Dienstag, 14. April 2009

Twinstar - 3 videos with new FPV-Cam position!!!

3PV stands for thrid person view - instead of FPV this time :-)
I thought mounting the cam on a panservo on the vertical stabilizer would give an unique fiew of the plane while flying:

I love to see all the control surfaces working - and of course the wing-flex while flying fast.

Music: Rammstein (Sonne, Amerika, Feuer Frei)

This was the second day with the new cammount. This time I tilted the cam a bit more down.

I'm getting used to the low pass flying (but I'm cautious).
I got a way better video-signal by mounting the video TX antenna on the plane in a straight, vertical position.
On the las vid (Easter Special) I had it some 45degree - but this wasn't a good idea. I even had a blackout of about 15secs! Wasn't a nice experience not knowing where I fly (lucky that I was high enough).

Music: Cat Powers - Willi

This is some kind of bonus feature. Didn't do much editing here - this get's to time consuming otherwise.
Btw. the video is darker on vimeo than on my PC - does anyone know this issue?

Music: Franz Ferdinand

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