Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2015

Black Bullet - fast DIVES with drone down the hills and trees

As promised in my review (https://youtu.be/jh4Q7wWlNg4) of this copter here's the first fast paced diving video. A friend did visit me in Summer and I needed to test this prototype. We had some really nice FPV sessions on my favourite places. If you know my video your should recognize these two spots (it's near "Ruine Klamm", Schottwien and 2nd part is at my standard hill the "Eichberg").
First part here was filmed with RuncamHD (30fps) and 2nd was with Gopro3+ in 60fps. Settings were suboptimal and I had some jello, but performance of the quad was brutal and the flight feeling there was really good.
On the first location we only could do one flight until the farmer asked us to leave ;-)


sonofarobot hat gesagt…

Güten tag RCSHIM! My name is Jeremi and I live in the south central part of Pennsylvania in the U.S.
A few months ago I bought my daughter a small rc helicopter. Having never flown one I turned to YouTube to figure out how to adjust the trim. And thats that. A few days later one of your videos popped up under recommended for you area. I think it was drones chasing each other to ruins. So I watched it. And I was amazed! I personally have never had any interest in rc flying. I have a friend who has a pretty good size helicopter and that is as close as I have ever been.
But your video drew me in. How clear the video was! How stable the camera seemed. And the control. Not to mention I felt like I had been transported out of my living room and into Another country entirely!
It didn't occur to me how far away you were. Or what your altitude was. I was just amazed by the footage.
Then I watched another. It was one where your drine triggered a fail safe and returned to you. It was in this video I realized how far this technology had progressed and that you were long distance flying. I was like "holy smokes!" I didn't even know that was possible.
And I must have been signed in to youtube. Because a few days later when I went to check my history, you weren't there. So I tried to watch a few others. I wasn't interested.
I couldnt remember your name but I searched and searched. Something about your videos. The landscape and geography reminded me of home. Where I live in PA is in a valley with the blue ridge mountains on the east and the Allegheny mountains on the west.
So yesterday I finally found you after diligent searching. My daughter Violette, who is 6, shares in the wonder that your videos create. It has opened up both of our imaginations. But it was incredible to see her realize that she was not trapped on the ground. That it was possible to rise above everything and fly.
So we are starting small. Very small. A mini quadcopter. Smaller than the palm of my hand. I think it was $20. She has all but mastered the very basic and rudimentary controls but has a pretty good comprehension. In the beginning she was timid. But now she has become confident in her ability and wants to fly something bigger. And of course, with a camera.
I just wanted to share this with you. Couldnt find a way to pm you. And thank you to inspiring us and allowing us to see through your eyes from the other side of the globe!
I priced some "beginner" drones. And I dont want to spend my money on garbage. I need something durable and user friendly that is able to travel a moderate distance. I guess camera and image quality isn't real important now and that can always be upgraded but of course the imagery and the sensation that you are flying is part of the appeal. And of course recording your flight and showing it to your friends (or the world) would be awesome too. So my question to you mr.schimm is what would be a good beginner model for us to start with. We saw one at best buy for around d $1500. Which is a little (a lot!) out of my price range. Is this how much I should expect to pay in order to get started with this hobby? Or is there a decent starter kit (with decent features) that is more affordable?
Thank you, Jeremi McDonald.

Schim hat gesagt…

Hi Jeremi,
thanks for your great and very long comment. That's really a nice letter and story behind it. Glad my video inspired you to give this hobby a try. It's really great to start now - so many consumer grade drones that take away the soldering, tuning...

I think there are 2 ways for you to go:
DJI Phantom3 (4 versions, different cam quality and range)
or the Blade Chroma (also many different versions).

Chroma: here you have good support through one of the largest US based RC companies - Horizon Hobby. It's easy to dismount for packing and also easy to repair. The cam quality and range is not so good as with phantom3.

If you already have a decent smartphone, you could use this as a display on Phantom3s remote.
On the Chroma the radio has a display of it's own.
check youtube for a few comparison videos "blade chroma vs phantom 3"

You could also try to get a used phantom2 and have it modded with video transmission for FPV use (maybe theres an RC club somewhere around with someone willing to help you with this. The P2s are great for beginners also and you could get away quite cheap with a used one...

good luck with starting the hobby, make sure to view flitetests "Drones for noobes" video to stay safe!
if you have questions just mail me at rcschim at gmx.at