Freitag, 25. September 2015

Exploring the huge Ruins of Haludovo Hotel in Croatia with my Xugong

We walked thru a nice park in Malinska on our vacation in croatia. We found a few strange looking, very desolate buildinges (apartments).
Since we're both curious about "Lost Places" or "Urban Exploration" we explored the region more and soon found a bigger complex. We had no idea what we found there and my first thoughts were something like a shopping mall (because the entrance or lobby there was huge). Then again it looked like a strange 70ties nightclub - and this is what was the closest guess as I found out later ;-)
It's the Haludovo Palace***** - one of the biggest and most decadent hotels in this region built in the 70ties from Penthouse boss Bob Guccione. Read more details if you're interested in this article below or view it on google earth.

Next day (when we knew a bit more about the hotel and it's history) we had better weather and I took my xugong copter for a flight and we also took more pics. It was a cool time travel to find some old fotos of this hotel and compare it against the devastated ruins there. It's a shame how fast vandalism and childish destruction can change such an interesting place (this is the reason most "Lost Places" are kept as a secret in the Urbex scene).
The basement with it's huge kitchen (more looking like a slaughterhouse) was really scary!

GPS coords:
very interesting: 3 360° panoramas to "visit" the place (like Google Streetview):

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