Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2017

ISDT D2 Charger - really nice charger

you can buy it here:
Banggood sent me something for review! Again! They didnt blacklist me after my EV100 review :) And this product here is actually quite good! Check out my charger review if you are looking for a convenient way to send some juice into your packs.

UltraPower review:

!DISCLAIMER! - VENDOR/SHOP sent me this product for review
00:43 compared to other chargers (SIZE)
01:58 What's this for? Miniquad Batteries! :)
02:43 no external powersupply - really small package!
03:03 CONNECTORS (XH and XT60)
03:42 AC Power
04:03 tiny brother for mobile use...
05:27 TIP: use the little ISDT to empty your batts for storage!
06:11 CHARGING batteries - what do we see?
06:55 downside:  the scrollwhell isnt perfect
07:34 supported BATTERY types
10:39 LOOK and FEEL
11:43 final thoughts

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