Sonntag, 3. März 2013

Gopro1 and 2 Liveout delay measurements with slowmo cam

Eigentlich wird ja meist davon abgeraten, die Gopro als FPV cam zu verwenden (Akku, Stecker, Lag, UHF Störung,...).
Ich wollte mal selbst sehen, wie viel Verzögerung wirklich durch die Gopro erzeugt wird. Mit der Gopro3 als Slowmo cam sieht man's um 10x verlangsamt recht gut!
GP2: 100ms GP1: 150ms

On my TBS Discovery I have a seperate FPV cam with no delay. And Gopro3 for recording. This is the recommended way to go. But I also wanted to have an easy setup on 2 other multirotors (my old Tricopter and an F450 Flamewheel - both with KK2.0 controller). On the Tricopter I did already some FPV flying using the liveout of Gopro2. It was windy and felt strange - it's simply not dialed in yet. AND: additionally I thought that the often discussed delay from Gopro Liveout might be an issue... So this is why I did these tests.
So Gopro2 is a bit better than the old GP1 - I couldn't yet test GP3 Black because I don't have the new Liveout cable...

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