Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

Funcub auf Rekordhöhe

Jetzt hab ich die Cam direkt am Cockpit montiert - jetzt hat man zwar keine freie Sicht mehr, dafür schauts aber irgendwie realistischer aus, oder?

Here I used an alternate mount - direct on the canopy of the funcub. The view is blocked - but on the other hand it looks more like flying a real plane this way - what do you think?
Picture of cammount:
Von Flieger


Anonym hat gesagt…

Nice, very nice

Where do you have the video transmiter?
Can you detail your setup? Batteries, time flight...

Thank you

Schim hat gesagt…

Hi Manel, my setup isn't as powerful as yours - did you fly 5km with 35MHZ? You should show me your setup!!!!

Most of my Funcubs details can be found here:

I use 2200mah 3s or 3000mah 3s Turnigy batteries, and get around 7-10mins of "gas-Time" more if I soar or fly economic...