Sonntag, 30. November 2014

A Trip you never forget (Review of Eyefly's Mini Quad)

Eyefly Trip MiniQuad
Radio: Taranis on 2.4 with D4RII RX
Video: ImmersionRC 5.8, CWL Antennas SPW to Goggles int.RX

I was asked if I wanna try a new mini quad. Who would say no to this? :-)
This thing comes from and the complete bundle is 199€.
They even sell their own motors (german quality instead of cheap chinese ones). It's a small shop and Nic (the owner) reinvests the income of this hobby project back into the shop. They also made a custom box for the small receiver with their logo on it (3D printed).

For the flightcontrol they recommended "Flyduino NanoWii" which is based on MultiWii. I wanted to go with KK2 which I knew, but now I'm glad I took the NanoWii (KK2 would have been to big to install on this small quad).
Roll: P=3.3 I=0.03 D=23
Pitch: P=3.3 I=0.03 D=23
Yaw: P=6.8 I=0.045 D=0
Alt: P=6.4 I=0.025 D=24
Level: P=9.0 I=0.01 D=100

Total weight: 440gr with 1600mah and Mobius
Packing size: 20x20x8cm! (if props and antennas are unmounted).

Motors and ESCs are from their set (2300kv, 1806) running on 3S.

Batteries: I use the same as on the DRQ250 (SLS 1600 and 1800mah 3cell) and get a bit more flighttime out of them. 7-9min maybe - gotta test more.

Props: I tried the "Maytech Carbon" 5x3 they also sell and they are awesome. I'm normally not into balancing props (too lazy) but here it really made a difference! (Prop on a screwdriver, sand off some material from the prop half that moves down). Was maybe 15mins of work.

As you see in the vid the roll and loop rate is insane. Power is plenty - hover at 1/3. I'm not used to have so much "way" on my throttle stick left until full throttle ;-)

The downsides? Well maybe just the size - it's not easy to find space to fit additional stuff on it. The mobius is a tight fit between the front props - but no props in view!
My video transmitter mounting is not optimal now. If I fly back to me the battery and copter block the antenna - signal gets a bit bad.

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