Freitag, 26. September 2014

Black Snapper - smooth flight in the mountains and low over a river

I still have many nice flights recorded before I lost this quad in a crash. First I wanted to throw all these wonderful flights into one best of - but there is so much eyecandy I couldn't cut it so short to fit all in one vid.
So there's more like this to come in the next weeks and month (and this will helps us through the cold and unflyable time.

If you plan to get a decent, foldable copter check this out. They made a 2014 version with some improvments (longer arms, ZenmuseH3 ready, more space)
If you're uncertain about motor setup: I just finished a repaired snapper for a friend and went with the Tiger 4006er and 12x5 Aeronaut props - very quiet, smooth and 11,5mins on 4cell 5000mah - only 3046mah used!

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