March) and make me look like a fool releasing the review for the Legend2 so late :)
I think the hardware wasnt fast enough to downscale properly. Legend1 didnt have to downscale (since it is native 1080p).

IMPORTANT - see additional images for quality comparison

►Legend 2:
- like the low weight (45gr), the handling, build quality,
- rubber shell for protection
- cables, RC channel switch
- lost cam alert!
- wifi app is ok, but neccessary to change settings - small display preferable!
- really sharp in highest quality (2.5k), but terrible downscaler

Sensor: 12 megapixel Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS back-illuminated
CHIP: ? didnt find specs to the chip - and this maybe the cheap compromise here (which cant scale well)
Lens: FOV155°, F2.8, 7G optical glass lens
Length x Width x Height 67mm x 39mm x 17mm
Battery: 700 Mah, 3.7 volts, 2.59Wh Watt

UHD 24 2880×2160 16:9
QHD 30 2560×1440 16:9
2K 30 2304×1296 16:9
1080P 60, 30 1920×1080 16:9
720P 120, 60, 30 1280×720 16:9
VGA 240 640×480 4:3

►Runcam 2: yes I know - it's not focussed properly. My bad!
►DJI Osmo Mobile:
OK, I saw it (too late) half my gimbal shots with S7 in 4k were out of focus. Happens to me sometimes with the phone. Needs extra care!
if you buy the R0de VideoMicro (50€, very good!) you get the TRS cable (which is NOT compatible with PHONEs - but rather with the original Osmo cam).
I found this adapter cable from "TRS" to "TRRS":
1x Rode SC7, Adapterkabel von 3,5mm TRS Klinke auf 3,5mm TRRS Klinke, Anwendungsbeispiel: Rode VideoMic Go, VideoMicro (oder ähnliches Mikrofon mit TRS Ausgang) zu iPhone oder iPad
got it from here:

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017

FPV Goggles Overview

Banggood supplied the Eachine goggles and short after Hobbyking sent me the new Cyclops v2. It was a good chance to compare these and also make an overview of FPV goggles for you guys (there will be a part2 soon with "normal" FPV goggles like fatsharks).

Videoindex: (use it to jump to interesting parts)
01:00 Eachine Goggles two
01:08 RP-SMA antennaconnectors
01:57 AV out
02:20 Box contents
02:35 Quanum Cyclops v2
02:53 single VRX
02:59 old Cyclops only autoscan...
03:32 battery pouch, SMA
04:15 AUTOSCANS works great
04:27 more buttons (finally!)
05:10 wearing comfort?
05:58 fresnel lens (adjustment effect?)
06:05 Box contents
06:56 IMAGE tests
07:18 cyclops v2 menu
07:44 effect of fresnel adjustment (none?)
08:03 Cyclops v1 (weird colors)
08:25 Eachine quality (nosepart fail)
09:36 sharpness? (HDMI supersharp, analog not so)
10:01 Eachine autoscan fail (5mhz off)
10:22 menu
11:08 DIRECT comparison Cyclops v2 vs Eachine G2
11:28 findings / summit Cyclops v2
12:02 findings / summit Eachine
13:25 LIVETEST: flying miniquad with new goggles - will I crash?
14:03 YES :)
14:19 livetest of Cyclops
15:03 final thoughts

2nd Video with the different Fatshark models I've used before:

Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2017

DJI Mavic: frozen Lake at golden hour

We took the chance to skate this beautiful lake (last time frozen fully in 2009). The Dog (Charlie the Chihuahua) like the imperfect ice for he had more grip.

This is the 2nd part from this location. More RC Car slowmotion this time.