Sonntag, 17. Mai 2015

Jet Crash, Lipo Barbecue and Mini Racing

Had some great fun with my miniquad yesterday on the field. And there was some action (another crash, some burning lipo, rescue flight, a few stunts,...).
Please be careful when you handle your lipos. You see in this example how much energy they have and how explosive/flameable they are! Always be safe while charging those lipos also!!!!

Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

MiniQuad exploring abandoned Soccerfield "Lindenstadion" in Eisenstadt

Once again I had my mini with me on a small trip to the nice city in Burgenland called "Eisenstadt" (Iron-City). They have a nice Esterhazy Castle and very beautiful park behind it - open to the public. While walking through this park I looked for a nice spot to fly - and finally we came to that ugly brickwall. I was curious what's behind and found a soccerfield there (didn't recognize it as such in the first place).
It had been abandoned after the soccer club went bancrupt a few years ago. See a few pics from older times at the end of the video...

The flying there was really exciting! Naturally the stairway with a passage under it was like a magnet - and I was not sure how the video and control link will hold up. See if it worked or if I had to do the walk of shame ;-)

Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

Airdrift and Action on the flightfield: Angry Cyclist, Crash of Phantom F4, burning Lipo, Albatross

This is quite a mix here! First few mins from the "Airdrift" weekend at a large RC shop in styria ( I could take a closer look at the DJI Inspire1 and the Phantom3 there, saw RC Car jumping action and an extraordinary 3d Heli performance (unreal!).
2nd and 3rd part are on our local flightfield. Flying there with my MiniQuad and later th Xugong2. Many electric Jets (some of them land, others don't ;-)
A "search and rescure" flight with my Xugong to the smoking Lipo of the Phantom F4 Jet and an angry bicycler that wouldn't like my drone at first, then I showed him FPV and he was amazed!

Freitag, 24. April 2015

Xugong2 Flights from Winter to Spring - say NO to Snow!

Excuse the GoT fun here ;-) but I'm really happy that we can leave the washed out colors from winter flightsessions behind us. It's great to see the landscape getting really green again.
To show the transition from Winter to Spring I have the 15 Flights with my Xugong2pro here in the right order from late february till now.
Also I did NO COLORGRADING here (not increase of satuartion to make it look better). But I did, to be honest, use the Sony Stabilizer on many scenes so they look way better (without micro movements). Also had some Jello flights (which you cant get rid of with software stabilizer!) at the beginning but now the copter is all on stock settings again and that was the best tuning ;-)
Find all about the Xugong2 here

To make it easier for you guys to see the specs of my copters used I pimped my Hangar Blog and made a picture thumbnail index-post rather than the textbased index that most peopple missed.

Next up you will see a review again: The ImmersionRC EzAntennaTracker v2.

Samstag, 11. April 2015

LowCut High Speed (Miniquad on WinXP Hills, Bonus Dives at mountains)

Had a nice trip today and we stopped at this great WinXP style hills that were very inviting to my miniquad (which is always in my trunk of course!).
2nd part of the video you see the nice Mountains in the back a bit closer and some dive training there (unfortunately with some jello).
Hope you like this style - was a blast to fly there!

DRQ250 MiniQuad
Radio: Taranis on 2.4 with X8R RX
Video: ImmersionRC 5.8, CWL Antennas SPW to Goggles int.RX

Samstag, 28. März 2015

MiniQuad racing through woods, chasing and crashing

I show you some nice new places to fly in this video! First the "Wolves Canyon" in my hometown. Used to be a quarry but was filled up with the earth from the huge construction (railway tunnel).
Now they did some gardening and in a few years it will be a nice green hill again.
The sand grader structure was nice gate to fly through.
Nearby is a nice wood forrestal road up with not so dense woods - I wanted too much there - a leave covered my sight ;-)
On the old spot (Eichberg) I again flew thru the pavillion (regular viewers should recognise this). This time a bit faster than normally. Also crashed there in the woods (you cant prevent that) ;-)

And some really nice shots from a meeting with Hover82 and "MoreThanRC" at the "Schneeberg" which is a majestic view in the background. See their flights with wings up to the peak (1,2km height!) here:

Zeph2 Downhill:

Wipeout @ Mountain:
2xWipeout chasing:

The music track in this vid is a great cover version (considering the age of these girls!) and lets me use a good tune without getting it banned ;-) Let me know if you don't like this kind of soundtrack - it helped me a lot to cut the video in the right speed and mood...

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MiniQuad infos:


Kevin McLeod - Movement Proposition (Intro)
Enter Sandman - Metallica - performed here from "The Warning"

RCSchim haunted by a Ghost! (GPS Follow me), Crash and weak landing gear

Quad: Thunder Tiger Ghost+ with Morpheus 3 axis gimbal
(for detailed description look below and also the other videos linked down below).

In this 3rd part you see a demo of the "follow me" mode. First I was sceptic but on this open hill it was really nice to see this tech stuff work so well. Smartphone sends GPS coords over wifi to Hero Flightcontroll in the Ghost copter. The FC compares it's own GPS coords and navigates to the smartphones position. Works well.
Before the follow me test I just flew some LOS tests up there with way too low gains - ended in a crash. Stick with recommended gains!

with / without Gimbal
Roll: 55 / 45
Nick: 55 / 45
Sway: 95 / 80

In the next video (maybe the last of the review series) I show you the FPV capabilities and more stabilized onboard footage.
Maybe I can get a 100% working battery also and do some real endurance tests to see the true flighttimes. I estimate 15mins with gimbal.

Size: 450mm (motor2motor)
Weight: 2.25kg
Motors: 28x14mm 450kv
ESC: 30A - 6S
Props: 11x5
(FULL SPECS in first videos description!

PART 1: unboxing and review

PART 2: build video and indepth review

PART 3 (this one here) Follow me mode tests

PART 4: FPV Tests and gimbal performance (tbd)

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Kevin McLeod - Movement Proposition (Intro)
Benny Hill

Freitag, 13. März 2015

Bebop or MiniQuad - how to start the FPV hobby? Flights, RCSchim News Update

I get asked very often "what's the easiest way to get into this hobby? and how much is it?".
Recently I reviewed and tested the Bebop drone which is really the easiest way. I try to show you the difference between such a RTF kit and getting a MiniQuad with "normal" FPV equipment.
You see that the Bebop is really easy to fly (my girlfriend flew it like a pro on the first try) but if you want to go advanced (like me trying to fly through an obstacle filled garage) it's not so easy anymore.
So this might be a dead-end for you. If you want a "real" FPV miniquad later - you'd have to buy everything again...
Flying with MiniQuad through the same course was easy (evenn if this was my first flight with the Mini after 2 month). Only mishap: crashed after landing (note 2 self: disarm on KK2 is different than Naza ;-)
Later you see some nice flight scenes on a Hill in great sunlight (spring is coming!) and many updates and news on future projects and reviews:
- ezAntenna Tracker V2
- Aaronia Spektran HF 6065 great Spectrometer!
- WiDV (2.4ghz FULLHD video transmission - Alternative to lightbridge!)
- ImmersionRC Vortex (RTF Quad!)
- Ghost repaired - waiting for testflight to conclude
Shoppinglist: (as of 13.3.2015):
Bebop: 500€
Bebop with Skycontroller 900€
MiniQuad: Droneframes DRQ250
from (choose US or EU)
looks like the also have an ARTF kit now:
FPV gear:
with this search: you see different IRC accessories you will need:
Video Transmitter 5.8
Video Receiver (if you don't have one in your goggles)
Antennas (get SPW Spironet for better results than normal antennas)
Fatshark Dominator V2:
or Dominator HD
Batteries (Nanotech 1500 3cell):
No, I'm not hobbyking sponsored - these are just examples. But their shop works good and you find a lot of things there.
Make sure your items are on stock - maybe in a warehouse near you - or else you pay customs and wait longer. (for infos on the Vortex, ezAntennatracker)
or this video:
Thunder Tiger Ghost+:

Freitag, 6. März 2015

Thunder Tiger Ghost+ easy build and indepth Review Part 2

This is the 2nd part of my build and review. Initially I wanted to only do a short unboxing on one evening but than, by playing around with this system I had so much fun that I completly assembled it, did a quick setup and found it so easy.
Even the video downlink, gimbal and retracts worked on the first attempt.

As noted in the video: I'm still waiting to get the copter back from repairs and see if I like the flight characteristics. Maybe it just needs some getting used to.
Also wanna see how much more efficient the good props are compared to the standard ones. If the Aeronaut Camcarbon make a difference I will show it.

Is something to detailed and boring here? Or should I go into more detail in some regions - please tell me and the next review will be better!

Freitag, 27. Februar 2015

Thunder Tiger Ghost+ RCSchim Unboxing and Review

Drones are very popular - so also the bigger players in RC try to get a piece of the cake ;-)
Align cought my attention last year (with their ML480) - and shortly after them Thunder Tiger also showed a new product - the Ghost+

Thunder Tiger Europe was kind enough to send me a sample for this review. It's a full RTF system and I also got the "FPV Set".
!At this point I can not give you my recommendation to buy this system - because mine was faulty and I had to send it back. As soon as I get a replaced unit I'll see how this one differes from a smaller and lighter Phantom2!

Here are the specs:
Size: 450mm (motor2motor)
Weight: 2.25kg
Motors: 28x14mm 450kv
ESC: 30A - 6S
Props: 11x5

Flighttime (in hover with gimbal and cam):
~15mins (used 1462mah for 4:39 flight and calculated the estimate flighttime for save 80% battery usage)

1100€ (RTF with Copter+Charger+Gimbal+Radio+Battery)
+ 250€ for FPV Set (TFT+RX and TX)

Battery-Bay (Plastic housing):
3,5cm height
8,4cm width
housing is around 16cm deep (but you need to get cables in there...)
orig. battery without housing:
13,5cm x 7,2cm x 3,2cm 6S 6000mah 8c dicharge (48amps) 1c charge

Morpheus Gimbal: for GP3 and GP3+ (not GP4?)
Weight: 280g, 2s-4s voltage
Tilt: 90° Roll: 45° Pan: 360°

Flight controller Gains:
without gimbal: (set per default)
Roll: 55
Pitch: 55
Sway: 95 (Yaw)

WITH gimbal (a bit heavier)
Roll: 45
Pitch: 45
Sway : 80 (Yaw)

FPV Set:
7" TFT monitor with sunshade and good brightness!
Internal battery, chargeable via USB plug.
8ch: 5733 5752 5771 5790 5809 5828 5847 5866

Official Infos
German instructions and tons of infos
German FPV SET description