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Foxeer Box 4k Action camera review - watch this before you buy a Gopro Session!!!

If you search a really good DICE style actioncam (like the Gopro Session5) but dont want to spend over 300$ then consider this "BOX" from foxeer. and their shop: (NO AFFILATE Link)

Video jumpmarks:
01:24 Comparison Box vs Legend3, sample shots, quality
04:02 closer look at the box
04:08 angled mount for copter
06:11 Runcam3 vs Box? Sample flights
09:20 1080p50 Supervision mode (superview)
10:08 2.5k50 (my fav mode)
11:03 2.5k50 stabilized and modified in post
11:33 Downsides? Batterylife, chargetime
12:22 access settings only with Wifi app...
13:24 Upgrade from Legend3 to BOX?

Tech specs:
CPU: Ambarella A12
Sensor: Sony IMX 117
Lens: 155° FOV

Recording Time:
56min with 2.5k50fps
54min with 1080p60 (in a second test)

Charging Time: 2h:17!    on a good USB charger (2amps available per slot)

USB/Servo cable for liveout: the red/black part (power) MUST be 5Volts according to Foxeer!
Dont power/charge your cam with 12 or more volts directly off your flight battery!

4k25/30 (~60mbit)
2.5k50  (~41MBit)
1080p50 (~34MBit)

Samples (NOT recoded, just split the file - with MKV Tool)
Files around 140-260mb, please download them from there and view locally - DONT view the Preview there (that is recoded by google).

High Hopes - Johan Borjesson
Furious 3 - Niklas Gustavsson

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