Mittwoch, 30. September 2015

Easy Antenna tracker - review and fieldtesting (ImmersionRC ezAntennatracker V2)

Immersion sent me their ezAntennatracker V2 some time ago. First I was sceptic if I want to use it, since tracker setup sounded way to complicated for me when I saw it in use by other FPVers.
But since they have "ez" (for easy) in many of their products I thought I'll give it a try.
I opted to use only the PAN-Servo - TILT is only needed if you fly really high or if you have a very directional antenna. I use the 13dbi Spironet with 35° horiz and vertical beamwidth - so I dont need to TILT with the tracker.
This makes the mechanics way easier - just a big "plate" directly on the huge sailwinch servo where I placed the antenna.
To get this on my tripod I just taped all together (doublesided tape) - the ezTracker with DiversityRX and servo.
Of course the diversity here is overkill - if using a tracker you shouldnt need a diversityRX.

If you have a copter or plane with ezOSD onboard - this tracker is really nice and easy to use. It gives you 360° of really good video signal quality!
The fact that you have to have telemetry however is a showstopper for me on many FPV vehicles (I have many quads and planes and only few of them have telemetry).

For me: I packed the diversity and the tracker on one groundstation and I can switch between: tracker operation - or just diversity.
Recently I made this quite modular with some gopro mounts (i can plug in antenna and monitor additionally if I want to).

In a next video I will try to compare the use of a tracker to my normal use of diversity RX with different antennas - most noteably the new Pepperbox high gain, high beamwidth antenna!

Pan-Servo: HS-785 HB Sailwinch Servo
Antenna: Spironet Patch 13dbi
you also need some SMA Antenna Extension cables!

►Startup (5mins!):
- set home (FPV vehicle with enough SAT acquired and with ezOSD telemetry running! standing next to the groundstation
- BEARING Calibration:
I found this to be the easiest way. You just move the copter away in one direction (20 or 30ft) and make sure the antenna is pointing in the right direction - if not - adjust.

►Requirements to get this tracker running:
Quite simple - you just need their ezOSD (or maybe some other compatible telemetry downlink?). the OSD sends GPS position and other telemetry info encoded in the audiochannel of your normal FPV downlink (one audio channel).

Freitag, 25. September 2015

Exploring the huge Ruins of Haludovo Hotel in Croatia with my Xugong

We walked thru a nice park in Malinska on our vacation in croatia. We found a few strange looking, very desolate buildinges (apartments).
Since we're both curious about "Lost Places" or "Urban Exploration" we explored the region more and soon found a bigger complex. We had no idea what we found there and my first thoughts were something like a shopping mall (because the entrance or lobby there was huge). Then again it looked like a strange 70ties nightclub - and this is what was the closest guess as I found out later ;-)
It's the Haludovo Palace***** - one of the biggest and most decadent hotels in this region built in the 70ties from Penthouse boss Bob Guccione. Read more details if you're interested in this article below or view it on google earth.

Next day (when we knew a bit more about the hotel and it's history) we had better weather and I took my xugong copter for a flight and we also took more pics. It was a cool time travel to find some old fotos of this hotel and compare it against the devastated ruins there. It's a shame how fast vandalism and childish destruction can change such an interesting place (this is the reason most "Lost Places" are kept as a secret in the Urbex scene).
The basement with it's huge kitchen (more looking like a slaughterhouse) was really scary!

GPS coords:
very interesting: 3 360° panoramas to "visit" the place (like Google Streetview):

Montag, 7. September 2015

How to start FPV - what to get

Since I get asked a lot how to enter the FPV hobby I compiled this list of things to start at. Not the best components - but something you can use for a long time with good value/price rating. Most of the things I use myself (excep the 250 copter here).
FPV entry is really easy today - so many RTF systems, plug & fly versions... You got to consider some things and most of us have to watch their budget as well „smile“-Emoticon
For small budgets - Miniquads from the 250 class are good to start at.
Recently there are so many 250 quads, some high class, expensive ones and also some affordable and promising sets like this here (didnt try this yet!):
AGM Hobby Nighthawk 250 (almost anything you need to fly is contained in this package)
1500mah 3cell with high C-rating!
I would use the hobbyking EU warehouse (or whatever is next to you) to have shorter delivery times and less customs problems.
These here are good bot out of stock tm: Turnigy Nanotech 1500mah 3cell
these would also work: ZIPPY Compact 1500mAh 3S 35C
you need at least 4 pieces (you only get 5 mins flighttime on each). Also get one more for goggles / receiver.
Lipo-Charger  (if you can, go for a dual charger since you will have to charge a lot and you shouldnt leave tham charging unattented)
Cam to record (in HD, not neccessary for flight but cool to have something to share):
RuncamHD  (also get one or two 16GB SD Cards)
Cam for downlink:
(25mw are legal and good for 200-300m)
Video receiverImmersionRC Uno5800
or a good alternative would be a dual / diversity receiver with better signal: ImmersionRC Duo5800
and the cheaper route (didnt test this myself)  Diversity FR632
(if you bought the diversity RX above - also get one directional antenna ImmersionRC Spiro Patch )
This could be the most expensive part here (if you go for the Sony Cinemizers or the Dominator HD for example - 500-700€)
But you can get away cheap and with a great image if you get the styrofoam box type goggles like the:
Quanum V2 and batterycable for it (make sure to get a 3cell battery for goggles and RX also!)

Radio - control link:
FrSky Taranis - a good remote which is very affordable!
Receivers are good range and cheap here (around 30€). Standard receiver for me is the X8r (with telemetry and around 1-2km range). If you really wanna go far, check the LR receivers.
One of these X8rs is in the Set above or the longrange L9R

Hope I didnt forget something really important here - please comment if so. Also comment your suggestions if you have something WAY better for a newbie to be included in this list. But it's not the "top notch" list, it's aimed for entry into the hobby.
I think this topic is hot, and if I get a lot of response I might try to cover this in a video also.
greetings and happy FPVing,

Hilfe für FPV Einsteiger - Links und Tips

Da ich immer wieder gefragt werde, wie man am einfachsten ins FPV Hobby einsteigen kann, hab ich hier die Beantwortung einer solchen Mail gleich mal für Euch zusammengefasst:

FPV Einstieg ist heute sehr einfach. Es gibt schon sehr viele fertige Systeme.
Grundsätzlich muss man sich halt ein paar Sachen überlegen und wahrscheinlich wird man auch ein wenig auf's Geld schaun müssen „smile“-Emoticon
Für kleine Budgets und wenn man etwas basteln mag, sind die MiniQuads ein guter Einstieg.

Nehmt einen der zahlreichen Minis in der "250"er Klasse. Gibts mittlerweile schon so günstig.
Grad neulich untergekommen: AGM Hobby Nighthawk (hier ist mal fast alles dabei um fliegen zu können)

1500mah 3S mit viel "C" (also viel Strom auf einmal liefern können)
Hier würd ich beim Hobbyking IM EU WAREHOUSE (sonst dauerts länger) kaufen
die hier sind gut, aber leider grade aus:…
die wären sicher auch nicht schlecht:…
man braucht mindestens 4 Stück davon (ein Flug ca. 5min)
einen Akku würd ich gleich auch noch für Brille und Empänger einplanen

(natürlich wäre ein Doppellader toll, da man immer einige Akkus laden muss)
Cam zum Aufnehmen (muss am Anfang nicht unbedingt sein, macht aber natürlich schon Sinn!): RuncamHD
Cam zum Fliegen:

Video Transmitter (25mw legal): ImmersionRC_5_8GHz_25mW…
(25mw sind gut für 200-300m)
Video EmpfängerImmersionRC Uno5800
alternativ einen Doppelempfänger (mehr Sicherheit beim Empfang): ImmersionRC Duo5800
oder ein günstigerer Diversity-Empfänger:  Diversity FR632 5.8

beim Doppelempfänger würd ich noch eine Patchantenne dazu nehmen: ImmersionRC Spiro Patch

das ist unter Umständen der teuerste Punkt, aber man kann heute auch mit den "Kastenbrillen" DIY Brillen oder "Facebox" wie ich sage, gut und günstig davon kommen: Quanum V2

Taranis - eine gute Fernbedienung ist wichtig - die Taranis kostet 200€ - das is für die Funktionen nicht viel, die Empfänger sind günstig und gut von der Reichweite her. Es gibt neben dem Standard X8R (ca. 1-2km) auch einen Longrange Empfänger der min. die Doppelte Reichweite hat!
FrSky Taranis 
Empfänger: einer ist im Set oben dabei, alternativ gibts diese hier:
X8r (mein Std. Empfänger) oder den Longrange L9R
Falls ich hier was vergessen hab, bitte um Kommentar - dann wird die Liste erweitert. Falls ihr wo einen DEUTLICH besseren Vorschlag habt, nur her damit. Allerdings soll sich das an Anfänger, Einsteiger richten - die sich nicht gleich das Allerbeste, Allerteuerste leisten können.
lg, RCSchim