Mittwoch, 1. April 2009

My biggest and my smallest plane!

Cularis Maiden Flight from Mario Schimanko on Vimeo.
As promised - here's the vid from my first 10mins of flying the cularis. A great plane and my entry to sailplane flying.

First few seconds scared me 'cause the cularis instantly points its nose down when entering a curve with ailerons! That feels so different to the Twinstar flight characteristics!!

But soon as I gained some height (which goes incredibly fast with the strong motor) you can turn of the engine and lean back! Soaring looks so majestic!

Last but not least - the butterfly (flaps and spoilerons) worked great and helped me slowing down the bird for my first landing.

Battery use: 3mins 35sek and 78% left after flight, using a 3200mah 3cell battery.
Gives me a good point to start my FPV flying on the next level.

Vapor HD (720p) from Mario Schimanko on Vimeo.
This is a funny slowflyer! Not really for home-indoor use - as long as you don't have a really huge villa...

With little or no wind it's great for the backyard.
It's also nice to sail against a light wind - you get the kite feeling.

As this plane is compatible to the Blade mcx micro heli I already had - I bought the "bind and fliy" version only. After some flights I modified the battery-connector to fit to my homemade batteries (longer fligttime!).

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