Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

Eagle attacks quadcopter in the Dolomites (Cadore,Italy - Black Snapper Down...)

On our roadtrip through the fantastic mountains of the dolomites in north italy (alto adige / south tyrol) I had 2 FPV flights. First was great, perfect conditions - breathtaking scenery - second flight was even better - until I passed an eagles nest (without noticing) and got attacked by two of these majestic birds...
Before I realized what happend the copter was down on a very remote steep rock. No locator, no video (forgot groundstation rec) no chance to find or recover my most valuable flying machine :-(

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If you are a hiker / climber and you are in the region - here are the GPS coordinates to my treasure: 46.585884,12.385441 (Auronzo / Italy)
If somebody really finds this thing it surely would have an awesome video to show!

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