Freitag, 17. November 2017

Runcam Split 2 follow up and flight footage on Vortex 150 (sub 250gr!)

There were many questions after my initial quick review of the new Runcam Split 2 - so this is the followup. Short: yes, latency is really good, Quality nice - good improvement over version 1! VIDEO INDEX below! !DISCLAIMER! - VENDOR/SHOP sent me this product for review, you can buy it here

filmed with Samsung Galaxy S7
Runcam Split 2

00:09 liveout latency (effect of different options on latency?)
01:00 solderpad vs USB connection?
02:13 softmounts (for board or cam?)
02:45 SD CARD slot V2 - better? YES!!!
04:47 menu settings (Tips)
05:41 liveout in 4:3 or 16:9
05:53 - latency test - latency of DIODE? accuracy?
07:21 my CONCLUSION on the Split 2
Runcam video tutorial - use FC to control Split:

00:55 Hangar review
03:15 footage (home)
05:13 lowlight footage
06:05 in the woods!
08:31 with ND Filter at the graveyard...

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