Montag, 12. Januar 2009

Twinstar 2 - Iceflyer

Yesterday we were out on a frozen lake wich made a very good runway. Starting from the ground without landing gear was never easier as you'd guess.
Temp was -9°C and foggy - therefore video is a bit blurry. The shakes came directly from me and transfered to the controls :-)
The selfmodded jaytech has some battery issue in this cold - even tough the battery is inside the plane it just lasts about 12mins before it goes out (normally it can record over 60mins). This time I was lucky enough and the whole flight was recorded (but shortly after the landing the jaytech stopped 'cause the battery was frozen).

And here as a special for Paul - the exposureroom-Version of the above video:

...and here some bonus footage. The laptop used for recording via usb framegrabber didn't like the cold either and the battery gave up after a few mins.

Montag, 5. Januar 2009

Twinstar 2 Dualperspective, FPV fun

Today I was lucky enough to fly some rounds on my "home"field.
It's actually the field you can see in the background of this last video:

First I wanted to test everything and it was a bit shakey. Up and down it flew :-)

Before we packed our stuff I took the chance and did put on my goggles again...

Sadly the cheap JayTech cam stopped recording midair before I reached the highest point of this awesome FPV flight - so you can only guess how great the view was.

Samstag, 3. Januar 2009

Jaytech Cam - new cam setup for FPV recording

After some experiments even with the lumix on top I cam back to this setup:
This solution should have little aerodynamic effect and the position and faceing of the cam is quite good. Additional benefit: with the top mounted FPV cam I can see the back of the Jaytec and the LED status tells me if it still records video - or if I've even forgotten to press the record button!

Here's my history of cammounting:
New FPV Panmount
Twinstar2 - better Cameramount, slightly better Design
Panasonic Lumix on top
JayTec modding, reverse engeneering
Twinstar 2 - neue FPV Cam

Donnerstag, 1. Januar 2009

Frozen Twinstar - last Flight 2008

Here we tried a new airfield up above our hometown. Great view, enough space - a great starting point for FPV sessions. Unfortuately it was way too cold to fly longer than just a few minutes.

Professional quadrocopter (german)