Dienstag, 1. März 2016

ImmersionRC Vortex 250 - Review

If you are a regular viewer you might already know that I like RTF systems because I dont like to build/solder...
But until now most RTF quads were not really suiteable for racing (even if their name implied). We will see in the next videos if this quad can keep the promise of being a "pure bred racer".

Here you see what's inside the box / case, hear my initial thoughts and first little issues I ran into (receiver binding, HD Camplate mounting).

2nd Part: You see almost in real time how easy you setup the radio (ok I had some minor issues with my receiver).

You hear the sound of victory (Imperial March after TX Setup completed) and I show all the menu options. Really straight forward - most items are self explanatory.

Little preview:
I already flew the first packs and really like this thing! Unbelieveable how easy you get into the air, no tuning needed because the pros already did this for you! Lots of options.
Versatile flying capabilities:
3cell batt: totally OK for relaxed cruising, for the first flights or for exploration;
4Cell and pro settings: a real beast!

Of course soon you will find the first flight videos.

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