Montag, 6. Oktober 2008

Gloggnitz viewed from the "Oakmountain"

Gloggnitz viewed from the "Oakmountain" from Mario Schimanko on Vimeo.

First of all - this vid has no real landing - rather a crash. I was lucky enough and my twinstar with its brand new cameramount was not damaged. I'm not really sure what happend - easiest explanation would be a bad piloting, a stall during the too hard and too low turn. It could also be that one of the motors had a failure - this wouldn't be that great. After the crash I could successfully test the plane.
Second problem (which is also visible):
the cam settings have to be improved. Maybe it's because of me using only 8,4v instead of the recommended 10-12v. I'll check this first.

Update: now I tried 12v (a small Kokam 3cell 310mah lipo) and the cam works fine - so don't use less than 10v - quality and automatic lighting will suffer from low voltage!
So this was no real FPV flying because you can see that the sunlight could really bother you with this settings.
Please choose your own music - I was too lazy :-)
Btw. the oakmountain is named "Eichberg" in german.

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interessantes video. Leider etwas unscharf!"
lg hannes @gloggnitz