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Techtipp Recording FPV Video USB Grabber vs DNT Action Recorder AR3.6


How do you record your downlink video? Why at all?
Because of security. If you crash you have video to look at rather than your faulty human memory ;-)

And you can also fly longrange and have as little weight as possible - so leave out the GoPro and have just SD video.
Till now I used USB Grabber and Laptop but this involves many things and takes time (see Setup-Video).

Now I found this:

DNT Action Recorder AR3.6

It's designed as helmet cam (but can't compete with Gopro!) but it has an interesting option: AV cable allows analog video to be recorded to SD card!
Technical details

So quality is better with USB Grabber, but the AR3.6 is more convenient. If you use it just as a videologger it's good enough. If you have just SD video - you might wanna use the laptop for better quality.
To show the different quality see the video below (watch in 1080p and fullscreen!)
You also see my three different cams (420, 480 and 520 TV lines resolution)

USB Grabber Videosamples:
Digitus USB Grabber
Virtualdub for rec, XVid 8MBit Bitrate codec (high bitrate for minimumm loss on recording)
Virtualdub used for posprocessing:
Filter deinterlace (ELA), Filter brightness/Contrast
saved as uncompressed avi -> further processing in Sony Vegas 10 (so you have a big tempfile for the uncompressed file)

DNT Action Recorder AR3.6
720x576/25fps 2,5MBit Bitrate
directly thrown into Sony Vegas 10 off the SD card - much faster option!
BUT: use the motion detection mode of the recorder - else the recording will stop at bad signal during flight!

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