Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

FPV MniQuad speeding through woods & parks (close calls inclusive)

Schön langsam macht der kleine MiniQuad echt Spaß! Unglaublich wo der überall durchpasst! Es wirkt so als ob man mit einem großen Quad unterwegs wäre - nur ist halt nicht soviel "copter" rund um die Cam verbaut ;-)
Ich hab also schon einiges Material und wollte erst nur ein "Best Of" davon machen, aber so gefällts mir besser. Ein Danke an Hermann der mich da im Wald gefilmt hat!

What's your favourit "wow" monent in this video? Or did you find none? Tell me!

The mini's are such a hype now - and why? Just because you can have so much fun! Fly almost anywhere - you wouldn't believe how tight the gaps (between trees, obstacles) can be - and the mini still fits through. The flying is so intense - because the FPV image on the goggles is no defferent than while flying with a bigger quad - but when it comes to fly fast through a window - the big quad would fail ;-)

So I have really a lot of material collected in the last few weeks. Hard to judge what to include - but those 3 flights here were the first really amazing ones (I hope so!).

Thanks to Hermann for filming me in the woods (just behind our flightfield)!


JammerX19 hat gesagt…

What RC and FPV equipment are you running? Is this 2.4/5.8 or UHF?

Schim hat gesagt…

hi, yes - the simplest combo of
2.4ghz FrSky X8R / Taranis
and 5.8 ImmersionRC VTX works surprisingly good in the wood!