Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2017

Beautiful winter morning flight - MERRY XMAS! 🎄

Winter came just in time to get me into the right mood! I wish you guys a wonderful, silent, joyful, warm (but with snow) 🎄Christmas!! 🎄

Thanks for supporting 👍 my channel - please come back more often and I love to hear from you - a few words are so much more than just a view-counter going up...

Didnt fly the Mavic as often as I should have this year! Such a great device to capture the moment. Be airborne in minutes, capture steady footage that looks good. All the drone paranoia makes enjoying the hobby a bit difficult sometimes...

these were my last tries to capture this castle in winter:  (2010!)

Filmed with:  Samsung Galaxy S7
DJI Mavic

Natures Wonders 4 - Johannes Bornlöf
Compliments To The Piccolo 1 - Peter Sandberg

Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017

ISDT D2 Charger - really nice charger

you can buy it here:
Banggood sent me something for review! Again! They didnt blacklist me after my EV100 review :) And this product here is actually quite good! Check out my charger review if you are looking for a convenient way to send some juice into your packs.

UltraPower review:

!DISCLAIMER! - VENDOR/SHOP sent me this product for review
00:43 compared to other chargers (SIZE)
01:58 What's this for? Miniquad Batteries! :)
02:43 no external powersupply - really small package!
03:03 CONNECTORS (XH and XT60)
03:42 AC Power
04:03 tiny brother for mobile use...
05:27 TIP: use the little ISDT to empty your batts for storage!
06:11 CHARGING batteries - what do we see?
06:55 downside:  the scrollwhell isnt perfect
07:34 supported BATTERY types
10:39 LOOK and FEEL
11:43 final thoughts

Montag, 4. Dezember 2017

Foxeer Predator - the BEST FPV CAM out there? (Sparrow, Eagle2pro)

Please 👍 thanks ;-) (it helps my videos a lot!)
I've tested many cams, currently this is the best! Amazing WDR and lowest latency I measured til now. 1.8mm works well for me - but you need a large FOV on your goggles for such wide lenses!
If you like to have more options in your CAM - be able to switch between 4:3 to 16:9 or pal/ntsc - then go with the Eagle2pro. It has really good image as well and also a low latency.

!DISCLAIMER! - VENDOR/SHOP sent me this product for review, you can buy it here:
01:14 Closeup
01:34 Latency
01:50 Mount (Vortex Mojo mod)
02:23 get to the choppa!!!
03:13 side by side Predator vs Eagle2pro
03:31 high quality SD video samples (Sparrow, Predator)
03:58 Predator samples
05:15 awesome lighthandling on a sunny day!
06:21 dynamic range compared with Galaxy S7
06:57 tunnel
07:14 Lowlight
08:03 Menu options
08:41 flight with HD cam + Predator - Snow and Sun!
10:48 final thoughts, shout outs
...find the "bonus" audio feature at the end!!! and let me know that you did in the comments :)

Recording FPV Cams in HQ:
virtual dub (freeware to capture)
XVid Codec (for high quality and not extremly large files of uncompressed video)
some USB "Framegrabber" hardware (20$ on amazon or ebay)

Donnerstag, 30. November 2017

Mojo & the Golden Hour Mist

Sunsets are around 4pm here now, and foggy conditions in Nov make it hard to fly at all. So for a friday after work session I had to find a new spot, high enough to escape the fog. It's awesom if you can "bring home" this kind of footage with no issues. Once again enjoying the new Vortex and the reliable Crossfire.

Filmed with:  Vortex 230 and Foxeer Box (2560x1440x50fps)

Delicate Transitions - Gavin Luke
Compliments To The Piccolo 1 - Peter Sandberg

►my ⌘ COPTERS and ✈PLANES in the hangar

Freitag, 24. November 2017

ImmersionRC Vortex 230 Mojo Review, Testflights, install FrSky XSR and Crossfire, mods, Cam

ImmersionRC sent me their newest RTF Racequad. I spent many packs with it on my favourite testing grounds, flew in different conditions, once stock and later a bit modified (Crossfire).
You see how easy it is to install the Radio RX. Later I switched to crossfire micro - so this is also a mini review about the popular Radio control link from Trappy / TBS.

00:33 QUADMOVR!   Awesome LOS flying
01:01 FPV maidenflight, PIP with DVR footage of stock cam and Foxeer Box
03:12 first THOUGHTS after flying a few packs
04:44 LOWLIGHT testflight with stock FPV cam
05:29 2nd session with the Vortex on Eichberg - sunny!
06:32 will Runcam2 fit?
07:32 flight footage montage
10:18 THOUGHTS after some more packs flewn
11:34 TIPS
11:49 INSTALL FrSky XSR RX (easy!)
12:36 closeup of cam
15:24 Taranis screens for Crossfire setup (OPENTX2.2)
16:19 TIP: TX Wizard von the Vortex - doesnt work if throttle is disabled
17:14 Crossfire antennamount

Weight of the system?  384gr (copter except HD Cam and Battery)

If you wanna see the Vortex TX Wizard in action, check out my Vortex250 review - it didnt change much - and it's also quite self explanatory!
!DISCLAIMER! - VENDOR/SHOP sent me this product for review, it costs around 380€ in shops.
Crossfire TX module is ~ 100€     the Crossfire micro RX ~45€

Filmed with:  Samsung Galaxy S7
Foxeer Box
Runcam Swift 2

Molife Forever - Jack Elphick
Compliments To The Piccolo 1 - Peter Sandberg

►my ⌘ COPTERS and ✈PLANES in the hangar
║ ►BLOG:

Freitag, 17. November 2017

Runcam Split 2 follow up and flight footage on Vortex 150 (sub 250gr!)

There were many questions after my initial quick review of the new Runcam Split 2 - so this is the followup. Short: yes, latency is really good, Quality nice - good improvement over version 1! VIDEO INDEX below! !DISCLAIMER! - VENDOR/SHOP sent me this product for review, you can buy it here

filmed with Samsung Galaxy S7
Runcam Split 2

00:09 liveout latency (effect of different options on latency?)
01:00 solderpad vs USB connection?
02:13 softmounts (for board or cam?)
02:45 SD CARD slot V2 - better? YES!!!
04:47 menu settings (Tips)
05:41 liveout in 4:3 or 16:9
05:53 - latency test - latency of DIODE? accuracy?
07:21 my CONCLUSION on the Split 2
Runcam video tutorial - use FC to control Split:

00:55 Hangar review
03:15 footage (home)
05:13 lowlight footage
06:05 in the woods!
08:31 with ND Filter at the graveyard...

Donnerstag, 2. November 2017

FPV in the woods with digital transmission (FPV Blue, RC Car)

This is the followup to my hangar review of the FPV.Blue HD video transmission system. First flew with a quad, later moved on to an RC Car to test penetration of RC signal in the dense woods. What a fun! Finally driving around from inside my hangar...

●▬▬VIDEO INDEX:▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●
00:31 testflight with TBS Disco and FPV.Blue
01:52 swap gear to RC CAR (short overview)
02:28 FPV in the WOODS with RC Car
02:24  some directly recorded FOOTAGE
06:03 filmed from screen from here on
06:41 the gravel road, distance, passers, dogs,...
07:24 MAP of first distance test (~150m)
07:54 DOG :)
08:46 second distance test IN THE WOODS
09:21 to the flightfield!
10:04 WDR fail in bad light conditions...
10:45 WOODS overview
11:49 BETTER Screen recordings (sharp) from HANGAR
13:08 Chihuahua chased :)
13:39 father in law chased :)  ("roadkill")
14:49 lowlight example with WDR on - noisy

Thread on RCG:

Filmed with:  Panasonic GX8 + R0de VideoMicro, Samsung Galaxy S7, Yi 4k
Thanks PETER for filming ext shots, thanks CHARLIE for letting me chase him  (the Chihuahua) and thanks to my lovely guide in the woods!

Brand New Beginning - Gavin Luke
Fifteen - Aldenmark Niklasson
Compliments To The Piccolo 1 - Peter Sandberg

Dienstag, 24. Oktober 2017

Digital HD video downlink! (Interview with FPV Blue, long range low latency)

We're waiting for some serious HD video transmission now for a few years. Connex prosight was promising and is still the most used? - ok Lightbridge and Occusync from DJI are market leader - but they have very high latency...
For "real" FPV usage we need lower latency, reliability, range. All being promised by a small, dedicated company - FPV.Blue.

Join me in the hangar for a closer look at this new system, check out the menu options, see the latency measured, and see me interviewing Davide from FPV.Blue.

!DISCLAIMER! - FPV.Blue sent me this product for review, you can buy it here
●▬▬VIDEO INDEX▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●
00:00 FPV Blue - system overview
01:30 Receiver (diversity)
03:04 CLOSEUPs
03:32 SD Card recording?
04:55 Transmitter
06:02 HD Cam
06:52 Transmitter closeup
07:19 Antennas
08:08 Spectrum Analyzer
08:34 MENU OPTIONS-----------
08:50 - Video input
09:44 - Modulation (transmission settings)
11:19 - Display settings (Bluesync)
12:30 OSD
13:50 LATENCY (Eachine Goggles 2, Black Pearl, DJI Goggles
15:32 INTERVIEW with Davide from FPV.Blue
16:01 - background, company...
16:37 - shipping times
18:03 - Antennas
18:19 - Goggles tested...
18:47 - 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz Versions?
20:15 my conclusion
21:16 some short footage clips (more in next video)

Thread on RCG:
FPV Latency compared to other systems:

Antenna recommendation:
why CP antennas are not neccessary:

Groundstation Recordings (a bit troublesome to work with as of 16.Oct.2017 - should be improved with next firmware):
can be played back with MPLAYER  
there's also a GUI version (SMPLAYER)
Recordings do not get corrupt when power is lost

Bonafidepirate: 14km flight
first video, thoughts

Dienstag, 17. Oktober 2017

Runcam Split 2 - firstlook

Runcam sent me the NEW version of their popular SPLIT cam. They changed some bad things to the better!
- New SD Card mount - yay!
- larger VOLTAGE RANGE (5-17v)
- FC integration!
- Lens
- WIFI stick instead of board with 90° angle it's now a horizontal one

I will make a more indepth video for sure - but this will take a few days or weeks. Give me feedback on what you want to be tested!

Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017

Red Bull DR.One drone race and e Mobility fair at Spielberg (Austria, Styria)

Electric cars, the chance to drive on a Formula one track and drones? What more can you ask for :)
Sorry that I couldnt spend more time there at the drone races - should have camped there for the whole 2 days...

Links to other videos from there:
Official Redbull flight video of the track
Drone doing one lap on the racetrack
FINALS here filmed from Herve

Mittwoch, 4. Oktober 2017

Runcam SPARROW and Sparrow micro - WHY?

Every other day a new cam appears on the market! Which one should you buy?  The Sparrows are VERY fast and have high image quality!

!DISCLAIMER! - Runcam sent me these cams for review.
You can get them here: Normal Sparrow and Sparrow Micro

●▬▬VIDEO INDEX▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●
00:54 Latency
02:04 closeup of oszilloscope
02:42 RESULTS (many cams)
03:55 IMAGE Quality!
04:31 Swift Micro2 vs Sparrow Micro (CCD vs CMOS)
04:53 Latency measurement with PHOTODIODE
●▬▬Latency setup▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●
(from conrad electronics in EU 597107)
and 100kΩ resistor
Settings for Oszilloscope:  10 Megasamples/Sec on the horiz axis
RED: 12v probing the LED, DC, 2v/Division
YELLOW: 9V Battery to PHOTODIODE, AC, 100mv / division

Dienstag, 19. September 2017

Why you shouldn't buy Eachine EV100 FPV Goggles!

ignore my review and buy here 20% off for FPV Gearsext DVR, 15$

Claimed FOV: 28°  but from my measurements it's rather 24°!
see my math here on my GoogleDrive (ALSO FIND A VIRTUAL SCREENSIZE Calc.XLS there!)

5:23 FOV
6:40 Goggles AND Lens of FPV Cam should match!
7:50 Comparison of screensize

Kabab FPV indepth review:
UAVFutures (positive review):
AliShanMao: 2 thumbs up

nice teardown and closeup pics of all the electronix:

Dienstag, 12. September 2017

Runcam Micro Swift 2 (Review, testflights, compared with Foxeer Micro Arrow 2)

00:52 testflight Foxeer Micro Arrow2
02:11 flight footage RUNCAM Micro Swift2
04:16 closeups, menu walkthru
06:30 box contents (kind of)
06:44 short intro of micro VTX
07:24 latency testing - almost NO latency!
08:00 other cams (soon the Sparrow series)

Why do you need "normal" sized cams at all if those micro FPV cams are THAT good? How does the Foxeer Micro Arrow2 compare? Find out in this video! Runcam Micro Swift 2 micro VTX

Donnerstag, 7. September 2017

Sestri Levante - Bella Italia with the Mavic

We spent a week in this wonderful town, authentic Italy, great Hotel "Dei Castelli" and a nice view from the hill down to the harbour! Of course I had my drone with me...

Filmed with:
DJI Mavic Pro + ND16 filter
SJCam SJ7 Star (timelapse, slowmotion, snorkeling)

Samstag, 2. September 2017

Drone Dive Paradise!!! (Vortex250 with Runcam Split at awesome location Höllental / Hells Valley)

This is the best spot for drone dives in my region. 30mins drive, 5min walk, 2 massive walls (250 and 300m high), not too far to fly, awesome scenery... I've had some issues first (uncalibrated gimbals on my modded taranis....) but enough time to burn 8 batteries there.
Split worked ok there - still some jello but the ND Filter on it + new props do good. Split is good for my setup here because it reduces weight and increases flighttimes a bit...

If you like this kind of flying - check out my drone dives playlist - I've done a lot (even at this spot, with some major problems...).
Mountain DIVES Playlist

Freitag, 1. September 2017

Foxeer Box 4k Action camera review - watch this before you buy a Gopro Session!!!

If you search a really good DICE style actioncam (like the Gopro Session5) but dont want to spend over 300$ then consider this "BOX" from foxeer. and their shop: (NO AFFILATE Link)

Video jumpmarks:
01:24 Comparison Box vs Legend3, sample shots, quality
04:02 closer look at the box
04:08 angled mount for copter
06:11 Runcam3 vs Box? Sample flights
09:20 1080p50 Supervision mode (superview)
10:08 2.5k50 (my fav mode)
11:03 2.5k50 stabilized and modified in post
11:33 Downsides? Batterylife, chargetime
12:22 access settings only with Wifi app...
13:24 Upgrade from Legend3 to BOX?

Tech specs:
CPU: Ambarella A12
Sensor: Sony IMX 117
Lens: 155° FOV

Recording Time:
56min with 2.5k50fps
54min with 1080p60 (in a second test)

Charging Time: 2h:17!    on a good USB charger (2amps available per slot)

USB/Servo cable for liveout: the red/black part (power) MUST be 5Volts according to Foxeer!
Dont power/charge your cam with 12 or more volts directly off your flight battery!

4k25/30 (~60mbit)
2.5k50  (~41MBit)
1080p50 (~34MBit)

Samples (NOT recoded, just split the file - with MKV Tool)
Files around 140-260mb, please download them from there and view locally - DONT view the Preview there (that is recoded by google).

High Hopes - Johan Borjesson
Furious 3 - Niklas Gustavsson

Donnerstag, 24. August 2017

Fixedwing dives and cloudsurfing at the same time!

These were some "once in a lifetime" conditions! Not too much winds, enough time and FPV gear working flawless (almost). Had a cloudbase just above the ridge of my favourite wall so I could cloudsurf and mountaindive at the same time. FPV doesnt get much better than this I think!

Freitag, 11. August 2017

SJCam SJ7 Star - true 4K! compared with Yi4k and Foxeer Legend 3

Product Link (+TECH Details!):   ►PLEASE SUBSCRIBE
►lots of sample pics

My thoughts / findings:
+ Dimensions match Gopro3/4
+ high buildquality (alu frame)
+- touchscreen nice, but handling not as responsive as smartphone (or Yi4k)
+ touchscreen AND buttons
- charge LED not very visible
- charge with USB MINI (like Gopro3/4) USB micro would be more common?
- scaling down of fast FPS looks terrible
- medium and narrow FOV on 4k makes no sense! should be left out since it produces ugly quality...

Yi4k: lesser distortion, looks "nicer" to the eye - but in 100% crops the image looks less detailed than on the other two cams!
Legend3 has more wideangle than SJ7star, else similar sharpness and details, but "vignetting" on the edges. FL3 has NO! purple fringing!
If you dont have to zoom in (for example film in 4k and then take a 1080p crop) the Yi4k still looks better.
Zooming around in a 4k timelaps on the SJ7star is really nice - lots of details and reserves to zoom...

Batterytime comparison (all 4k 25fps):
Yi4k: 93min
SJ7:  65min
FL3:  53min

Freitag, 4. August 2017

TechOne FPV900: great FAST WING (Review, Maidenflight, FPV, Speedtest and CRASH)

get it at Banggood

After I found my passion for FIXEDWING FPV again this summer, I wanted sommething faster and more stable than the S800 Wing. Here I like the easy build and the center-section concept (even if it's copied from someone else...).
You have plenty of space and possibilities on this wing, the HD Cam is mounted vibration-free (but it's a tight fit - for larger cams you need to saw off the side carbon parts there).
The FPV Cam is mounted quite safe down there.

The flight footage here was partly stabilized in post - since I dont like all too shakey footage. I only use light stabilization - but if it's not dead calm, such a wing will shake. It will also shake under full throttle :)

Wingspan: 900mm
Fuselage length: 308mm
Flying weight: 630-670g
CG Position: 185-195mm (nicely marked!)
Motor: F80 KV2500
Servo: 11g*2
Battery: 4S 1500-2200mah
Prop: 5*5*3R
Flighttimes: 5min speedruns with 1500mah 4cell - or 10mins cruising at around 50-70kph...

Mittwoch, 19. Juli 2017

MiniTalon: from Maidencrash to epic FPV Adventure

Here in this video you'll see my experience over the last 2 weeks:
from maidencrash, luckily I announced it that way before launch so nobody was surprised, to successfull FPV mission!
I got this kit for around 50$ (banggood) LAST YEAR after the flights with my XUAV One  (the one with the folding prop AROUND it's tail-rod). The One was just not a good flyer, gears around this pusher are weak...
Then I read only good things about this easy, proper flying Mini Talon. It's a shame that I didnt build this earlier! Had to put aside my quads a little for this :)

►Main features:
- BIG SPACE for things like Autopilot and FPV equipment
- good speedrange (~35 to 140kph)
- easy build (really easy)
- long flighttimes (you can use 5.000 to 10.000mah 4cells) I get really safe 25mins or 20km travel with around 3.000mah used

►►►Important tips (also seen in video):
- CG is 55mm from leading edge of wing (not 76mm like manual says!)
- throw it horizontally not at an up-angle, give it a nice toss, dont use full throttle (torque left!), check this video guide to see how it's launched
- secure the main battery (it WILL affect your CG if it can "roam around" in your fuselage :)
- create some motor air vents in the back - my motor got really hot (ok it's summer here)

FOXEER Legend 3:  TVOUT warning
ATTENTION: DO NOT ONLY POWER IT FROM EXTERNAL SOURCE - with small variations in current the cam will reboot, a fat screen will ask for movie recovery - TVOUT is blocked!
With it's battery in I had 4 long flights now without issue - cam is always charged. Maybe I will move on to dedicated FPV cam...

Mini Talon: Airframe
Motor: Turnigy D3536/5 1450KV
ESC: TURNIGY Plush 60amp W/BEC
Prop: 9.5x7.5
4x 9gr Metal Gear servos, maybe servo extension cables
~5200mah 4cell battery  (I have to move this all the way into the front nose for proper CG)
Arkbird AP/OSD
ImmersionRC 5.8 VTX 

filmed with:
Panasonic GX8 + R0de VideoMicro
Samsung Galaxy S7

Flight footage filmed with: Foxeer Legend3

Peter Sandberg - Astonish
Kevin McLeod - Darxieland

Dienstag, 11. Juli 2017

Foxeer Legend3 TVOUT and Latency compared to Runcam2 and 3

You wanted to know how the legend 3 looks if used as FPV cam (tv out). I installed it on my new FPV plane (MiniTalon) but before this I tested the latency against Runcam2 and 3.
While the latency of the Legend3 isnt legendary, the imagequality IS! The stabilizer didnt work great for me - better leave it turned off if you use the liveout.
DONT use the cam WITHOUT battery (if you power it from your plane). While this will save some weight, it can lead to disaster!

Jump into the area of interest for you with these jumpmarks (clickable on youtube!):
00:16 Legend3 Latency PAL
01:19 L3 in NTSC faster!
02:12 L3 stabilization - more lag?
03:10 L3 with 4k mode
04:33 L3 Liveout quality

06:02 Runcam2 Lantecy
06:47 Runcam3 Latency
07:18 Legend3 - final thoughts
08:29 IMPORTANT - USE the BATTERY even with external power!

10:58 L3 Stabilization ON 1080p50
11:15 L3 Stabilization OFF 2.5k50
11:32 L3 Stabilization OFF 2.5k50 VEGAS software stabilization on

Montag, 3. Juli 2017

Runcam Eagle 2: great picture, latency lower! thoughts, testflights, DVR footage

I took a closer look at the claimed better latency here. Check my new method - I like how it visualizes the time-delay...
The cam is really good. Image is one of the best currently available, only the missing OSD Volt option is a small downside.
At the end you'll find a comparison with different cams - check my VIDEO INDEX:
02:12 latency Eagle2
04:14 Eagle1 compared (how much fast is Eagle2?)
07:34 Swift Mini Latency
09:05 SUMMIT (about Eagle2)
09:46 Runcam Split Latency, Split thoughts
11:53 Eagle 2 Downsides no OSD
12:33 Eagle 2 positive: very nice imagequality!
14:25 even MORE FOOTAGE ( MINI Swift, HS1177, EAGLE1 and 2, Foxeer MONSTER V2
16:22 Runcam SPLIT DVR Footage (some of you asked!)

FPV Cam comparisong (Xlsx sheet)
LATENCY method
the Runcam SPLIT Reveiw

Mittwoch, 28. Juni 2017

Fixedwing Dives in the mountains! (S800 Sky Shadow)

Perfect (almost) FPV morning! Had 4 flights and 4 controlled landings - what more can you expect? :)
Going up that peak was scary - diving it down (the goal for this morning) even more so. But very rewarding. The relaxing proximity flying over the trees was good to "come down" a bit. Hope you like it!

(I know it's shakey - this wing is probbably too small, I used some stabilization in post - but not too much to avoid that weird effect)

Sonntag, 25. Juni 2017

S800 sky shadow - or HOW I FELL FOR WINGS AGAIN...

After my review of this Wing I only did a maidenflight and got back to quadcopters soon. They are easier...
But now I wanted more flighttime, range and some of that FPV adventures I had back when I flew FPV planes.
I changed most electronics in this kit.
So if you're interested: get the foamparts only (50$) at banggood and forget this stabilizer, or the cheap cam/VTX they sell in the full kit. The motor seems ok, the ESC is terrible as well...

After these flights here I even installed my Arkbird Autopilot/OSD for more advanced missions - but that's another story (to be seen here soon). I also did some amazing dives with it - stay tuned!

Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017

Runcam SPLIT: FLIGHT Footage, Jello, Mounts, weight savings!

Tech Specs: (similar to the Runcam3!)
Weight 23g.
1080p60 + Low latency FPV + WDR
$69.99  (+5$ for Wifi option)
no wide voltage, only 5V!

More findings:
Transfer speed over USB: ~ 15mb/sek
so a typical 5min flight will generate little over 1GB means ~ 1.5mins.
Not optimal - ok if you have to place the board inside inaccessible (USB needs to be accessible of course!)

Jello: with that small lens module jello (vibration "waves" in the video) will be picked up easier since the low mass is moved by vibrations easier as if you would have a bigger mass (like a heavy HD cam).
I tried different mounts, only after I swapped that one really bad prop it was ok. I didnt see this vibrations with that faulty prop on my gopro style SJCam 5000x before!

Downlink video is fine to fly - latency low enough for my taste!

My Vortex 250 is now 83gr lighter (from 532 to 449gr) - this is a lot on such a copter and effects it's flight characteristics and efficiency! It's really "floaty" now and should give me longer flighttimes. Combined with endurance motors/props and larger motorarms this could be a really good longrange setup!

Freitag, 16. Juni 2017

Most accurate FPV cam latency test method? and: eliminate interference in your downlink video

My most accurate FPV Cam latency test setup:

2 channels (curves on osci):
ch A = video signal (NTSC)
ch B = 12v powersource for my LEDs   (I think I dont measure the actual switch on, but rather the time when it "consumes" the 12v. Would be interesting to know how much time does it take the LED to light up?)

Measure the delay from LED switch and the "effect" from a dark cam image to a RED LED light screen (noticable effect on the video curve).
This way we still have the 17ms steps of time resolution since we only see 60fps on NTSC. So we cant measure cam latency more accurate than in 17, 34, 51ms...
BUT: until now I used a LCD screen to read the VIDEO signal changes (and the screen also runs a certain FPS - so this is not accurate anymore - better to "read" the video signal directly without a LCD).

FPV Cams Latency overview:  (June-2017)     (also available as XLSx File)

Interesting Links:

Mittwoch, 7. Juni 2017

eFlite Rare Bear FPV

It started like this: as the only FPVer on the field I always end up chasing planes with my quads. I wanted to do some more LOS flying (line of sight, normal RC stuff...).
So I re-activated my eFlite "Rare Bear" racer plane (they really like this plane on the field!). After the first flight session I thought to myself: "what if I mount a runcam3 on it, and use TV out to my VTX? The installation was quick and easy, works nice. Just have to get the plane flying smoother in higher winds to enjoy it more... (maybe I have to install a stabilizer?)

Wingspan: 88cm
Prop Size: 8x8 Electric
ESC: 70-Amp
Battery: 3300mAh 4S 14.8V 50C LiPo ~ 5mins flighttime

just a Runcam3 (yes, I know they're out of stock cause they have this problem with Gopro...)
TVOUT cable to ImmersrionRC VTX
Power source: 3 of the 4cells off my main battery (12v) from the balance plug. Super easy!

Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2017

DYS Elf - tiny brushless drone, indepth crashtests for 2 weeks

Great little indoor (and outdoor on low wind) copter! Powerfull almost acrobatic, should be 3cell capeable. Use of brushless motors increases the efficiency here!
Definitly the best indoor copter I've tested so far in this class below 10cm (83mm motor to motor).

One of the best features: you can fly this almost anywhere and stay legal. You can't possibly harm someone with this tiny drone, but the flying feels good, locked in and controllable - gives you a good FPV feeling!

get it here: Banggood  (►►8% off coupon: ToysHo)

Tech specs:
Motors: BE1102 10.000kv
ECSs: BLHeli, DShot, 10amp
Battery: one 600mah 2cell with 25C  ~ 4-6mins
Flight Control: F3
Props: 1735 five bladed (1.7")
800tvl 170° FPV cam
5.8ghz 25/200mw  (comes in 200mw mode, can be set to 25 with removing a "solder-jumper/bridge"
88gr, 2mm carbon frame supported with  durable plastic frame
Receiver: Frsky Type D8

MinimOSD integrated, so you can set PIDs and other settings on the field! See Battery voltage and get "Low volt" warning.

TIPS, Mods:
Remote is setup nice, maybe you wanna adjust the expo/rates.
Binding to Taranis was a huge gain for me (more precision).
Binding is easy, just power on copter without remote - it goes into bind mode. Then use BIND option in Taranis with D8 mode...

Antenna / Videolink: 
  200mw get wasted here because the antenna is flat mounted under the board beneath the battery - terrible placement!
Remove Battery cage, use velcro instead and get Antenna out (careful). Increases range and quality, will not decrease the multipathing here since it's a linear antenna...

Control Link: 
had no issues / failsafes in my flights but I wasnt that far out...

Feet / structural integrity:
use some foam to have the landing gear protected against hard landings (which will transfer too much stress to the motor arms). Maybe also use some foam ontop the copter. Ducts of props are made of durable plastic!

RCGroups thread about this copter

Mittwoch, 24. Mai 2017

Hughes 500 chased with my Drone

Thanks Norbert - for risking your Copter :)

TECH SPECS of that nice scale-heli:
Base: T REX 500
Motor Scorpion 1400 KV
Rotorhead: ALIGN 4 BLATT
ESC: YGE 90 LV with 6Volt Fan
1.800 RPM/min
Battery: Lipo 6s 5000 mAh

Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

Antennas tested in flight: Pagoda vs Aomway SPW, TBS Triumph and "normal" linear

Video index:
01:31 std. antenna (linear)
03:16 std. ant. multipathing test
03:56 AOMWay SPW
06:22 AomWay multipathing
07:09 TBS Triumph
09:01 Triumph multipathing
10:02 PAGODA
11:47 Pagoda multipathing
12:49 Range test with 30db ATTENUATOR
13:41 Atti and Std. Antenna
14:39 switch to AOMWay
16:05 switch to TBS Triumph
17:14 switch to Pagoda
19:14 Atti+std.Antenna and 2xPagoda on Goggles VRX
24:20 -- 4 antennas DIRECT COMPARISON footag!!! --

When the video transmitter (the copter here) emits the RF signal - it goes straight to your receiver (line of sight!) and also gets reflected off some obstacles (like the big building here).
The reflections do arrive at the receiver slightly later (longer way) so the RF waves (direct and reflected ones) will either "add up" or "null out" each other. Interference occurs and distorts your video image.

Circular polarization helps here, because the reflected signal will be "filtered away" almost completely.

Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017 it was made for powerloops!

Nice spot right outside of work, own parking lot AND dedicated powerloop gate wich is also a scenic picture frame :-)

The flights in sunny conditions wer BEFORE I tuned this quad better (using the tips from Joshua Bardwell regarding PID Filters).
The Evening flights at home were just to try the quad out - less wind here as well - but very smooth after PID filter tuning.
to get rid of propwash oscillations in Betaflight...

Freitag, 5. Mai 2017

Foxeer Legend 3 Review, Quality compared to Yi4k, Runcam 3 and Legend 2

Foxeer's Legend 1 was one of the first small cams capeable of 1080p60 (but the quality wasnt that good). The Legend 2 was terrible in scaling down to 1080p60, the Legend 3 now looks way better. It's a bit larger than the L2, but the quality of 4k and also the 2.5k/60 mode is really good.
I wouldnt wanna fly a lot with my 250$ Yi4k - but this 150$ Legend 2 is kinda ok to risk it on a miniquad. And the quality is almost the same (Yi4k still is one of the best, imho better than the Gopro5).

As I told you in the vid: there will also be a boxed version (aka Gopro Session sized) with same specs. Might be the killer cam in a few weeks (June?).

Please stay tuned for the raw footage links here - I have to upload them later (sorry bout that).

VIDEO Index:
00:54 first comparisons
03:00 Stabilizer?
04:30 almost all resolutions shown
06:15 Legend 3 on my Osmo mobile
06:45 continue with review, menu, options,...
09:28 slowmo not good
09:47 timelapse quite good!
10:16 some adult stuff going on here?
10:46 stabilizer off vs on
12:55 flight sample (2.5k60 down to 30fps)
14:01 flight video with sound
14:37 walk in the park (more samples in 4k)
15:19 Chihuahua in slowmo
15:51 flowers

some Tech Details:
Chip: Ambarella A12S75
Sensor: Sony IMX117 1/2.3"
Lens: 155 degrees Ultra Wide Angle
Built-in 3 axis gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer (stabilizer not very noticeable)
1000mAh battery    (Rectime good:  2.5k 60fps  1h:04mins ~ 17GB)

Freitag, 21. April 2017

Runcam Micro Swift

Swift Micro CCD   get it -> here
Dimensions: 19x19x19mm!
Latency: ~ 25ms
Resolution: 600 Tvl
Weight: 7gr
Lens of course is NOT compatible with lenses from the "normal" FPV cams out there - it's much smaller!

Freitag, 14. April 2017

POWERLOOPS are fun (scary moment included!), Sailplane air2air, little crash...

Since the XJaguar flies really nice I did more training flights and wanted to powerloop that nice bridge. Water is scary, that one moment made me scream out loud! Watch it all to see if it had a happy end :)

That sailplane crashed a few moments AFTER I landed my drone. I had his permission to fly with him and did NOT irritate him while flying. Hard to access this high tree - we wait for some gusty winds now.

Greets and happy easter,

Montag, 10. April 2017

Fatshark Diversity Module Quanum HB5808 (50$) vs FR632 Groundstation

I got this from Hobbyking (get it here) for testing. Found it interesting and my standard 5.8 module was not reliable, neither was the upgraded FSV2445 antenna diversity module...

It was some "sweat"work on the goggles and I dont have nice covers/doors yet - but the functionality is just awesome. I can fly WITHOUT my FR632 tower now and have good video downlink! Makes quick FPV sessions much easier!

Check out Bardwells videos on the different modules to see if the Furious TruD or the LaForge is better for you. The conclusion I found: LaForge seems to be the best (from features and usability) but the RF performance is pretty similar on all of those.
Pricerange is from 50 - 120$

There's also a single-slot module at similar price if you prefer
Looks like it uses the same RF hardware, also looks similar to the RealACC that Joshua reviewed:

Billyrocka 3 - Sven Karlsson
Kevin McLeod - Darxieland

Donnerstag, 6. April 2017

Runcam3 Review (Comparison with Yi4k, WDR, menu, low LATENCY) | RCSchim Hangar

This is the "proper" review, with many outdoor shots, menu options, latency test and some more acro flying at the end.
Really like the cam and would say you can't do much wrong with this!

00:37 outdoor comparisons
02:23 WDR on and off difference
04:10 LOWLIGHT performance
04:24 my thoughts
05:14 MENU options walkthru
07:28 LATENCY tests
07:56 closer look, final thoughts
10:01 acro flights on a sunny morning

in room temp, 1080p60/WDR it gave 68mins and got medium warm. When battery was empty it safed the file this time.

Recomended settings:
At noon with plenty sunlight: 1080P 60FPS, WDR off (colors more naturally)
cloudy at afternoon: still choose 1080P 60FPS, WDR ON
low light: 1080P 30FPS, WDR on

First flights on the Eichberg to see more "real life" footage as the cam will probbably be used the most:

Donnerstag, 16. März 2017

Runcam Swift2, Foxeer HS1190 and more FPV cams compared (accurate latency measurements!)

See my new, ACCURATE, latency measurements here (thanks Daemon42). Now we're down to +-5ms accuracy! Those cams are pretty impressive. Runcam Eagle had good reviews already, Swift2 and HS1190 are good as well. I also compared the Owl+ and the AMOWay. Image looks good on most cams if DWDR options is turned on.

►Cams tested:
Foxeer HS1190
Runcam: Swift1, Swift2, Eagle(16:9), Owl+
Aomway WDR 700 (Cmos)

LATENCY [ms]: (LED test, accuracy +-5ms)
19 Owl+
20 hs1190
24 Swift2
24 AOMWay
30 Swift1
47 Eagle (processing comes with a lag penalty...)

►TIP: additional OSD: (volts, Nickname, Timer):
Press and hold the button UP for 2 seconds to enter OSD Setting menu

►Settings: leave most settings on default - BUT ENABLE
the DWDR setting! It's like "turning on the light" - AWESOME!

Dienstag, 7. März 2017

DJI Mavic Pro Accessories II with LIVEStream Giveaway

As I promised you guys: if I do reviews (or get invited to) I try to get free stuff for you as well!

The live draw as recorded video:

Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2017

Foxeer Legend 2: SCALE FAIL! VLog style review and compared to Legend1, Runcam2, SJ M20

I've waited 2 month now for a new firmware which should have better scaling. Last FW from 27.12.2016 did not help here.
Instead they now gonna release the Legend3 (March) and make me look like a fool releasing the review for the Legend2 so late :)
I think the hardware wasnt fast enough to downscale properly. Legend1 didnt have to downscale (since it is native 1080p).

IMPORTANT - see additional images for quality comparison

►Legend 2:
- like the low weight (45gr), the handling, build quality,
- rubber shell for protection
- cables, RC channel switch
- lost cam alert!
- wifi app is ok, but neccessary to change settings - small display preferable!
- really sharp in highest quality (2.5k), but terrible downscaler

Sensor: 12 megapixel Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS back-illuminated
CHIP: ? didnt find specs to the chip - and this maybe the cheap compromise here (which cant scale well)
Lens: FOV155°, F2.8, 7G optical glass lens
Length x Width x Height 67mm x 39mm x 17mm
Battery: 700 Mah, 3.7 volts, 2.59Wh Watt

UHD 24 2880×2160 16:9
QHD 30 2560×1440 16:9
2K 30 2304×1296 16:9
1080P 60, 30 1920×1080 16:9
720P 120, 60, 30 1280×720 16:9
VGA 240 640×480 4:3

►Runcam 2: yes I know - it's not focussed properly. My bad!
►DJI Osmo Mobile:
OK, I saw it (too late) half my gimbal shots with S7 in 4k were out of focus. Happens to me sometimes with the phone. Needs extra care!
if you buy the R0de VideoMicro (50€, very good!) you get the TRS cable (which is NOT compatible with PHONEs - but rather with the original Osmo cam).
I found this adapter cable from "TRS" to "TRRS":
1x Rode SC7, Adapterkabel von 3,5mm TRS Klinke auf 3,5mm TRRS Klinke, Anwendungsbeispiel: Rode VideoMic Go, VideoMicro (oder ähnliches Mikrofon mit TRS Ausgang) zu iPhone oder iPad
got it from here:

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017

FPV Goggles Overview

Banggood supplied the Eachine goggles and short after Hobbyking sent me the new Cyclops v2. It was a good chance to compare these and also make an overview of FPV goggles for you guys (there will be a part2 soon with "normal" FPV goggles like fatsharks).

Videoindex: (use it to jump to interesting parts)
01:00 Eachine Goggles two
01:08 RP-SMA antennaconnectors
01:57 AV out
02:20 Box contents
02:35 Quanum Cyclops v2
02:53 single VRX
02:59 old Cyclops only autoscan...
03:32 battery pouch, SMA
04:15 AUTOSCANS works great
04:27 more buttons (finally!)
05:10 wearing comfort?
05:58 fresnel lens (adjustment effect?)
06:05 Box contents
06:56 IMAGE tests
07:18 cyclops v2 menu
07:44 effect of fresnel adjustment (none?)
08:03 Cyclops v1 (weird colors)
08:25 Eachine quality (nosepart fail)
09:36 sharpness? (HDMI supersharp, analog not so)
10:01 Eachine autoscan fail (5mhz off)
10:22 menu
11:08 DIRECT comparison Cyclops v2 vs Eachine G2
11:28 findings / summit Cyclops v2
12:02 findings / summit Eachine
13:25 LIVETEST: flying miniquad with new goggles - will I crash?
14:03 YES :)
14:19 livetest of Cyclops
15:03 final thoughts

2nd Video with the different Fatshark models I've used before:

Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2017

DJI Mavic: frozen Lake at golden hour

We took the chance to skate this beautiful lake (last time frozen fully in 2009). The Dog (Charlie the Chihuahua) like the imperfect ice for he had more grip.

This is the 2nd part from this location. More RC Car slowmotion this time.

Dienstag, 7. Februar 2017

ImmersionRC Vortex 150 under the Bridge

Mini Review / Vortex Tips:
Batteries tested:
Like the Turnigy Nanotech 850mah 4cell the most,
Graphene 750mah 4cell is ok as well
Graphene 500mah is acro - but too short flighttime
Turnigy Bolt is not good!
1min you feel some extra punch - but then it's even worse then the Nanotech 850!

Foxeer Legend2 - is a nice option as HD cam here - but the quality should be better in 1080p. Weight of 45gr is ok for this little quad - but of cours it "feels" more sporty and lighter, more acrobatic without the payload. But where's the fun if I cant show it in HD here? :)

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2017

DJI Mavic Pro Accessories: prop guards, hardcase, landing gear extensions and ND filters

See some nice accessories for your Mavic here: Hardcase, Propguards, Landing gear extensions and ND filters/CPL Filter

Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

Reptile S800 Sky Shadow FPV Wing review

Finally I have a working flyingwing for FPV in 2017! Multicopters kept me so busy and were so convenient last year that I didnt enjoy the pure joy of fixedwing aviation. Really looking forward to do so soon!
►view/buy it here:

RCG Thread:
Iforce2d build video:
Banggood flying video:

- gluing
use sandpaper to roughen the surfaces and then use UHU Por, or gorilla glue
- glue the servo hinges!
- cut own servowire channel to use orig servo wires
- use threadlock glue on motor screws

Material: EPP
Wingspan: 820mm
Length: 405mm

Servos: Emax ES08A 9g*2
Motor: Sunnysky 2205 2300KV
ESC: Reptile 20A ESC
Battery: 1800mAh - max 2200mah 3S
Props: 6045
Flight Controller: 3-Axis gyro, 3 modes
Camera: 700TVL CMOS cheapo
VTX: 5.8ghz 200mw
CoG: 125mm behine the nose

Package Includes:
2 x Wings
1 x Fuselage
2 x Small Wing Tips
1 x Nose Block
1 x Main Hatch Cover
2 x Emax ES08A Servos
1 x 3-Axis Flight Control
1 x Flight Control Circuit Board Base
1 x Sunnysky2205 Motor 2300KV
4 x 6045 Propellers (2ccw, 2cw  :) )
1 x 700TVL Camera
1 x 200mW AV Transmitter
1 x 20A ESC
1 x Stickersheet
1 x User Manual (4 pages)