Donnerstag, 6. August 2015

Many TRIPs with a great little Miniquad

Last year I did the review on this nice little frame from (germany shop). I did some further tuning (PIDs) and got this little Mini to fly really good. One last point until it felt "locked in" was to change from the High Res Sony cam to a cheaper one! The Sony has some noticeable latency! The cheap one doesnt!

In this vid you see once again the nice spot on the "Eichberg" from the last video, a new place in the woods next to fields (this is were I crashed because latency killed me); I could go there with my Electric Scooter - so nice if you have so little and compact FPV equipment!
I crashed also on that playground (regular viewers will recognize this as well - I mean the playgrounds not the crash :-)
And last segment I had some fun flying at our local flightfield and chase some Motobikes and let my buddies there see through my monitor to enjoy FPV.
In the end you see some training flights at home with latency free cam - such a difference!
(...and did you see the "Cow-Surprise"?)

The copter: Eyefly TRIP

Info on the cams:
Recording on the new RuncamHD - quite happy with the increased quality, light handling could be better - but that's the same with all of those cams...

FPV cams
Runcam Sky2 (with Sony EffioV chip and WDR processing and latency)
Great picture quality and in theory 800tvl. BUT: it has some latency that make you feel like you're drunk if flying proximity with a small quad. It's ok to fly planes and smooth copters with it - but I couldnt fly through obstacles with it.

I changed to the normal Runcam PZ0420H (30$) and it's great. Almost NO latency and it feels much easier to fly through small gaps and obstacles with it. So it's not always your copter if you cant fly well with it - latency free cams are important also!

Freitag, 24. Juli 2015

Miniquad with Naze32 - Over and under Trees, special Landing

After the YAW crashes and all the great tips I got from you I had to test and fly a lot to get confidence back. After mounting the naze32 properly (instead of doubleside tape) and after removing the side covering (like Aeroguard) the Issue dissapeared. Oh yes, I also taped the Baro but I think it isnt used...

!!!Thanks again for your help!!!

Since this day was windy but the place was so great to fly at, I got comfortable flying there I did some tricks. Over and under the trees is so bird-like - great relaxing sport!
And at the end you get a special landing ;-)
Give me hints if you've seen others doing compareable "landings".

Freitag, 26. Juni 2015

Inspired (Awesome 4k footage from DJI Inspire1 in Austrian Mountains)

Since I had this copter for only limited time (lent by DJI) I wanted to fly at as many great locations as I could. Happy to see that not even medium to high winds could prevent this fine machine from producing really smooth 4k video.

No "new" places I flew here - but they all did shine in a new perspective when filmed through DJI's great 4k cam.

I was really impressed that even in full speed shots you can not see bad vibrations (some really minor jello maybe if flying sideways and the cam can sway on the rubbers).
On the first shot you see nice wind effects on tall grass. It was really windy that day!

The awesome mountainrange from the end is called "Veitsch" and it's in Styria, near Mürzsteg.
Also view my quite popular video there:

And those two in the "Höllental" between those massive rock walls:

Sonntag, 21. Juni 2015

Aerial GP in Spitzerberg

Great event yesterday - check out all the FPV Stars I met there!

Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

FPV flights with Inspire1 and Girl with Phantom2 (parts in 4K - impressive Quality!!!) it in 4k if you can - Inspire1 footage is in native 4k - the rest is scaled up, sorry for voiceover mic but this was still filmed in my "german phase" and I dont want another german video with so many dislikes ;-)

These were my first and second flights with the Inspire1. First one just LOS and some speed flying around for the cam and to see how it behaves (it was a bit gusty this day).
2nd Flight already FPV (with DominaotrHD) and spontaneous my Girl joiend me with the Phantom2 (she never flew it before but instantly liked it).

►Findings so far:
Flighttimes are around 13mins with the 4500mah batteries (std).

Flight speed of up to 80km/s is great. And you get smooth video footage even at high speeds or high winds!

Flight charakteristics are very nice. Stable, smooth and reliable. Not too loud considering it's size and weight (Ghost+ is way more noisy!). Winds dont matter. Until now medium to high winds meant no good video footage. Now it's impressive how steady your flight is while the trees bend under you!. Best thing to do with this copter: fly straight as long as you can to capture a very stable cam flight. Looks very cinematic!

Video transmission is not always "fluid" but you get used to the light stutters and other than that it's really perfect clear.
The range is not always as good as I expected (maybe because other wifis interfered?). But sometimes more than 1km is no problem at all. The other time 200-300 I got short video outs.

After a few flights my Dominator HD stopped working on HDMI - still not sure why. Got the same problem like on the Skycontroller from the Bebop - where you see an image shortly and than HDMI signal breaks down. I think it's a fault of my DomHD...

Now I fly using a 7" Black Pearl with sunshade (not the best immersion but better than only the App on the phone). If you want to fly with tablet (watch the size! only ipad Air2 or similar sized Android) - get a sunshade for it!!!

Phone app (Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 5.01)
Maybe it's a good idea to kill all the apps and clean your RAM before flying - one time I got bad performance of the app and many dropouts - but after the flight I saw that many apps were running...

Remote's batterylife is good - but you should keep an eye on it. Maybe one should charge it every 6-8 flights.

Samstag, 30. Mai 2015

DJI Inspire1 indepth Review (App, Firmware, Frequ., Flightlog, german voice / english SUBTITLES!)

►Videoindex / Highlights:
10:27 - Transportmode - Startmode
14:00 - App genau angesehen
21:08 - Cam Steuerung mit Finger auf Touchscreen
23:50 - Flugverbotszonen
26:34 - HDMI Kabel für Dominator HD
27:18 - HDMI OSD Anzeige auf Monitor
28:07 - Latenzmessungen
29:07 - Fazit
31:34 - Firmware Update
34:48 - Naza Danze (Kompass kalibrieren)
36:13 - Frequenz Analyse (2,4 und 5,8GHz)
40:05 - Flightlog - Excel - Nerd Heaven

►Flugzeiten: im Durchschnitt 13min bei 3500mah Verbrauch beim 4500mah 6S Akku
Flighttime around 13min avg with 3500mah usage out of the 4500mah 6S battery

►Max Speed 80km/h

►Weight/Gewicht mit Akku (4500ma): 2936gr

►Preis: 3200€ mit einer Fernbedienung
(z.B. bei
Pricetag 3200€ with single remote

►Reichweite? / Range?
Bodentest noch ausständig
1-2km geht sicher, Videolink sehr stabil
In der App per Slider zwischen guter Videoqualität und niedriger Reichweite (10mbit und 700m) und geringer Quali aber hohe Reichweite (4MBit und 3km) wählbar

1-2km no problem - some users get really far (like 6km) which is dangerouse with limited battery time! You can adjust the image quality (vide bitrate) and get better range - app tells 3km Range with lowest quality (which is still really good compared to all other video transmission I've seen so far!

►Zeitverzögerung beim Video:
Echtzeit - App-Bildschirm: 250ms
Echtzeit - HDMI Bild nur 80ms? (zumindest ist HDMI und App ca. 170ms auseinander)
(hier aber leider nicht besonders genaue Stoppuhr und Messung)
Jedenfalls im normalen Betrieb nicht störend, beim fliegen nahe an Objekten evtl. etwas ungewohnt - Vorsicht!

Lag: looks like Lightbridge to HDMI is quite fast (only 80ms? not really sure about my measurements) add some 170ms more if you use the app (measured the Android app on GalaxyS3)

Resolution 12.0MP
FOV (Field of View) 94°
CMOS Sony EXMOR 1/2.3”
Lens f/2.8 (20mm equivalent)
Burst shooting (BURST: 3/5/7 frames,AEB: 3 or 5 bracketed frames at 0.7EV Bias)
Time lapse
HD Video Recording Modes
UHD (4K):4096x2160p24/25,3840x2160p24/25/30
HD: 1280x720p24/25/30/48/50/60
Max Bitrate of Video Storage 60Mbps

►Transportkoffer aus Kunststoff, 556 × 490 × 240 mm

►Dominator HD HDMI Kabel
und dieser Adapter
Oder ihr findet ein Kabel:
MINI Hdmi auf Micro HDMI (ich fand keines)

auf Android: "SmartPhone"\Phone\DJI\dji.pilot\FlightRecord
auf iOS: über iTunes auf die DJI Pilot App und hier die Dateien runterladen
die Files dann hier hochladen:
dann erhält man lesbare Files wie im Video (ganz am Ende) beschrieben!

You get a really impressive ammount of in flight data in the flightlog. Get it from android from \phone\DJI\DJI Pilot\FlightRecord
or from iOS using iTunes and seach for data on this app.
Convert it using the link above and you get a KML file for google earth with the track and CSV files (for excel) with many parameters.

Sonntag, 17. Mai 2015

Jet Crash, Lipo Barbecue and Mini Racing

Had some great fun with my miniquad yesterday on the field. And there was some action (another crash, some burning lipo, rescue flight, a few stunts,...).
Please be careful when you handle your lipos. You see in this example how much energy they have and how explosive/flameable they are! Always be safe while charging those lipos also!!!!

Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

MiniQuad exploring abandoned Soccerfield "Lindenstadion" in Eisenstadt

Once again I had my mini with me on a small trip to the nice city in Burgenland called "Eisenstadt" (Iron-City). They have a nice Esterhazy Castle and very beautiful park behind it - open to the public. While walking through this park I looked for a nice spot to fly - and finally we came to that ugly brickwall. I was curious what's behind and found a soccerfield there (didn't recognize it as such in the first place).
It had been abandoned after the soccer club went bancrupt a few years ago. See a few pics from older times at the end of the video...

The flying there was really exciting! Naturally the stairway with a passage under it was like a magnet - and I was not sure how the video and control link will hold up. See if it worked or if I had to do the walk of shame ;-)

Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

Airdrift and Action on the flightfield: Angry Cyclist, Crash of Phantom F4, burning Lipo, Albatross

This is quite a mix here! First few mins from the "Airdrift" weekend at a large RC shop in styria ( I could take a closer look at the DJI Inspire1 and the Phantom3 there, saw RC Car jumping action and an extraordinary 3d Heli performance (unreal!).
2nd and 3rd part are on our local flightfield. Flying there with my MiniQuad and later th Xugong2. Many electric Jets (some of them land, others don't ;-)
A "search and rescure" flight with my Xugong to the smoking Lipo of the Phantom F4 Jet and an angry bicycler that wouldn't like my drone at first, then I showed him FPV and he was amazed!

Freitag, 24. April 2015

Xugong2 Flights from Winter to Spring - say NO to Snow!

Excuse the GoT fun here ;-) but I'm really happy that we can leave the washed out colors from winter flightsessions behind us. It's great to see the landscape getting really green again.
To show the transition from Winter to Spring I have the 15 Flights with my Xugong2pro here in the right order from late february till now.
Also I did NO COLORGRADING here (not increase of satuartion to make it look better). But I did, to be honest, use the Sony Stabilizer on many scenes so they look way better (without micro movements). Also had some Jello flights (which you cant get rid of with software stabilizer!) at the beginning but now the copter is all on stock settings again and that was the best tuning ;-)
Find all about the Xugong2 here

To make it easier for you guys to see the specs of my copters used I pimped my Hangar Blog and made a picture thumbnail index-post rather than the textbased index that most peopple missed.

Next up you will see a review again: The ImmersionRC EzAntennaTracker v2.