Freitag, 26. Juni 2015

Inspired (Awesome 4k footage from DJI Inspire1 in Austrian Mountains)

Since I had this copter for only limited time (lent by DJI) I wanted to fly at as many great locations as I could. Happy to see that not even medium to high winds could prevent this fine machine from producing really smooth 4k video.

No "new" places I flew here - but they all did shine in a new perspective when filmed through DJI's great 4k cam.

I was really impressed that even in full speed shots you can not see bad vibrations (some really minor jello maybe if flying sideways and the cam can sway on the rubbers).
On the first shot you see nice wind effects on tall grass. It was really windy that day!

The awesome mountainrange from the end is called "Veitsch" and it's in Styria, near Mürzsteg.
Also view my quite popular video there:

And those two in the "Höllental" between those massive rock walls:

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