Mittwoch, 13. April 2016

Worlds Largest RC Triplane - Fokker Dr1 "Red Baron" (Giant scale RC from Gernot Bruckmann) | RCSchim

I was at the RC-Fair in Wels (one of the biggest in Austria). They had a great air-show - here's the first part - the FOKKER Dr-1.
Gaylord Fokker :) No - it's the red baron, a WW1 triplane - never seen one so close and so realistic looking! Great flying from Gernot Bruckmann (great RC champion) who not only flies this in slow scale circles and 8ths - but also does some cool acrobatic tricks with this huge, expensive model. What a sight!

Scale: 1:1.5 (or 66%)
Wingspan: 4,80 m (14.5ft)
Lenght: 4,20m (13ft)
Weight: 88kg (194pounds)
Engine: 7 cylinder radial engine (820ccm)

Original plane:
Wingspan: 7,2m
Length: 5,75m
Weight: 383kg

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