Mittwoch, 24. August 2016

Epic Drone Dives in Italy (Vortex250 in Sella Region)

On our trip around the spectacular mountains in the Dolomites in northern Italy (Alto Adige / Südtirol) I found so many very appealing spots but this one was perfect. Very accessible, spectacular vertical cliff with around 350m of height (1000ft) - and even a nice table and bench there!

► Link to Google Streetview of that spot

Flew 4 packs there, the 2nd would have almost been the last of this quad! Because the video cable of the FPV cam was loose - I suddenly flew blind (see it in the end of the video). Luckily I turned around on the first signs of video loss (only 50m away) and I was also fast enough in switching to LEVEL mode - so I could fly it home safe LOS.
After I found the problem I definitly wanted to fly there more, but of course I had even higher pulse now and wasnt too much in the mood for extra stunts up there (like backflips to enter a dive)...

Hope you liked it as much as I while flying, I definitly will keep diving since this is the most fun I have with these quads. A combo of freestyle flying and diving fast in awesome scenery - that's what you should expect here on my channel :)

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