Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

FPV flights with Inspire1 and Girl with Phantom2 (parts in 4K - impressive Quality!!!) it in 4k if you can - Inspire1 footage is in native 4k - the rest is scaled up, sorry for voiceover mic but this was still filmed in my "german phase" and I dont want another german video with so many dislikes ;-)

These were my first and second flights with the Inspire1. First one just LOS and some speed flying around for the cam and to see how it behaves (it was a bit gusty this day).
2nd Flight already FPV (with DominaotrHD) and spontaneous my Girl joiend me with the Phantom2 (she never flew it before but instantly liked it).

►Findings so far:
Flighttimes are around 13mins with the 4500mah batteries (std).

Flight speed of up to 80km/s is great. And you get smooth video footage even at high speeds or high winds!

Flight charakteristics are very nice. Stable, smooth and reliable. Not too loud considering it's size and weight (Ghost+ is way more noisy!). Winds dont matter. Until now medium to high winds meant no good video footage. Now it's impressive how steady your flight is while the trees bend under you!. Best thing to do with this copter: fly straight as long as you can to capture a very stable cam flight. Looks very cinematic!

Video transmission is not always "fluid" but you get used to the light stutters and other than that it's really perfect clear.
The range is not always as good as I expected (maybe because other wifis interfered?). But sometimes more than 1km is no problem at all. The other time 200-300 I got short video outs.

After a few flights my Dominator HD stopped working on HDMI - still not sure why. Got the same problem like on the Skycontroller from the Bebop - where you see an image shortly and than HDMI signal breaks down. I think it's a fault of my DomHD...

Now I fly using a 7" Black Pearl with sunshade (not the best immersion but better than only the App on the phone). If you want to fly with tablet (watch the size! only ipad Air2 or similar sized Android) - get a sunshade for it!!!

Phone app (Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 5.01)
Maybe it's a good idea to kill all the apps and clean your RAM before flying - one time I got bad performance of the app and many dropouts - but after the flight I saw that many apps were running...

Remote's batterylife is good - but you should keep an eye on it. Maybe one should charge it every 6-8 flights.

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