Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2016

DJI Mavic Pro - more stunning 4k Demo Footage

More stunning demo footage from my new favourite "always in the backpack" drone. Yes, I did COLOR GRADE most scenes to get nicer color / saturation / temperature. Also did increase the speed on some shots (it's better to fly slow and smooth and speed it up in post later).

Thanks to a tip of a commenter I discovered "proxy editing" in Sony Vegas 13. It's just an option to be turned on. What it does: recode all 4k clips you use for preview - so you can edit and preview SMOOTH, for rendering the final video it takes the 4k raw files of course. This way you can cut 4k footage even on older PCs.

►Flight footage filmed with:
DJI Mavic Pro in 4k/25+30 edited and color graded in Sony Vegas 13.
Location: Gloggnitz, Neufeld / Austria (70/30km south of Vienna)

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