Montag, 27. Oktober 2008

Twinstar with Landing gear

Here I tried out my custom landing gear. It weights about 150g wich can be a CoG issue. If mounted too far in the forward section - noose-heavy flight; too far backwards and you'll see yourself rubbing your plane's nose in the grass :-)

A thrid wheel would be a possible solution - but that also means additional weight. To small would make a hook of it...

For takeoff it helped giving some extra elevator; takeoff distance is quite short for grass (5-7m?).

Twinstar with Landing gear from Mario Schimanko on Vimeo.

Technical specs:
Motors: 2x MPX Permax 480 7,2v
Props: Graupner CamSpeed 5,5/4,3
Battery: Lipo 3s Kokam 2400H5 (30c)
ESC: Jeti 30+

My conclusion: nice optics, cool feeling on the start, diffcult landings (material consuming), not safe for FPV so far - no extra benefit - I'll stay without wheels for FPV.

PS: did you recognize the music?
It's from this Spencer/Hill movie "Plane cracy" / "Zwei Himmelhunde auf dem Weg zur Hölle"

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