Freitag, 4. August 2017

TechOne FPV900: great FAST WING (Review, Maidenflight, FPV, Speedtest and CRASH)

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After I found my passion for FIXEDWING FPV again this summer, I wanted sommething faster and more stable than the S800 Wing. Here I like the easy build and the center-section concept (even if it's copied from someone else...).
You have plenty of space and possibilities on this wing, the HD Cam is mounted vibration-free (but it's a tight fit - for larger cams you need to saw off the side carbon parts there).
The FPV Cam is mounted quite safe down there.

The flight footage here was partly stabilized in post - since I dont like all too shakey footage. I only use light stabilization - but if it's not dead calm, such a wing will shake. It will also shake under full throttle :)

Wingspan: 900mm
Fuselage length: 308mm
Flying weight: 630-670g
CG Position: 185-195mm (nicely marked!)
Motor: F80 KV2500
Servo: 11g*2
Battery: 4S 1500-2200mah
Prop: 5*5*3R
Flighttimes: 5min speedruns with 1500mah 4cell - or 10mins cruising at around 50-70kph...

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