Montag, 6. April 2009

Cularis Crash

Cularis Crash (after FPV tests) By Mario Schimanko
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I tried to transfer my FPV equipment from Twinstar to Cularis (she should handle the weight much easier) and made a simple mistake:
The Lumix has some ammount of drag - I think that alone wouldn't be a problem.
But I centered the lense and not the cam - so the weight balance was moved to the right and also the drag accounts more to the right side.

The outcome is this video, some repairs and last but not least the gathering of some knowledge (this is why I posted this here - learn from my errors, don't ignore weight balance and aerodynamics...).

The plane is OK now, don't worry!
This is the repaired nose - should even be more sturdy with the tape now:


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