Sonntag, 24. Juli 2016

Arkbird OSD and Autopilot on the new FPV Plane "XUav ONE"

See this nice plane in my hangar, a few build tips and closeups. Find lots of infos in description!
X-AUV One plane
Arkbird OSD/AP

Buildlog from the MFM Material version with some good tips
another Buildlog from SchumiXD of the EPO Version (the same as what I'm testing)
useful RCGruops Thread

hotglue the servos
glued vtail foam into plastic parts and carbon rod with hotglue
screw on the V-tail fins (secure servoconnectors with tape inside the tail-boom!)
mounted the 3536 1800kv turnigy motor (was easy fit there)
add grease into gearbox (crane grease)
used 60amp Turnigy plush ESC - plenty of space - ESC cables routed outside through air flow
add linkage to servoarms
currently use 5channels directly on radio, later add autopilot

first tries with fixed styrofoam nose - later installing FPV cam on 2axis gimbal (to look around)
(roll axis? to stabilized image - but this is useless with servos - one would need a brusless gimbal - so roll servo is useless IMHO)

CG: to achieve proper CG (around 75mm from LE) I had to move the battery (5200mah 4cell 433gr) all the way forward, did even carve out some more foam from the nose itself - so battery sticks a few cm in the nose). Also added some dead weight directly in the nose ~ 100gr) and the Runcam2 ontop the nose.

Item: ONE EPO FPV Aircraft Kit
Propeller:12x6 inch Folding Propeller
Wingspan: 1800mm (71inch)
Length: 1078mm (42.5 inch)
Wing area: 38.2dm2(
Empty weight: 750g
CoG: in middle of wing, 65-80mm from leading edge CG: about 76mm from LE
Flying Weight: 1360g(23lb) Standard, max:2kg
Wingload: 35.6g/dm2 (11.7oz/sq.ft)
Take-off Weight:2000~2500g

- Deluxe Editon with glassfiber inner board and 3K Carbon Tube.
- With two-axis servo gimbal that suits mini HD camera, easy to control and stable.
- Propeller Design: Complete new-power structure,will be lower the attack and resistance.

Recommend Drive System:
Motor: 3536 KV1800
ESC: 30A/40A
Servos: 6x 9g metal gear servos
Battery:4S 14.8V 4000-8000 mAh Lipo

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