Freitag, 18. März 2016

FPV/RC Allstars II - XJet / RCModelreviews, BMSWeb, PShaw, ABMNS - those channels are awesome!

This is my 2nd video where I introduce top FPVers and RCers that you should check out. I also show you smaller channels that I like. (see Part1 with Boris B. and MetalDanny)

Today we take a trip around the globe to stop at:
ABMNS in Thailand
BMSWeb in Australia
►Bruce Simpson (XJet and RCModelReviews) in New Zealand
PShaw in US / North Carolina

Channels featured in Part1
Boris B.

Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Vortex 250 Cams (Cmos vs CCD), VTX Power and Graphene Batteries

Here you will see how to swap the stock CMOS FPV cam, true Video Transmitter output power and battery considerations.

►Stock FPV Cam (Fatshark vs. AOMWay vs. HS1177m)
Not totally happy with the video image on my goggles - on hard light conditions (flying in shadow, near ground and have well lit parts will end in overexposed parts where you see NOTHING!

►Video TX mw power at different CH
I also did some measurements with the IRC RF Powermeter. No idea how exact the readings are. I learned that the VTX is heating up and the heat affects the MW power output. So all thoes measurements are from the 2nd series (I had it running there on the bench for 20-30 mins for sure. The base of the copter got pretty warm - hope the VTX survived this :)
I'm quite sure that those 40ch TX have a sweet spot around some specific frequencies and deliver more output there.
All measured at HIGH (not low or auto).

OSD FW:    FC FW: 2.1.6 BTFL (Stock)
Measured with ImmersionRC RF Powermeter
30db Attenuator and direct connection

IRC Band - ch with mw:
1: 352 | 2: 327 | 3: 306 | 4: 288
5: 279 | 6: 270 | 7: 262 | 8: 246

1: 469 | 2: 421 | 3: 406 | 4: 365
5: 327 | 6: 300 | 7: 270 | 8: 215

Boscam E:
1: 378 | 2: 406 | 3: 437 | 4: 453
5: 230 | 6: 225 | 7: 198 | 8: 164

Boscam B:
1: 392 | 2: 365 | 3: 327 | 4: 316
5: 297 | 6: 288 | 7: 279 | 8: 262

Boscam A:
1: 279 | 2: 297 | 3: 306 | 4: 327
5: 339 | 6: 352 | 7: 378 | 8: 392

►Links to the products:
Aomway CMOS 700TVL Camera (PAL) for FPV   
Fatshark CMOS 700tvl
Surveilzone CCD "Minicam" HS1177m
Battery: Turnigy Graphene 1800mah 4cell, 65c, 240gr
I will tell you my flight experience with these in a follow up video!

Montag, 7. März 2016

Vortex250 - Airmode on! / Upside down (follow up after first flights, cam swap, airmode)

In this video you'll see the best scenes of my first flights with the new Vortex250. The flight actions starts at 1:36. It's really well set up and tuned and flies "like on rails". No yaw authority problems on dives, additional control in 0 throttle moments (while upside down). I also show you an alternative cam that fits perfectly.

►Aomway CMOS 700TVL Camera (PAL) for FPV
Sorry about the confusion: the AOMWay seems to be CMOS as well - but "rivals performance of CCD" - we will see about that - I will report back as soon as I had my first flights with it! (on the box the cam came in it says CCD cam on one side and CMOS on the other - looks like one box for 2 different products - a bit confusing!)

To enable airmode just update the Vortex ►OSD Firmware easily with ImmersionRC Tools and Firmware
As I said in the video: you shouldnt yet update the Firmware of the Filghtcontroller because then Protune PIDs wont work right then.

Dienstag, 1. März 2016

ImmersionRC Vortex 250 - Review

If you are a regular viewer you might already know that I like RTF systems because I dont like to build/solder...
But until now most RTF quads were not really suiteable for racing (even if their name implied). We will see in the next videos if this quad can keep the promise of being a "pure bred racer".

Here you see what's inside the box / case, hear my initial thoughts and first little issues I ran into (receiver binding, HD Camplate mounting).

2nd Part: You see almost in real time how easy you setup the radio (ok I had some minor issues with my receiver).

You hear the sound of victory (Imperial March after TX Setup completed) and I show all the menu options. Really straight forward - most items are self explanatory.

Little preview:
I already flew the first packs and really like this thing! Unbelieveable how easy you get into the air, no tuning needed because the pros already did this for you! Lots of options.
Versatile flying capabilities:
3cell batt: totally OK for relaxed cruising, for the first flights or for exploration;
4Cell and pro settings: a real beast!

Of course soon you will find the first flight videos.