Montag, 5. Januar 2015

ImmersionRCs XuGong v2 pro - Unboxing, Build, Review and Testflights

This is the newest folding Quadcopter from ImmersionRC. It compares to the TBS Discovery pro whilst being smaller and lighter. You can fold the arms to get a really small packingsitze - it fit's perfect in a backpack or trolley.

8:28 Build pics and vid
10:33 ezUHF RSSI / PPM Setup hint
14:30 Maidenflight in just outside my hangar
18:04 Some FPV footage (incl camswitch and live view) on the field

►Main features:
Brushless gimbal (2 axis) (tiltable in relative or proportional mode - not like Zenmuse where it's absolute position)
Gopro liveout  AND FPV cam - switchable
integr. ezOSD in Multicopter special edition which gets GPS from Naza
very light so 20mins flighttime with 5200mah 4cell (Multistar @ HK)

►Infos on this Quad:
Propulsion Set from DJI called E300
ESCs: DJI 15amp
Motors: DJI 920kv (Phantom2 style)
Props: std. "Phantom2 Props"

Weight: 1085gr
(all except flightbattery which was 343gr)
so roughly 1,4kg min flightweight with small battery

Radio: Taranis, ezUHF JR Module
Video: ImmersionRC 5.8, CWL Antennas SPW to Goggles int.RX

►Pricetag (as of 5.1.15):
200€ for Frame (incl. ezOSD)  
200€ for Brushless gimbal (with controller)
109€ DJI e300 pack
129€ DJI Naza Lite (or better)
~70€ VideoTX
  70€ ezUHF 4ch lite RX
+ Gopro, Fatshark, Antennas...

►more infos here in my Hangar