Samstag, 2. September 2017

Drone Dive Paradise!!! (Vortex250 with Runcam Split at awesome location Höllental / Hells Valley)

This is the best spot for drone dives in my region. 30mins drive, 5min walk, 2 massive walls (250 and 300m high), not too far to fly, awesome scenery... I've had some issues first (uncalibrated gimbals on my modded taranis....) but enough time to burn 8 batteries there.
Split worked ok there - still some jello but the ND Filter on it + new props do good. Split is good for my setup here because it reduces weight and increases flighttimes a bit...

If you like this kind of flying - check out my drone dives playlist - I've done a lot (even at this spot, with some major problems...).
Mountain DIVES Playlist

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