Montag, 7. März 2016

Vortex250 - Airmode on! / Upside down (follow up after first flights, cam swap, airmode)

In this video you'll see the best scenes of my first flights with the new Vortex250. The flight actions starts at 1:36. It's really well set up and tuned and flies "like on rails". No yaw authority problems on dives, additional control in 0 throttle moments (while upside down). I also show you an alternative cam that fits perfectly.

►Aomway CMOS 700TVL Camera (PAL) for FPV
Sorry about the confusion: the AOMWay seems to be CMOS as well - but "rivals performance of CCD" - we will see about that - I will report back as soon as I had my first flights with it! (on the box the cam came in it says CCD cam on one side and CMOS on the other - looks like one box for 2 different products - a bit confusing!)

To enable airmode just update the Vortex ►OSD Firmware easily with ImmersionRC Tools and Firmware
As I said in the video: you shouldnt yet update the Firmware of the Filghtcontroller because then Protune PIDs wont work right then.

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