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Blade Chroma Review

During my flights with the Chroma I could test most of the functions (hopefully).
Summit: Flight performance great, RTH+follow mode work also great, Wifi Link and cam performance are average. Wifi: 500m are reachable, please check if the cam quality is ok for you - if not consider the Gopro Gimbal version or the CGo3 (4k).

Videoindex Hangar-Review:
01:02 Backpack friendly
01:35 different versions / pricing (this will surly drop!)
03:01 Powering up the Chroma / Radio closeup
04:05 Display on radio
05:08 Flightmodes
06:09 Battery / Flighttimes
07:34 charging adaptor tip: bl8624
09:28 note on follow me / tracking mode setup
10:05 Low battery behaviour
11:29 Video range?
12:39 Props
13:12 motors
13:37 size / weight
14:27 cgo2 video quality?
15:30 final thoughts; Chroma vs. Phantom3...

Videoindex Flighttests:
01:23 takeoff (maiden flight actually!)
02:10 first flight footage
03:02 chasing the girl (and the dog ;-)
03:37 first RTH tests
04:24 first crash on Follow-mode tests (and low-battery landing)
05:44 follow-mode and tracking tests
07:50 Return to home - test (what's home?)
10:13 wifi video link (Quality, issues)
13:34 Low battery behaviour
15:29 updating "Geofence" settings for more than 200m range

Follow or Tracking mode:
you have to enable it ON THE GROUND for it to work; as soon as you're in the air it will follow/track you if you go into smart mode

Test return home:
RTH flies to your current (radio) position and lands around 5m infront of you
RTH flies at about 13km/h and descends pretty fast on landing approach to land very smooth (good autolanding!)

Low Battery behaviour:
vibration alert on radio at 10.6v and the max alt is reduced to 60m - LEDs are blinking RED
initiating autoland (whereever it is at this moment - NOT RTH!)
if you're getting below 10.4vs
I had little over 1min from first alert to autoland.
so if you're out far and you get the first alert - try to fly a safe route home - a route where it can land safely if it chooses to (no water, trees etc.)

28.11.: Flighttime 24min, 500mASL and mostly hovering, did autoland on 10.5v
3.12.: warm battery; 10 degree C sunny, no wind, 700m ASL: 19mins (50% hover 50% flying around medium fast, not much climbing - I was around 50m once)

Range: how to get more than 200m?
As per default the "Geofence" is at 660ft or 200m! And this is a direct line from your Radio to the copter. So height also counts - not only distance as seen from above.
There is a way to enlarge this Geofence:
Download the GUI Software from
GUI Software instructions video

Cam quality below Gopro3, a bit oversharpened, pixelated
Bitrate: 30mbit on 1080p50fps

Nice portability - easy to pack in a sleek backpack landing gear easy detachable cam with quickrelease and only one plug (looks like the wifi happens directly in the cam)
GPS tower foldable

Status leds:
Motor POD LEDs are very bright
RED blinking means LOW Batt! - return imediatly or it will autoland soon where it is!
purple LEDs indicate the "angle" Mode (which I normally flew it in)

well built, all switches labled and logically placed;
gimbal tilt slider on one side, speed slider on the other
Built in touch display with suction cup mounted sunshade - computer is android based
video transmission is 5.8ghz wifi, latency notable (400ms)
- suctioncup mounted sunhood doesnt stick too well (mod it with velcros might be a good idea)
- position of screen is not ideal, screen ABOVE joysticks is better

Props are similar to Phantom - selftightening
10" Props - very silent - efficient
Motor: 3508 780kv. blh8611

Battery: 3cell 6300mah
important TIP: get the bl8624 adaptor to charge on your normal charger to have it recharged faster and with more control over how much juice was put in
25-30mins Flighttime at 0m ASL in warm temps

WEIGHT: 1,3kg
PACKING SIZE: 33x33x9.5cm
gimbal 12x12x8cm
radio: 25x19x11cm

Useful Links:
Discussions about Chroma

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