Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2009

Cularis FPV Tests and Crash

As requested here comes the (quickly cut together, Music stops after the half - sorry) version of my first flights with the FPV gear on the Cularis.
The location is the same as on the last Video - Eichberg.

FPV equipment worked flawless on this testflight! I landed the plane after 20min because I was afraid to crash her after getting too relaxed in the air. Battery (3200mah) had 46% left after 4:45 mins of motor Time.

This was last Saturdays Testflight - see what happend the next day when I was ready for FPV with her...

Here I had one: elevator stuck upon restarting the engine to gain alt. In fact I think I had a radio glitch and after starting the motor I had no further control (I only tried to use elevator to hold her "up" - didn't try left/right...).

The Cularis crashed 3m ahead of an tarmac road - this was my luck! The road would have killed her!
But here, in the high green the impact was absorbed well - damage is little (prop is broken, forward section is bent a bit, on servo-arm is broken - easy to fix).

But the bad taste of a possible radio glitch again doesn't taste so good...

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