Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2014

A year in review: my best flights and used FPV equipment shown

I started this as a "Best of" video project but once talking it became also an review of my equipment used this year. You'll see what I found great, and what not and a small oulook to next things. I really enjoyed FPVing this year - and a big part of the fun was getting in touch with my audience. It's great to get so much feedback, don't hesitate to ask questions. Look in my videos descriptions cause I post many links and infos there, visit my Hangar and explore the details of my models (I try to keep this up to date).

Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014

DRQ250 Miniquad Racing, Stunts and Flythroughs in Parks and on construction yard

Over the last few month I did a lot of flying with the DRQ250 (Droneframes) miniquad. Right behind our company was a super nice setup mini racing course (lots of excavators and construction yard stuff).
- Tried to improve my "fly-through-even-tiny-gaps" style.
- Had a 4times bonus at the bridge ;-)
- really tight playground obstacle, some trees, fences
and could try to improve the
- "loop-over-treeline" trick that I find so breathtaking (first saw it done from Boris B.).

Thanks for your support this year, I really love all the nice feedback I get from you guys. I try to give back as much as I can in answering newbie questions - lately I've done that also on my facebook page (check it out!) - so I can answer the most common questions to more than just one guy at a time.

All the best to all of you,
happy Xmas, or whatever you celebrate these days,
Seasons Greetings - RCSchim

Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014

Quadcopters chasing each other up to Ruins (Türkensturz), unnecessary Crash - 60FPS!!!

Hover82 did chase my orange TBS Discovery here all the way up to those lovely ruins which we then inspected. There were some hikers and bikers to greet. Great if you can do such flights in teams.
The second part was also at ruins which we wanted to explore - but see how this endeavour was ending short after takeoff... (and why!)

Please try to watch this in 1080p60FPS!!! So smooth you shouldnt miss! If you can't change to 720p60 or 1080p60 then either upgrade Internet Explorer or try Google Chrome.
60FPS Really makes a difference!

Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

Review of Gopro Alternatives (Mobius, Amkov5000, Hawkeye - RCSchim)

►SUBSCRIBE               If you just wanna see the Video Samples go to 12:42

►Amkov "SJ5000" (Clone of the Clone)
Price: 91$
Bitrate: 17.723kbits

+ fully gopro compatible (button layout, housing)
+ changeable battery (almost like Gopro but not compatible)
+ good preview speed in android app (to Galaxy S4)
- worst picture in test! Also the video is not smooth in playback
- only little to setup in app, but app needed to change important stuff!
- cheap plastic feeling (looks better than it feels)

►Hawkeye (from 
Price: 75$
Bitrate: 21.834kbits
Battery runtime (1080p30) 1h:12mins (but maybe I have a charge problem here - cant get passed 80% full)

+ very sharp, crisp picture
+ few different modes (like Gopro2) but selectable
+/- only medium FOV 100° (also the 720p modes are same fov)
- Gopro3 housing partly useable (only shutter button accessible, on/off and mode means: open housing)
- fixed battery
- No app support, no Wifi, no Preview

►Mobius Wideangle
Bitrate: 18.212kbits

+ lightweight and small, low airdrag if used on plane
+ simple setup, customizeable with usb software, easy to use on the field
+ good, sharp and wideangle picture
- light handling could be better
- battery not changeable
- not compatible with Gopro3 accessories

►Gopro3+ 1080p30 wide
Bitrate: 20.112kbits
not really a gopro review here - there are tons of it already online (just for comparison)

All excep gopro mp4 are a little slower to "search" in Mediaplayer (MOV?)
Gopro feels less "shakey", of course best light handling (smooth transition)