Sonntag, 4. März 2012

EasyStar II - new FPV Setup works great

Hatte heute einen tollen Flug mit dem neuen Easystar2 am Eichberg. Ich hab zwar schon bessere Aufnahmen vom Eichberg mit dem Tricopter und der genialen Gopro2 aber hier gings mir darum, einen einfachen Segler zu haben, der leicht genug ist um lange durch die Gegend zu fliegen. Mehr Details zum Setup hier: EasyStar im Hangar

This was a great flight today! I love it when everything works out! This is a light FPV Setup with a bias on long flighttimes. So no HD Cam - I have the Tricopter / Gopro2 Setup for great quality. This setup here is meant to be fun while flying. I tried to get the most quality out of this analog video source.

Virtualdub (free software) and it's deinterlacer (YADIF) work great (better than sony vegas for me!) -> save as AVI (uncompressed - not to loose quality here).
Than you can send the progressive video to your editing software and maybe do some more color / saturation adjustments.
However on my last flight I tried a small, lightweight FlycamOneHD 720 on one wing and it didn't affect the soaring capabilities much - so in the future I'll use this setup more often.

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