Donnerstag, 2. November 2017

FPV in the woods with digital transmission (FPV Blue, RC Car)

This is the followup to my hangar review of the FPV.Blue HD video transmission system. First flew with a quad, later moved on to an RC Car to test penetration of RC signal in the dense woods. What a fun! Finally driving around from inside my hangar...

●▬▬VIDEO INDEX:▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬●
00:31 testflight with TBS Disco and FPV.Blue
01:52 swap gear to RC CAR (short overview)
02:28 FPV in the WOODS with RC Car
02:24  some directly recorded FOOTAGE
06:03 filmed from screen from here on
06:41 the gravel road, distance, passers, dogs,...
07:24 MAP of first distance test (~150m)
07:54 DOG :)
08:46 second distance test IN THE WOODS
09:21 to the flightfield!
10:04 WDR fail in bad light conditions...
10:45 WOODS overview
11:49 BETTER Screen recordings (sharp) from HANGAR
13:08 Chihuahua chased :)
13:39 father in law chased :)  ("roadkill")
14:49 lowlight example with WDR on - noisy

Thread on RCG:

Filmed with:  Panasonic GX8 + R0de VideoMicro, Samsung Galaxy S7, Yi 4k
Thanks PETER for filming ext shots, thanks CHARLIE for letting me chase him  (the Chihuahua) and thanks to my lovely guide in the woods!

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Compliments To The Piccolo 1 - Peter Sandberg

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