Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

SnapperXS exploring Fields, construction, live commented, with DVR downlink

These were some very relaxing flights with my Black SnapperXS aka the "Magic Carpet". With oneshot and cleanflight on Naze32 it works like a charm. The place here (I already flew there in the past: ) is actually great because I sit on an elevated spot and can reach 360° and explorer some fields, a construction yard / quarry, the smokestack, and the treeline.
Was nice to see the deer hiding in that potatoe? field there ;-)

I flew with the focus fixed Xiaomi Yi and also included you the DVR footage so you see the video link. I used and tested different antennas - but my conclusion was that the best combo is a patch (13dbi) and a SPW - both Spironets from Immerison) on my diversity RX.

Having the ZoomH1 mic really adds to video I think. It helps me remember (or note things to myself while flying) and I can sync it to the flight footage later and give you more "athmosphere" with it. The mic from the flying cam is most of the times not useable - or just as a background motor sound.

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