Montag, 2. März 2009

Twinstar2 - Lumix Cammount-Tests

Twinstar - Panasonic Lumix FX35 Tests from Mario Schimanko on Vimeo.

I found a way to savely transport my digital camera without producing enormerous air drag.

see this post for more details and pics

On this vid I did two flights. First was non FPV to test everything, second was fully FPV - unfortunately the angle of the cam was too much downwards pointing - you can see the result.

But it was a great "proof of concept" - the Panasonic Lumix FX35 can be a great FPV cam.
+ it's an 150g lightweigt!
+ you have 25mm wideangle (gives a great FOV)
+ you record in 1280x720@30fps
- but only about 8:27mins (that gives 2GB - this is the limit even when using 4GB SD Card or greater

Definitly the wideangle is the most important point here! The shakeyness of the flightvids is much lower if shot in wideangle compared to tele (35+mm).
See this vid for example - it's shot useing a standard mini SD camcorder with 35 or 40mm FOV
(OK the colors where great here - but this depends much on the sun!)

Also this was my first video where you can watch the landing from three different views - that's for Paul - to not get complaints about the missing landing :-)

Music: H-Bloxx - Countdown to insanity

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