Montag, 9. März 2009

Blackstork OSD Tests on eSavage

This was my first test of the new Blackstork OSD:

- GPS fix was aquired quite fast (under 1min)

- speedometer worked good for a small car, running down a longer straight would have been a better test tough

- home position indicator also worked good - even in this rather small testing area - when flying FPV GPS surely has an easier job because the distances are greater

- OSD gets a little hot - no problem
(I think this is because of voltage regulator from 12v to 5v for GPS)

I learned from two errors in this test:

1.) while setting up the OSD I wasted most of the videobattery - during the test the battery got empty - picture gone - blind - this shouldn't happen in the air!!!
One has to keep an eye on the videobattery voltage!

2.) a new pan-servo now moves 180deg. - this is great - but you have to secure the cable with some tape - after panning the cam the cable unplugged - again - this would't be nice in the air!!

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