Sonntag, 21. September 2008

Change to english / Flycam Selfmod + new "Groundstation"

Looking on the Stats of my counter and the Clustrmap (Worldmap at the bottom) I changed my mind and will continue this blog in english.

Here's my new modded version of the Jaytech cam:

Design could be better but weight and functionality were more important.
Weight: 71g (incl. 31g for battery - 1250mah, 3,7v)
Using a long cable to the battery you can better balance the weight "onboard".
I plan mounting the cam on the back rudder.

Note: Don't use 5v Bec as source power (I tried to and the cam turns off after a few seconds - it really "prefers" 3,7v!).


Another thing which has changed is my "groundstation". It's basicly a bigger aluminium box with additional space for video receiver and a laptop:

That's it, all I need now is better weather and a working live video-downlink. Unfortunately my modded jaytech gives no direct video-out anymore.

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