Donnerstag, 6. April 2017

Runcam3 Review (Comparison with Yi4k, WDR, menu, low LATENCY) | RCSchim Hangar

This is the "proper" review, with many outdoor shots, menu options, latency test and some more acro flying at the end.
Really like the cam and would say you can't do much wrong with this!

00:37 outdoor comparisons
02:23 WDR on and off difference
04:10 LOWLIGHT performance
04:24 my thoughts
05:14 MENU options walkthru
07:28 LATENCY tests
07:56 closer look, final thoughts
10:01 acro flights on a sunny morning

in room temp, 1080p60/WDR it gave 68mins and got medium warm. When battery was empty it safed the file this time.

Recomended settings:
At noon with plenty sunlight: 1080P 60FPS, WDR off (colors more naturally)
cloudy at afternoon: still choose 1080P 60FPS, WDR ON
low light: 1080P 30FPS, WDR on

First flights on the Eichberg to see more "real life" footage as the cam will probbably be used the most:

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