Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

News: great HD FPV Cam with wideangle

I just found an promising new HD cam which seems to have some interesting features:


Records in H.264 on SD Card (up to 16GB)
1280x720 30FPS
640x480 60FPS
and finally a decent cam with built in wideangle!!!

It's not yet available but you can preorder it for example on amazon:

Freitag, 22. Mai 2009

Tucam Solution Maiden Flight and Flight Nr2

and here goes the maide flight

As you can see everything went well. I just flew a few rounds here. The low speed is amazing! AUW 2kg.
The pusher config is great, I haven't seen vibrations on the onboard video so far - that's a good sign.

Here is the second flight:

First test with FPV equipped bird (but normal flown).
Lumix works great here - only the 8:30 limit is a little downside. But the bird flies like a charm!
This time with 11x10 prop way better!

Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2009

Cularis FPV Tests and Crash

As requested here comes the (quickly cut together, Music stops after the half - sorry) version of my first flights with the FPV gear on the Cularis.
The location is the same as on the last Video - Eichberg.

FPV equipment worked flawless on this testflight! I landed the plane after 20min because I was afraid to crash her after getting too relaxed in the air. Battery (3200mah) had 46% left after 4:45 mins of motor Time.

This was last Saturdays Testflight - see what happend the next day when I was ready for FPV with her...

Here I had one: elevator stuck upon restarting the engine to gain alt. In fact I think I had a radio glitch and after starting the motor I had no further control (I only tried to use elevator to hold her "up" - didn't try left/right...).

The Cularis crashed 3m ahead of an tarmac road - this was my luck! The road would have killed her!
But here, in the high green the impact was absorbed well - damage is little (prop is broken, forward section is bent a bit, on servo-arm is broken - easy to fix).

But the bad taste of a possible radio glitch again doesn't taste so good...

Freitag, 8. Mai 2009


Hello RC interested friends!
Please take some time to try out the new "Readers" feature in the sidebar. It would show me who's viewing my work. Also please don't be shy and comment on the vids if you have something to say. Either on vimeo.com or directly here on the blog.

Thanks & Greetings,

Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2009

Cularis @ Eichberg

This was the most beautiful flight with the Cularis so far. The conditions were great up on the hill and she flew well.
Flighttime over 22mins with only 5mins of motor-useage.

The landing looks a bit rude - I have to work on that. But with butterfly deployed it's really easy to land her.