Montag, 10. April 2017

Fatshark Diversity Module Quanum HB5808 (50$) vs FR632 Groundstation

I got this from Hobbyking (get it here) for testing. Found it interesting and my standard 5.8 module was not reliable, neither was the upgraded FSV2445 antenna diversity module...

It was some "sweat"work on the goggles and I dont have nice covers/doors yet - but the functionality is just awesome. I can fly WITHOUT my FR632 tower now and have good video downlink! Makes quick FPV sessions much easier!

Check out Bardwells videos on the different modules to see if the Furious TruD or the LaForge is better for you. The conclusion I found: LaForge seems to be the best (from features and usability) but the RF performance is pretty similar on all of those.
Pricerange is from 50 - 120$

There's also a single-slot module at similar price if you prefer
Looks like it uses the same RF hardware, also looks similar to the RealACC that Joshua reviewed:

Billyrocka 3 - Sven Karlsson
Kevin McLeod - Darxieland

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