Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2017

DYS Elf - tiny brushless drone, indepth crashtests for 2 weeks

Great little indoor (and outdoor on low wind) copter! Powerfull almost acrobatic, should be 3cell capeable. Use of brushless motors increases the efficiency here!
Definitly the best indoor copter I've tested so far in this class below 10cm (83mm motor to motor).

One of the best features: you can fly this almost anywhere and stay legal. You can't possibly harm someone with this tiny drone, but the flying feels good, locked in and controllable - gives you a good FPV feeling!

get it here: Banggood  (►►8% off coupon: ToysHo)

Tech specs:
Motors: BE1102 10.000kv
ECSs: BLHeli, DShot, 10amp
Battery: one 600mah 2cell with 25C  ~ 4-6mins
Flight Control: F3
Props: 1735 five bladed (1.7")
800tvl 170° FPV cam
5.8ghz 25/200mw  (comes in 200mw mode, can be set to 25 with removing a "solder-jumper/bridge"
88gr, 2mm carbon frame supported with  durable plastic frame
Receiver: Frsky Type D8

MinimOSD integrated, so you can set PIDs and other settings on the field! See Battery voltage and get "Low volt" warning.

TIPS, Mods:
Remote is setup nice, maybe you wanna adjust the expo/rates.
Binding to Taranis was a huge gain for me (more precision).
Binding is easy, just power on copter without remote - it goes into bind mode. Then use BIND option in Taranis with D8 mode...

Antenna / Videolink: 
  200mw get wasted here because the antenna is flat mounted under the board beneath the battery - terrible placement!
Remove Battery cage, use velcro instead and get Antenna out (careful). Increases range and quality, will not decrease the multipathing here since it's a linear antenna...

Control Link: 
had no issues / failsafes in my flights but I wasnt that far out...

Feet / structural integrity:
use some foam to have the landing gear protected against hard landings (which will transfer too much stress to the motor arms). Maybe also use some foam ontop the copter. Ducts of props are made of durable plastic!

RCGroups thread about this copter

Mittwoch, 24. Mai 2017

Hughes 500 chased with my Drone

Thanks Norbert - for risking your Copter :)

TECH SPECS of that nice scale-heli:
Base: T REX 500
Motor Scorpion 1400 KV
Rotorhead: ALIGN 4 BLATT
ESC: YGE 90 LV with 6Volt Fan
1.800 RPM/min
Battery: Lipo 6s 5000 mAh

Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

Antennas tested in flight: Pagoda vs Aomway SPW, TBS Triumph and "normal" linear

Video index:
01:31 std. antenna (linear)
03:16 std. ant. multipathing test
03:56 AOMWay SPW
06:22 AomWay multipathing
07:09 TBS Triumph
09:01 Triumph multipathing
10:02 PAGODA
11:47 Pagoda multipathing
12:49 Range test with 30db ATTENUATOR
13:41 Atti and Std. Antenna
14:39 switch to AOMWay
16:05 switch to TBS Triumph
17:14 switch to Pagoda
19:14 Atti+std.Antenna and 2xPagoda on Goggles VRX
24:20 -- 4 antennas DIRECT COMPARISON footag!!! --

When the video transmitter (the copter here) emits the RF signal - it goes straight to your receiver (line of sight!) and also gets reflected off some obstacles (like the big building here).
The reflections do arrive at the receiver slightly later (longer way) so the RF waves (direct and reflected ones) will either "add up" or "null out" each other. Interference occurs and distorts your video image.

Circular polarization helps here, because the reflected signal will be "filtered away" almost completely.

Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017 it was made for powerloops!

Nice spot right outside of work, own parking lot AND dedicated powerloop gate wich is also a scenic picture frame :-)

The flights in sunny conditions wer BEFORE I tuned this quad better (using the tips from Joshua Bardwell regarding PID Filters).
The Evening flights at home were just to try the quad out - less wind here as well - but very smooth after PID filter tuning.
to get rid of propwash oscillations in Betaflight...

Freitag, 5. Mai 2017

Foxeer Legend 3 Review, Quality compared to Yi4k, Runcam 3 and Legend 2

Foxeer's Legend 1 was one of the first small cams capeable of 1080p60 (but the quality wasnt that good). The Legend 2 was terrible in scaling down to 1080p60, the Legend 3 now looks way better. It's a bit larger than the L2, but the quality of 4k and also the 2.5k/60 mode is really good.
I wouldnt wanna fly a lot with my 250$ Yi4k - but this 150$ Legend 2 is kinda ok to risk it on a miniquad. And the quality is almost the same (Yi4k still is one of the best, imho better than the Gopro5).

As I told you in the vid: there will also be a boxed version (aka Gopro Session sized) with same specs. Might be the killer cam in a few weeks (June?).

Please stay tuned for the raw footage links here - I have to upload them later (sorry bout that).

VIDEO Index:
00:54 first comparisons
03:00 Stabilizer?
04:30 almost all resolutions shown
06:15 Legend 3 on my Osmo mobile
06:45 continue with review, menu, options,...
09:28 slowmo not good
09:47 timelapse quite good!
10:16 some adult stuff going on here?
10:46 stabilizer off vs on
12:55 flight sample (2.5k60 down to 30fps)
14:01 flight video with sound
14:37 walk in the park (more samples in 4k)
15:19 Chihuahua in slowmo
15:51 flowers

some Tech Details:
Chip: Ambarella A12S75
Sensor: Sony IMX117 1/2.3"
Lens: 155 degrees Ultra Wide Angle
Built-in 3 axis gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer (stabilizer not very noticeable)
1000mAh battery    (Rectime good:  2.5k 60fps  1h:04mins ~ 17GB)