Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2016

DJI Mavic Pro - more stunning 4k Demo Footage

More stunning demo footage from my new favourite "always in the backpack" drone. Yes, I did COLOR GRADE most scenes to get nicer color / saturation / temperature. Also did increase the speed on some shots (it's better to fly slow and smooth and speed it up in post later).

Thanks to a tip of a commenter I discovered "proxy editing" in Sony Vegas 13. It's just an option to be turned on. What it does: recode all 4k clips you use for preview - so you can edit and preview SMOOTH, for rendering the final video it takes the 4k raw files of course. This way you can cut 4k footage even on older PCs.

►Flight footage filmed with:
DJI Mavic Pro in 4k/25+30 edited and color graded in Sony Vegas 13.
Location: Gloggnitz, Neufeld / Austria (70/30km south of Vienna)

Freitag, 23. Dezember 2016

DJI Mavic Pro - Spectacular frozen morning in Austria - an RCSchim XMas Card

Merry Christmas to all - enjoy the holidays! Here's a moving pictures XMas card from Austria. This is the best winter scenery we have here at the moment. Hope to get more snow soon - thanks for your support, thanks to the longtime subscribers and for your feedback guys!

►Music: Invincible 1 - Johannes Bornlöf

Had to use this opportunity to fly before work when the many days of foggy, cold weather cleared up today. I didnt know how awesome the light / fog scenery would be when I started (actually I just wanted to test fly the Mavic more since it had some lost connections on my last flight). Turned out so nice that I had to post this instantly!

Flight footage filmed with:
DJI Mavic Pro in 4k/30  edited and color graded in Sony Vegas 13.
Location: Gloggnitz / Austria (70km south of Vienna)

Freitag, 9. Dezember 2016

DJI Mavic - best Aerial Video shots I've captured so far!

I ordered my DJI Mavic from (buy it there to support this great shop!). Got it early Nov and wanted to take my time with it and do nice and smooth shots. I was surprised how easy this is with this tiny, foldable 4k drone.

Flight footage filmed with: DJI Mavic Pro most shots in 4k/25, later scenes at the end in 2.7k/25

I will do a full review also - but there are so many out there yet - I dont think many questions are left to answer :) Comments on what to include in my review are WELCOME!!!
In the meantime you can read my article on the Mavic on this Blog (scroll down).

August Wilhelmsson - Epic Panorama 02
(what an awesome source of epic score!)

Montag, 28. November 2016

DJI Mavic

DJI did a really good job on marketing this one! Never did I see so many of the big youtubers show you a drone with full excitement. What's left to say? I won't show you all the features again - you've probbably seen most of it yet. Instead I will give you my opinion to it:

I bought this drone, didnt get it from DJI but ordered it via This is my trusted shop (I ordered my firest FPV set back in 2008 at this shop). I have a lot of drones - the Mavic makes most of them obsolete now! I started with the Tricopter in 2011, got the TBS Discovery with DJI Naza in 2012 (which was my first GPS position hold, return home platform back then!). Later got into AP ships with brushless gimbals (DJI Phantom2, Black Snapper, Xugong). I still fly the Phantom 2 from time to time - but a 2axis gimbal just doesnt look good anymore :) Tried the Inspire1 and the Phantom4 when I had the chance to - but after the first playing around with it I didnt actually buy one (cause I had so many similar drones already).
Now since I skipped P3 and P4 I thought it was time to get this really tiny, backpack friendly, worry free drone. It's ready for flying in 2-3mins and has so many functions built in - a few years ago you would have needed a whole trunk full of expensive FPV gear to yield the same results (if possible at all).

What I love about this one:

  • very easy to handle
  • small, compact, backpack firendly is a joke here - this one get's lost in your backpack :)
  • super cam quality (best in this size cat) you can print stills to large format and even can take RAW pics!
  • great range / video transmission
    You just have a smooth 720p image, without intereference, without the permanent fear of flying blind suddenly. you can switch to 1080p live video - but then the recorded video is also 1080p.
    I even flew it from inside my car to a nice distance (more then enough) without even loosing signal or stuttering video!
  • flighttimes - 20mins for sure - which is really more than you need normally!
  • very well designed remote controller
  • bright display (ok this is rather depending on your phone - I have the Galaxy S7 which is very bright)
  • DJI Go app: great functions!

    highlight: it records downlink video in great quality directly on your phone as well (ok that's not new with the mavic). Also records all flight data in a log file! so you can even replay the GPS data and see how you flew, where, what happend, how you moved the sticks... really great log functions (cool for a statistics nerd like me).
  • easy to catch with the hand (carefully though!) - landing in grass or dust is not optimal. Having to use a landing pad would also kill some of the ultra portability...
  • silent, doesnt draw a lot of attention on you

some problems I found:

  • DISCONNECT problem
    this is maybe the biggest issue I had, but maybe they already fixed it (not happend again yet):
    what happend? on a flight, the app went into black/white and said it's disconnected. Restarting the app didnt help. While this happend my Mavic was far away, I was blind. But I could use the remote still. So I pressed the RTH button and luckily it came back reliable!
    things I do now to prevent this:
    - close all apps on the phone before using DJI Go app
    - have it in airplane mode
    - try to run it with as much phone battery as possible
    also got 2 DJI go app updates since then, and on 7.Nov. they published a new mavic firmware - INSTALL this asap!
  • sometimes cam/gimbal does shake (on sudden change of flight direction - so go smooth!)
    regarding smooth: there are some guidlines out yet, how to finetune the YAW endpoints, YAW expo and also smoothing out the gimbal movements - this all helps to get much smoother shots. Best yet I find it to just fly straight "like on rails or a cable cam" and let this impress your viewers - stunningly smooth and crips clear 4k footage!
  • gimbal looks very fragile! It hangs on weak rubber (for vibration dampening) and if not protected with the plastic part for locking the gimbal - the cam shakes a lot - so DONT transport it without this plastic protection!
  • obstacle avoidance can get irritated by sunlight or fog as well - if this happens - SWITCH to sport mode and be able to come home thru these invisible obstacles that your drone wants to avoid :)
  • in higher winds normal GPS mode is to slow - also switch to Sport mode to fight the headwinds!
    NEVER fly too far away with tailwind - you might underestimate the distance and power needed to come back against a strong wind. This might lead to an unplanned landing far away from you (in worst case you're flying home over the water against wind!)
  • GPS / compass error if you want to start from the roof of your car
  • DJI Go app: IOS has better language support (german available), Android version has NO german language...

Advice "fly more!":
I bought the "fly more" package - you should too!
When you buy the normal package - you will end up ordering a 2nd maybe 3rd battery soon after (because only one batt is never good).
If you buy 2 batteries seperatly - this is almost the same price than the "fly more" pack!
(and this pack includes also: the car charger, the 4x serial charging hub, the nice carrying case, powerbank adapter, props).

Of course you also should do enough training flights with the drone on safe grounds (large field) before you start taking it with you and fly anywhere (which isnt strictly legal in most countries btw).

Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2016

Best DIVE ever #164 | Vortex250 in the mountains

Flying close proximity to awesome rock formations is one of the best things you can do with these quads! I flew here already - check back in time if you wanna see the progress in equipment.
Who knows which famous youtuber I stole the title from?
(this was really the 164 flight with the vortex, ok - not all of them were dives :)

Donnerstag, 29. September 2016

Guess the Gear (of this nice sunset flights)

Really nice, relaxing evening flight into the sunset. This time I let you guess which copter(s) I've used here, and which cams. Guess it in the comments but - SPOILER ALERT - the stuff is revealed at the end (shortly after I land).  ►SUBSCRIBE
This was all within one hour or so on my standard flightgrounds which is not too far to drive after work (sunlight is getting rare already here!).

Flight footage filmed with: guess it this time :)  (posted at the end of the video)

Troubling - Daniel Kadawatha

Sonntag, 18. September 2016

Will I get to the top? (Mountain Dives with Vortex250)

Fly with me on this commented FPV adventure up to the big wall to dive it down fast. I tried to capture my emotions while flying with the ambient mic. Still not 100% confident about my radio link this is why the flight was so exciting for me. Video worked fine though.

Disclaimer: I've never flown higher than 150m AGL since I did stick close to the wall.

►►find infos on all my copters here in my Hangar:

Flight footage filmed with: SJCam SJ5000x Elite
FPV Cam: Runcam Owl+

Dienstag, 30. August 2016

SJCam M20 is much smaller than it looks! Review / Comparison to SJ5000xElite) | RCSchim

I had the M10+ last year and loved the small formfactor. It was a competitor to the Gopro Session (which has no removable battery, no display). Now they released this next tiny, kind of dice formfactor HD cam which is similar to the great SJ5000x elite I also tested.

For the size, weight, price - you wont find many cams performing so well!
From the pictures you cannot get a good impression how small and lightweight this cam is! This amazed me once I first had it in my hands.
The unusual formfactor makes it a bit harder to mount on your standard gopro mount on a minicopter - I have to figure out a way. I dont wanna use the hardcase (weight) or the clampcase...
I will have to see how I like the slightly lesser wideangle here - but it should be ok.

TIP: Firmware: 1.2.6 (improves Batterylife)

Tech Specs
Chip: NTK96655 (same as 5000x elite)
Sensor: Sony IMX206 (16 Mega Pixel 4608*3456)

►Video Features
4K @ 24fps (2880*2160) ►►interpolated (aka Fake 4k)
2K @ 30fps (2560 x 1440)
1080 FHD 1920*1080 @ 60fps
720P1280*720 120/60/30fps
WVGA 848*480 240, VGA 640*480
Time Lapse Video, Time Lapse Photo
Playback, Motion Detection, Loop Record
Supports SJ-Remote (radio remote control, in a watch or on a selfie stick)
Built in 1.0″ LCD, 6 * Zoom
Storage up to 32GB (up to 128GB with selected cards)
900mHA Battery

Mittwoch, 24. August 2016

Epic Drone Dives in Italy (Vortex250 in Sella Region)

On our trip around the spectacular mountains in the Dolomites in northern Italy (Alto Adige / Südtirol) I found so many very appealing spots but this one was perfect. Very accessible, spectacular vertical cliff with around 350m of height (1000ft) - and even a nice table and bench there!

► Link to Google Streetview of that spot

Flew 4 packs there, the 2nd would have almost been the last of this quad! Because the video cable of the FPV cam was loose - I suddenly flew blind (see it in the end of the video). Luckily I turned around on the first signs of video loss (only 50m away) and I was also fast enough in switching to LEVEL mode - so I could fly it home safe LOS.
After I found the problem I definitly wanted to fly there more, but of course I had even higher pulse now and wasnt too much in the mood for extra stunts up there (like backflips to enter a dive)...

Hope you liked it as much as I while flying, I definitly will keep diving since this is the most fun I have with these quads. A combo of freestyle flying and diving fast in awesome scenery - that's what you should expect here on my channel :)

Dienstag, 9. August 2016

H8mini: Tiny Whoop alternative! (cheap and easy nano FPV fun quad)

Eachine H8 Mini
Transmitter Camera Combo
Eachine H8 3D Battery

Check out Albert Kim's channel, I found out about the H8mini in his video!

Modifications (RCGroups)
Acro firmware, remote control over Taranis? what's the range of stock tiny radio?
Taranis Module (32€ Goebish)

good videos (some mods, firmware hack for acro mode)
Sick! high alt flying the H8:

Mittwoch, 3. August 2016

FPV Guests and DIVE FAIL, commented Miniquad chasing

Friends from Denmark made a stop in my region to meet for some FPV flying. They are so nice - and danish "flødebolle" are very tasty, that's what I can say now!
Lars is racing member from danish team "Get out" (apparently they had to leave a lot of places, parking lots they wanted to fly...).

Sonntag, 31. Juli 2016

Xiaomi Yi 2 Review - watch this before you buy a gopro 4!!!

-> buy here: Cam info/shop

Really a decent cam! Sorry that I couldnt compare it directly to a gopro4 black. Maybe I can do this in a next video later. But it's better than every single actioncam I've tested so far.
I also will make a slowmo videoclip - since this is the first cam I have that can deliver 720p240 (8-10times slowdown).
I will probbably not fly the vortex with it a lot since low and fast in 4k is too much for youtube's codec... (it looks perfect on the raw footage though!).
Sample clips: 
RAW high flying 
RAW Low and Fast over field (hard for codec)
sharpness comparison chart

►Pro's and con's:
+ batterylife!
+ touchscreen: intuitive UI
+ image quality: stunning in 4k, timelapse mode works great, I guess 2hrs with full battery are in range
+ slow motion (1280x720@240fps) looks decent - quite sharp and gives really smooth motion
+ tripod mount integrated directly

+- pricetag (bad if you compare it to other chinese cams, not if you compare to gopro :)
+- gyro stabilizer: doesnt work nice in all conditions, reduces quality of course,...

- form factor: not gopro sized, own dimensions, only their waterproof housing will fit
- touchscreen: not easy to read in sunlight - and then setting the options is hard...

Ambarella A9SE75 DSP (this is more advanced than what Gopro4 black has, and it is way more efficient - the cam doesnt overheat, battery lasts longer...)
Sony IMX377 12MP 1/2.3" Sensor
Lens F2.8 aperture / 155° wide-angle lens, 7G, f=2.68mm
LCD Screen 2.19", 640*360 resolution touch screen, 330PPI, 250cd/m2 brightness, 30FPS, 160° FOV, 16:9
Weight: 88gr   Size: 65 x 42 x 21 mm
(but not compatible with Gopro cases since it's a bit wider!)

4K 30,25 Ultra Wide 3840x2160
2.5K 30,25 Ultra Wide 2560x1920
1440P 60,50,30,25 Ultra Wide 1920x1440
1080P 120,100,60,50,30,25 Ultra Wide 1920x1080
960P 120,100,60,50 Ultra Wide 1280x960
720P 240,200 Ultra Wide 1280x720
480P 240,200 Ultra Wide 848X480

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2016

Arkbird OSD and Autopilot on the new FPV Plane "XUav ONE"

See this nice plane in my hangar, a few build tips and closeups. Find lots of infos in description!
X-AUV One plane
Arkbird OSD/AP

Buildlog from the MFM Material version with some good tips
another Buildlog from SchumiXD of the EPO Version (the same as what I'm testing)
useful RCGruops Thread

hotglue the servos
glued vtail foam into plastic parts and carbon rod with hotglue
screw on the V-tail fins (secure servoconnectors with tape inside the tail-boom!)
mounted the 3536 1800kv turnigy motor (was easy fit there)
add grease into gearbox (crane grease)
used 60amp Turnigy plush ESC - plenty of space - ESC cables routed outside through air flow
add linkage to servoarms
currently use 5channels directly on radio, later add autopilot

first tries with fixed styrofoam nose - later installing FPV cam on 2axis gimbal (to look around)
(roll axis? to stabilized image - but this is useless with servos - one would need a brusless gimbal - so roll servo is useless IMHO)

CG: to achieve proper CG (around 75mm from LE) I had to move the battery (5200mah 4cell 433gr) all the way forward, did even carve out some more foam from the nose itself - so battery sticks a few cm in the nose). Also added some dead weight directly in the nose ~ 100gr) and the Runcam2 ontop the nose.

Item: ONE EPO FPV Aircraft Kit
Propeller:12x6 inch Folding Propeller
Wingspan: 1800mm (71inch)
Length: 1078mm (42.5 inch)
Wing area: 38.2dm2(
Empty weight: 750g
CoG: in middle of wing, 65-80mm from leading edge CG: about 76mm from LE
Flying Weight: 1360g(23lb) Standard, max:2kg
Wingload: 35.6g/dm2 (11.7oz/sq.ft)
Take-off Weight:2000~2500g

- Deluxe Editon with glassfiber inner board and 3K Carbon Tube.
- With two-axis servo gimbal that suits mini HD camera, easy to control and stable.
- Propeller Design: Complete new-power structure,will be lower the attack and resistance.

Recommend Drive System:
Motor: 3536 KV1800
ESC: 30A/40A
Servos: 6x 9g metal gear servos
Battery:4S 14.8V 4000-8000 mAh Lipo

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016

Runcam Owl Plus Review (compared to HS1177, night vision comparison - how dark?)

Runcam sent me their top cam - let's see if you can fly in total darkness with it! I compare the Owl against the popular HS1177 with a nice dual monitor setup.

►RunCam Owl Plus Specs:
1/2″ image sensor
700TVL horizontal resolution;
150 degree FOV lens (2.4 mm)
5V to 22V (suitable for 2s – 5s LI-POs)
light senility, 0.0001 Lux/1.2F min. illumination
Digital Wide Dynamic Range (D-WDR)
Digital Noise Reduction (2DNR)
Automatic gain control (AGC)
Back light compensation (BLC)
OSD menu
26 mm x 26 mm x 30 mm, 15 g net weight.

The OSD is pretty straight forward, just activated the DWDR and played with colors and contrast a bit.
Not as good with shadowd vs. sunlight on the day, but awesome in the night. Although you shouldnt expect to fly a miniquad in acro mode without "some" light in the night.
If you use it on a GPS stabilized quad or plane you could really almost fly in pitch black nights.
If you wanna explore darker buildings you will be surprised how long you get coloured images until it finally switches to BW mode.

I will have to do a few flights, but I think you can definitly use it as a standard cam and also fly in daylight if you are not too picky. And it is definitly better than those cheaper CMOS cams (like the one that came with my Vortex250).

Dienstag, 28. Juni 2016

ProxSCHIMity - fast and low through awesome scenery, treesurfing

The kind of flying that I love the most. Gives you the "flying like a bird" feeling the best if you fly close over/under the trees. Found an awesome new spot with a huge field enclosed with some nice trees and a forrest surrounding it. Also flew on my "Eichberg" a lot and found some new lines there as well.

So flieg ich am liebsten, "wie ein Vogel" knapp über Bäume oder darunter durch wenn Platz ist...
Hab in der Nähe ein tolles Feld gefunden, welches perfekt ist für diese Art des Fliegens. Hoffe es gefällt Euch!

Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2016

Vortex 250 Race Stage 1, my FPV Backpack, Motor swap and another CRASH

Hier erfährt ihr wie man 31gr beim Vortex sparen kann, wie mein neuer FPV Rucksack/Trolley aussieht, wann und warum man Motoren tauschen sollte und warum ich dennoch abgestürzt bin

See Vortex 250 saving 31gr weight, my new FPV backpack/Trolley, when to change motors, and find out why I crashed...

Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2016

Quanum Cyclops Goggles - best value for money goggles! |RCSchim Review and Fieldtest

Pricetag only 53€ / 58$ - get them here
See this review if you wanna start FPV and search easy to use goggles. Pricetag is really beginnerfriendly as well!

HK sent me these really cheap and easy goggles for review. They are clearly aimed for the FPV starters. You dont have to know much about video downlink the get decent image on the huge 5" display which is set in the right distance / size with the fresnel lens.
Just press the autoscan button and it chooses the channel on which your FPV vehicle transmits.
What to do if you want to view a specific channel - let's say on a dronerace where you wanna spectate? I dont know, sorry :-)
No info in the display about the channel / Band you use either.

They are only a bit more expensive than the Quanum V2pros - but the Cyclops comes with an integrated VRX!
But attention! NO AV in - so you cant use groundstation on cyclops!

My GF liked wearing those more than the DominatorHD (easier to get used to for casual users!)
I still prefer to use my DomHDs of course - but I could fly with the Cyclops without much getting used to. I had my problems focussing on the V2pros - the Cyclops looks and feels definitly better!

Lens adjustable (though a friend with glasses couldnt get it sharp for him), really comfortable to wear with the foam!

5" 800x480 display (with option for 4:3 aspect!)
Operating Voltage: 7.4 -12.6v
Receiver: -90 dbm ISM 5.8GHz 40ch
Antenna connections: SMA
Operating Current: 600mA
Dimensions: 187(L) x 179(W) x 121(H)mm
Weight: 390grams without batteries (they feel lightweight!)
nice set up power adapters (XT60, 9v Batteryblock

40 channels A, B, E, F and Racing bands
FR1: 5865M 5845M 5825M 5805M 5785M 5765M 5745M 5725M
FR2: 5733M 5752M 5771M 5790M 5809M 5828M 5847M 5866M
FR3: 5705M 5685M 5665M 5645M 5885M 5905M 5925M 5945M
FR4: 5740M 5760M 5780M 5800M 5820M 5840M 5860M 5880M
FR5: 5658M 5695M 5732M 5769M 5806M 5843M 5880M 5917M

thread at RC Groups

Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2016

Vortex 250 - natural racer - una festa sui prati!

Hier hab ich einen wirklich tollen Platz gefunden (neuer Spot auf dem "Hügel" wo ich schon sehr oft geflogen bin). War einfach eine tolle Flugsesson nach der Arbeit. Der Übergang von Blätterlosen Bäumen zu frühsommerlichem "Vollgrün" der Landschaft ist beeindruckend find ich!
Ja und zuletzt hab ich gemerkt, dass mich droneracing auf Kursen gegen die Uhr (oder andere Racer) nicht so interessiert wie einfach einem natürlichen (imaginären) Kurs in so schöner Natur zu folgen :)
Das Lied wollte ich auch schon lange mal verwenden - jetzt hat's endlich gepasst!

This session was only a few days ago. It was so great to fly there I had to share it asap. Been flying on this hill (Eichberg) hundrets of times - but flew on this slope with lush greens for the first time. Flew there a few days after trying to fly on a race. Found out that I'm not the 2min race guy. I prefer to find "natural race tracks" with cool obstacles to fly thru...
Had this song in mind now for a while and think it works nice here (it's italian and means - a party on the lawns).

Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016

Dienstag, 26. April 2016

Vortex 250 | ▶▶Dog and Gliders◀◀ (ext. shots, man walk dog with his RC plane, playing with gliders)

Diesmal gibts schöne, externe Aufnahmen vom schnellen Vortex250, und den neuen Flugplatz bei einem Freund (der seinen Hund mittels RC Segler gassi führt).
Im 2ten Teil gibts mehr Luft-Luft Aufnahmen von meinen Flügen mit den Seglern am Eichberg.

Es wird noch ein 2tes, ähnliches Video mit viel mehr Material vom Vortex geben (Vögel und Warbirds verfolgen, Abstürze und Sturzflüge).

You see nice external shots of the Vortex, and the new flightfield where I fly with an RC friend who uses his RC glider to "walk" his dog.
2nd Part is a longer cut / collection of the magic glider air to air shots I had on the Eichberg.

I will upload a 2nd video of that kind soon with many more Vortex impressions, chasing birds, warbirds and DIVES.

Donnerstag, 21. April 2016

Giant eletric vs turbine RC Helis Red Bull Bo105 vs Cobra

Hier seht ihr 2 wunderschön geflogene RC Helis. Die BO-105 ist einer der größten elektrisch geflogenen Kunstflug-Helis in der Szene, und Sepps Cobra braucht man schon fast nicht mehr vorstellen. Mit seiner Turbinen-Power hat er schon viele Flugshow-Besucher in Staunen versetzt!
Beide haben an die 40KG!

Ich hab schon ein paar Videos von Sepps Cobra (siehe Playlist unten) aber die BO-105 von Bernhard Teufl hatte ich noch nicht gesehen. Hier - auf der Modellbaumesse Wels 2016, konnte ich dann beide gleichzeitig bestaunen! Toll wie die BO-105 einen vorbildhaften Kunstflug hinlegt - das bemannte Exemplar kann dies ja auch (bei den Flying Bulls oder bei James Bond - Spectre!).

Flugmaterial gefilmt mit: PanasonicSDH 707, teilweise stabilisiert in Vegas von der Modellbau Wels" 10. April 2016

Technische Daten der Copter:
Bernhard Teufls BO 105
Akku: 14S mit 16.000mah!
Motor: Hacker
Gewicht: 37kg
Sepp Schmirls Red Bull Cobra:
Rumpflänge 352 cm (138")
Höhe 100 cm (39")
Breite 85 cm (33")
Rotordurchmesser 335 cm (131")
Heckrotor 64,5 cm (25")
Gewicht 24,2 KG
Antrieb Jakadofsky Turbine Pro 5000 98000 U/min
Mechanik Dipl. Ing. Michael Kornberger, Rotorblätter M-Blades, Fernsteuerung Futaba FX 30, Mikado V Stabi, Servos Graupner Jumbo Digital, Beleuchtung Maxotronic
Bauzeit ca. 1600 Stunden/hours
weitere Videos dieser RED BULL COBRA

See two giant RC Helis, the BO-105 electric doing scale stunts (rolls!) and the great Cobra which is turbine powered. Both around 40kg!!!

I have many videos online of the impressive, long time largest RC Heli (except military) the Red Bull Cobra AH-1 from Sepp Schmirl. Now I've seen him flying this great RC Heli once again with a friend. It was a unique sight to see two Red Bull themed copters, one electric and the other turbine powered. Both very impressive machines!
Was cool to see scale stunts from the BO-105 like the real sized model (it can also perform rolls and loops flying for the "flying bulls" or as seen in the opening sequence of James Bond - Spectre).

Flight footage filmed with: Panasonic SDH 707, partly stabilized in Vegas at the "Modellbau Wels" RC Fair 10th April 2016

Tech Details on the copters:
BO 105 from Bernhard Teufl
battery: 14cell battery with 16.000mah!
motor: Hacker electric motor
weight: 37kg
Sepp Schmirls Red Bull Cobra:
Scale 1:4
fuse length 352 cm (138")
height 100 cm (39")
width 85 cm (33")
main rotor diameter 335 cm (131")
tailrotor 64,5 cm (25")
Antrieb Jakadofsky Turbine Pro 5000 98000 U/min
Mechanik Dipl. Ing. Michael Kornberger, Rotorblätter M-Blades, Fernsteuerung Futaba FX 30, Mikado V Stabi, Servos Graupner Jumbo Digital, Beleuchtung Maxotronic
around 1.600 hours build time
weight: 39.5kg
more Videos of this RED BULL COBRA

Montag, 18. April 2016

Vortex 250 | ▶▶get fcnk crazy!◀◀

You'll see some really nice, fast, CRAZY, flights I had with my Vortex250 over the last few weeks (more than 70flights!).
I wanted to do this compilation around this nice track I found. It was hard for me to only take the best scenes from so many flights. I will probbably make more videos from this massive (more than 100GB) collection of footage.

Mittwoch, 13. April 2016

Worlds Largest RC Triplane - Fokker Dr1 "Red Baron" (Giant scale RC from Gernot Bruckmann) | RCSchim

I was at the RC-Fair in Wels (one of the biggest in Austria). They had a great air-show - here's the first part - the FOKKER Dr-1.
Gaylord Fokker :) No - it's the red baron, a WW1 triplane - never seen one so close and so realistic looking! Great flying from Gernot Bruckmann (great RC champion) who not only flies this in slow scale circles and 8ths - but also does some cool acrobatic tricks with this huge, expensive model. What a sight!

Scale: 1:1.5 (or 66%)
Wingspan: 4,80 m (14.5ft)
Lenght: 4,20m (13ft)
Weight: 88kg (194pounds)
Engine: 7 cylinder radial engine (820ccm)

Original plane:
Wingspan: 7,2m
Length: 5,75m
Weight: 383kg

Freitag, 18. März 2016

FPV/RC Allstars II - XJet / RCModelreviews, BMSWeb, PShaw, ABMNS - those channels are awesome!

This is my 2nd video where I introduce top FPVers and RCers that you should check out. I also show you smaller channels that I like. (see Part1 with Boris B. and MetalDanny)

Today we take a trip around the globe to stop at:
ABMNS in Thailand
BMSWeb in Australia
►Bruce Simpson (XJet and RCModelReviews) in New Zealand
PShaw in US / North Carolina

Channels featured in Part1
Boris B.

Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Vortex 250 Cams (Cmos vs CCD), VTX Power and Graphene Batteries

Here you will see how to swap the stock CMOS FPV cam, true Video Transmitter output power and battery considerations.

►Stock FPV Cam (Fatshark vs. AOMWay vs. HS1177m)
Not totally happy with the video image on my goggles - on hard light conditions (flying in shadow, near ground and have well lit parts will end in overexposed parts where you see NOTHING!

►Video TX mw power at different CH
I also did some measurements with the IRC RF Powermeter. No idea how exact the readings are. I learned that the VTX is heating up and the heat affects the MW power output. So all thoes measurements are from the 2nd series (I had it running there on the bench for 20-30 mins for sure. The base of the copter got pretty warm - hope the VTX survived this :)
I'm quite sure that those 40ch TX have a sweet spot around some specific frequencies and deliver more output there.
All measured at HIGH (not low or auto).

OSD FW:    FC FW: 2.1.6 BTFL (Stock)
Measured with ImmersionRC RF Powermeter
30db Attenuator and direct connection

IRC Band - ch with mw:
1: 352 | 2: 327 | 3: 306 | 4: 288
5: 279 | 6: 270 | 7: 262 | 8: 246

1: 469 | 2: 421 | 3: 406 | 4: 365
5: 327 | 6: 300 | 7: 270 | 8: 215

Boscam E:
1: 378 | 2: 406 | 3: 437 | 4: 453
5: 230 | 6: 225 | 7: 198 | 8: 164

Boscam B:
1: 392 | 2: 365 | 3: 327 | 4: 316
5: 297 | 6: 288 | 7: 279 | 8: 262

Boscam A:
1: 279 | 2: 297 | 3: 306 | 4: 327
5: 339 | 6: 352 | 7: 378 | 8: 392

►Links to the products:
Aomway CMOS 700TVL Camera (PAL) for FPV   
Fatshark CMOS 700tvl
Surveilzone CCD "Minicam" HS1177m
Battery: Turnigy Graphene 1800mah 4cell, 65c, 240gr
I will tell you my flight experience with these in a follow up video!

Montag, 7. März 2016

Vortex250 - Airmode on! / Upside down (follow up after first flights, cam swap, airmode)

In this video you'll see the best scenes of my first flights with the new Vortex250. The flight actions starts at 1:36. It's really well set up and tuned and flies "like on rails". No yaw authority problems on dives, additional control in 0 throttle moments (while upside down). I also show you an alternative cam that fits perfectly.

►Aomway CMOS 700TVL Camera (PAL) for FPV
Sorry about the confusion: the AOMWay seems to be CMOS as well - but "rivals performance of CCD" - we will see about that - I will report back as soon as I had my first flights with it! (on the box the cam came in it says CCD cam on one side and CMOS on the other - looks like one box for 2 different products - a bit confusing!)

To enable airmode just update the Vortex ►OSD Firmware easily with ImmersionRC Tools and Firmware
As I said in the video: you shouldnt yet update the Firmware of the Filghtcontroller because then Protune PIDs wont work right then.

Dienstag, 1. März 2016

ImmersionRC Vortex 250 - Review

If you are a regular viewer you might already know that I like RTF systems because I dont like to build/solder...
But until now most RTF quads were not really suiteable for racing (even if their name implied). We will see in the next videos if this quad can keep the promise of being a "pure bred racer".

Here you see what's inside the box / case, hear my initial thoughts and first little issues I ran into (receiver binding, HD Camplate mounting).

2nd Part: You see almost in real time how easy you setup the radio (ok I had some minor issues with my receiver).

You hear the sound of victory (Imperial March after TX Setup completed) and I show all the menu options. Really straight forward - most items are self explanatory.

Little preview:
I already flew the first packs and really like this thing! Unbelieveable how easy you get into the air, no tuning needed because the pros already did this for you! Lots of options.
Versatile flying capabilities:
3cell batt: totally OK for relaxed cruising, for the first flights or for exploration;
4Cell and pro settings: a real beast!

Of course soon you will find the first flight videos.

Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016

It's Time - for smooth cruising with my SnapperXS

We had a great December and I got nice, warm weather for some cruising around with the SnapperXS (and also some Bullet flights). It's really great to explorer scenery with such a small quad - gives you new perspectives over an area that you might know well from the ground view. Of course the approx 50km/h speed of my SnapperXS is slow vs the almost 100km/h speed of the bullet (you see the comparison of dives here).
As a bonus I have a long scene at the end with one full round up there.
Thanks for Watching!

Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

SnapperXS exploring Fields, construction, live commented, with DVR downlink

These were some very relaxing flights with my Black SnapperXS aka the "Magic Carpet". With oneshot and cleanflight on Naze32 it works like a charm. The place here (I already flew there in the past: ) is actually great because I sit on an elevated spot and can reach 360° and explorer some fields, a construction yard / quarry, the smokestack, and the treeline.
Was nice to see the deer hiding in that potatoe? field there ;-)

I flew with the focus fixed Xiaomi Yi and also included you the DVR footage so you see the video link. I used and tested different antennas - but my conclusion was that the best combo is a patch (13dbi) and a SPW - both Spironets from Immerison) on my diversity RX.

Having the ZoomH1 mic really adds to video I think. It helps me remember (or note things to myself while flying) and I can sync it to the flight footage later and give you more "athmosphere" with it. The mic from the flying cam is most of the times not useable - or just as a background motor sound.

Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2016

Actioncams compared - Firefly 6s, SJcam M10+, SJ5000+, Xiaomi Yi, Foxeer Legend1, Eken H9, Gopro3+

Over the last months I was looking for 60fps capeable actioncams that are cheap AND good quality. Some guys just buy a Gopro (350$ or more!) and hope nothing bad happens to the expensive cam.
The last addition to my nice collection of cams is the Firefly 6s. Find all the details below!

1. Firefly 6S
2. SJCAM M10+
3. SJCAM SJ5000+
4. Xiaomi Yi
5. EKEN H9
6. Foxeer Legend1
7. Gopro3+ Black

►►DOWNLOAD the Siemens Star comparison PICS in Highres

Firefly 6s FW: 2.3 (REVIEWED here)
Sony IMX078 CMOS illuminated sensor
Processor: Novatek 96660 chipset
1600mah Battery! (but same phys size like 1050mah gopro3+ batt - sceptic I am ;-)

Android app cannot set 4k mode or 2.5kmode (4k mode isnt compatible with wifi operation)
iOS app

Size: 59 x 41 x 12mm Weight: 70g
Working Voltage: 5V Charging Current: 800mA
Working Time:1.5h Charging Time: 2-3h
Compressed Format : H264 Video/ Photo Format: *.MP4 / *.JPG
Optical Parameter: Diaphragm: F/2.8,7 glasses Angle: 105 degree level, 140 degree diagonal

Photo Resolution: 16M/8M/5M
Video Resolution: 1080P 60fps, 2.5K(2560 x 1440) 30fps and 4K (4096 x 2160)24fps (4k video is only 2880 x 2160p).
ISO: AUTO/100/1600
AV Output Format : PAL/ NTSC
USB Port: compatible with Gopro Gimbals (but not the "old" zenmuse with Gopro Back connector!)
Support HDMI output:YES
Support max 64G TF card, Class 10
Support WiFi (Wi-Fi doesn't work on 4k mode!)

Power Button: Press once for power on, long press 3 sec. to turn off, Photo/ Record Mode switch.
OK Button: Start/ Stop recording
Up Button: Enter menu/ Add options of menu; long press to turn on WiFi
Down Button: Enter menu/ reduce options of menu.
Xiaomi Yi
16 megapixel Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS
Processor: Ambarella A7LS
Hacking the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera:
Upgrade firmware: (I'm at 1.2.13)
- why is the battery so small (phys size?) there is 2-3mm more space in the compartment!
Foxeer Legend1
get the latest (currently 1.7) Firmware here on their Facebook Page:
(just download FW file, drop it in the root of your SD card, then turn on the cam and it will auto-update in a few secs)
Size: 75 x 37,5 x 17,1mm Weight: 49gr

16 megapixel Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS
Processor: Ambarella A7LS
166° wideangle
Lens: F2.5

Possible to remotely control photo/video mode with servo wire connected to your RC receiver!
Chipset / Sensor: Sunplus 6630M + OV4689
Weight: 64gr
Size: Product Size (L x W x H): 6 x 3.2 x 4.1 cm
no TV Out!
Chipset Novatek 96660(Newest)
Sensor: OmniVision OV4689
12Mega Pixels CMOS-Sensor (but I read pictures are only 4mp and interpolated to 12mp?)
Ambarella A7LS75 DSP
Panasonic MN34120PA 16 Megapixel 1/2.33 CMOS Sensor
170° FOV

Filmed with Gopro Hero 3+ Black - check out !
used the great MP10 lens on my Gopro3 to get DISTORTION FREE video! check out the lens!
Some shots with Lumix GX8

Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2016

Blade Chroma Review

During my flights with the Chroma I could test most of the functions (hopefully).
Summit: Flight performance great, RTH+follow mode work also great, Wifi Link and cam performance are average. Wifi: 500m are reachable, please check if the cam quality is ok for you - if not consider the Gopro Gimbal version or the CGo3 (4k).

Videoindex Hangar-Review:
01:02 Backpack friendly
01:35 different versions / pricing (this will surly drop!)
03:01 Powering up the Chroma / Radio closeup
04:05 Display on radio
05:08 Flightmodes
06:09 Battery / Flighttimes
07:34 charging adaptor tip: bl8624
09:28 note on follow me / tracking mode setup
10:05 Low battery behaviour
11:29 Video range?
12:39 Props
13:12 motors
13:37 size / weight
14:27 cgo2 video quality?
15:30 final thoughts; Chroma vs. Phantom3...

Videoindex Flighttests:
01:23 takeoff (maiden flight actually!)
02:10 first flight footage
03:02 chasing the girl (and the dog ;-)
03:37 first RTH tests
04:24 first crash on Follow-mode tests (and low-battery landing)
05:44 follow-mode and tracking tests
07:50 Return to home - test (what's home?)
10:13 wifi video link (Quality, issues)
13:34 Low battery behaviour
15:29 updating "Geofence" settings for more than 200m range

Follow or Tracking mode:
you have to enable it ON THE GROUND for it to work; as soon as you're in the air it will follow/track you if you go into smart mode

Test return home:
RTH flies to your current (radio) position and lands around 5m infront of you
RTH flies at about 13km/h and descends pretty fast on landing approach to land very smooth (good autolanding!)

Low Battery behaviour:
vibration alert on radio at 10.6v and the max alt is reduced to 60m - LEDs are blinking RED
initiating autoland (whereever it is at this moment - NOT RTH!)
if you're getting below 10.4vs
I had little over 1min from first alert to autoland.
so if you're out far and you get the first alert - try to fly a safe route home - a route where it can land safely if it chooses to (no water, trees etc.)

28.11.: Flighttime 24min, 500mASL and mostly hovering, did autoland on 10.5v
3.12.: warm battery; 10 degree C sunny, no wind, 700m ASL: 19mins (50% hover 50% flying around medium fast, not much climbing - I was around 50m once)

Range: how to get more than 200m?
As per default the "Geofence" is at 660ft or 200m! And this is a direct line from your Radio to the copter. So height also counts - not only distance as seen from above.
There is a way to enlarge this Geofence:
Download the GUI Software from
GUI Software instructions video

Cam quality below Gopro3, a bit oversharpened, pixelated
Bitrate: 30mbit on 1080p50fps

Nice portability - easy to pack in a sleek backpack landing gear easy detachable cam with quickrelease and only one plug (looks like the wifi happens directly in the cam)
GPS tower foldable

Status leds:
Motor POD LEDs are very bright
RED blinking means LOW Batt! - return imediatly or it will autoland soon where it is!
purple LEDs indicate the "angle" Mode (which I normally flew it in)

well built, all switches labled and logically placed;
gimbal tilt slider on one side, speed slider on the other
Built in touch display with suction cup mounted sunshade - computer is android based
video transmission is 5.8ghz wifi, latency notable (400ms)
- suctioncup mounted sunhood doesnt stick too well (mod it with velcros might be a good idea)
- position of screen is not ideal, screen ABOVE joysticks is better

Props are similar to Phantom - selftightening
10" Props - very silent - efficient
Motor: 3508 780kv. blh8611

Battery: 3cell 6300mah
important TIP: get the bl8624 adaptor to charge on your normal charger to have it recharged faster and with more control over how much juice was put in
25-30mins Flighttime at 0m ASL in warm temps

WEIGHT: 1,3kg
PACKING SIZE: 33x33x9.5cm
gimbal 12x12x8cm
radio: 25x19x11cm

Useful Links:
Discussions about Chroma