Donnerstag, 25. Dezember 2008

Twinstar 2 - ready for FPV with panmount

I prepared my FPV setup for the next fine, calm weather (that can take a while).
After my e-Savage RC FPV Car "project" the FPV equipment has been mounted back on Twinstar2 and the learnings from e-Savage (panning the cam isn't a great deal but helps for immersion) helped me to integrate a simple panning-solution on top of my plane.
As for now I'll stay by the lowcost variant with no headtracker:

(under the cam I have a servo coverd in cutout styrofoam - I didn't want to touch the wing itself).
To control the cam I sacrificed the ruder controls - I barely use them anyways in normal FPV flying. They're only useful for soft turns up above - but maybe I'll mix some amount of ruder to the ailerons so make nice smooth turns.

As you may have guessed - I really like the repair-tape - it's very durable and easy to build something.

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