Donnerstag, 6. August 2015

Many TRIPs with a great little Miniquad

Last year I did the review on this nice little frame from (germany shop). I did some further tuning (PIDs) and got this little Mini to fly really good. One last point until it felt "locked in" was to change from the High Res Sony cam to a cheaper one! The Sony has some noticeable latency! The cheap one doesnt!

In this vid you see once again the nice spot on the "Eichberg" from the last video, a new place in the woods next to fields (this is were I crashed because latency killed me); I could go there with my Electric Scooter - so nice if you have so little and compact FPV equipment!
I crashed also on that playground (regular viewers will recognize this as well - I mean the playgrounds not the crash :-)
And last segment I had some fun flying at our local flightfield and chase some Motobikes and let my buddies there see through my monitor to enjoy FPV.
In the end you see some training flights at home with latency free cam - such a difference!
(...and did you see the "Cow-Surprise"?)

The copter: Eyefly TRIP

Info on the cams:
Recording on the new RuncamHD - quite happy with the increased quality, light handling could be better - but that's the same with all of those cams...

FPV cams
Runcam Sky2 (with Sony EffioV chip and WDR processing and latency)
Great picture quality and in theory 800tvl. BUT: it has some latency that make you feel like you're drunk if flying proximity with a small quad. It's ok to fly planes and smooth copters with it - but I couldnt fly through obstacles with it.

I changed to the normal Runcam PZ0420H (30$) and it's great. Almost NO latency and it feels much easier to fly through small gaps and obstacles with it. So it's not always your copter if you cant fly well with it - latency free cams are important also!

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