Freitag, 25. Dezember 2015

DIVE fast - CRASH hard! Drone proximity in awesome mountains and horrible crash

I started to do more training flights with the Black Bullet (see the copter here) and had 2 sessions in the "Höllental" again - since it features the best accessibility of wonderful rocks and cliffs in good range.
On the 2nd day I found more tight lines down between cliffs that were still LOS. Unfortunately the 2nd flight on that day ended in an disaster. I guess that one motor or ESC burned to death up there - suddenly it fell out of the sky. I still have the Marco Polo beacon live up there so there's a chance to locate it - but I have to find a good climber to actually recover it from this remote location.
It's hard to find the reason for the crash - but overall I wasn't so satisfied with the T-Motors used here. Had to replace a few of them because magnets slipped, and also on my test field I had a burnt motor before (over save ground, no real damage back than).

You see different cams used here:
On the poor light shots (overcast, shadow) I used SJCam M10+ in 2k mode with stabilizer and also the Foxeer Legend in 1080p60.
On the 2nd day with good sunlight up there and shadow below I used only M10+ in 1080p60 mode + stabilizer.
See my M10+ review
Had to do a lot of color correction to make it look better (especially on the overcast day).

Thanks to BackyardAirways for spotting and supporting me up there!

Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2015

Black Bullet FAST dives and proxy in the mountains (Höllental revisited)

This has been so much fun! I was tuning the Bullet for quite some time (since it was an prototype) to get it to dive for me. This particular location is perfect for this kind of diving. Now I'm really sorry that back in summer I didnt use the Gopro (and had no cheap 60fps cam).

I hope I can continue to DIVE soon enough - definitly the most fun!

(filmed with RuncamHD in the first part, and on the field also with Xiaomi Yi some shots)

Secret 2nd version of this video
(only works if you're outside Germany)

Kids Cover Sober By Tool / O'Keefe Music Foundation

Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2015

Black Bullet - fast DIVES with drone down the hills and trees

As promised in my review ( of this copter here's the first fast paced diving video. A friend did visit me in Summer and I needed to test this prototype. We had some really nice FPV sessions on my favourite places. If you know my video your should recognize these two spots (it's near "Ruine Klamm", Schottwien and 2nd part is at my standard hill the "Eichberg").
First part here was filmed with RuncamHD (30fps) and 2nd was with Gopro3+ in 60fps. Settings were suboptimal and I had some jello, but performance of the quad was brutal and the flight feeling there was really good.
On the first location we only could do one flight until the farmer asked us to leave ;-)